SEO SpyGlass Adds Internal Backlink Database

In the world of technology, it’s oftentimes a good idea to take something that already works well and add a little something extra to it. That has been Apple’s strategy for years, incrementally improving its products with each successive generation. The same thing can be said about software and search engine optimization.

I took my first look at Link Assistant and SEO PowerSuite last year, recently following up by highlighting some of the new reports. Well, they’ve requested yet another review. This time, we’re looking specifically at SEO SpyGlass and its new internal backlink database.

What Is SEO SpyGlass?

Sold both on its own and as part of the bigger package, SEO SpyGlass is a tool that has been purpose built for people who want to climb to the top of the search engines for their target keywords and keyword phrases.

How it does this is that it allows you to “spy” on the competition. More specifically, it digs deep into all the backlinks that are pointed toward the website (or even a particular webpage, if you prefer), getting all sorts of information about these links. The idea is that you don’t to reinvent the wheel. Backlinks are a major factor when it comes to search engine rankings.

If you take a look at some of the websites that rank at the top for your target keyword, you can presumably emulate what they’re doing and get similar results. SEO SpyGlass points you in the right direction. Check out the embedded video on the SEO SpyGlass webpage for a good idea of what to expect.

The Informative Reports

Inside the software itself, you gain access to a huge amount of information about the backlinks pointed toward your competition. You can see exactly where these links are coming from, what their target URLs are, and what their anchor texts are, as well as information like the PageRank and age of the sites sending the links.

This can all be very overwhelming, which is why a backlink analysis report might be a little easier to digest. It gives you more aggregate information, like the top anchor texts, the geography of the backlinks, and so forth. The worksheets inside the software can also be customized and filtered as you see fit.

Combining Their Powers

SEO SpyGlass itself isn’t new. It was a part of the original SEO PowerSuite package. However, as mentioned at the top of this post, Link Assistant has now expanded its functionality by including the new internal backlink database. This was developed in-house and was only launched in beta a few days ago.

As good as the search engines may be in detecting backlinks, they’re not exactly comprehensive. The database is able to bolster the tool significantly, sometimes offering just as many backlinks as the search engines. Combine the two and you can get the most complete backlink picture possible.

The internal backlink database is certainly robust, but it’s also good to know that SEO SpyGlass also supports 412 search engines from all around the world. This includes multiple versions of Google, of course, as well as search engines like Dogpile, Blekko, Exalead, and Zoeken.

How Much Does It Cost?

There is a free edition of SEO SpyGlass, but this limits you to five “checks” per day for up to 1,100 links per website. This may be enough for some users, but it is recommended that you upgrade to one of the other two versions if you want to do more than that. The professional version is $99.75 and the enterprise version is $249.75. Both of these include the first six months of use, after which you pay a small $3 monthly maintenance fee.

Alternatively, you can buy the entire SEO PowerSuite bundle with Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor and Link Assistant, as well as SEO SpyGlass. The professional and enterprise versions sell for $249 and $599, respectively.


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  1. it sounds good seo tool for ranking thanks for reviewing

  2. aatif says:

    Spy glass i really great tool for SEO . i used it . Its is great that they added inter link also .. Thanks for the great review 🙂

  3. fas says:

    Backlinks are really very important, it shows everywhere.

  4. Jupiter Jim Landers says:

    Wow, checking out what backlinks my competition is using sounds like a very handy thing to know. The free version even seems like it’s worth the trouble to check out! Thanks for sharing this with us!

    Take Care,Jupiter Jim

  5. bioserr says:

    I think it is a interesting topic with have a good collection of nice thought!keep it continue….Thanks

  6. bioserr says:

    I think it is a interesting topic with have a good collection of nice thought!keep it continue….Thanks

  7. Toddjir says:


    This is a really good post. It’s funny, you make things so simple in your posts. I visit seo blogs all the time and sometimes the information they have makes no sense and i cannot even understand what they are trying to say.

    SEO spyglass is an awesome tool which can be used so many different ways. Thanks for the information about the internal database, I was not aware.

  8. recob says:

    It certainly is a top tool that helps with your page rank. And target your keyword phrases.

    Seo spyglass updates at regular intervals. Very informative post.

  9. I really appreciate your post and you explain each and every point very well. Thanks for sharing this information.And I’ll love to read your next post too.

    Regards,Sigit Hermawan

  10. Spyglass can help you see what your competitors have nykleord that you have forgotten, not to just look at your own site, have a good eye on competitors.

  11. the price for enterprise version is too high…maybe you can lower it. small business like us can’t deal with the price

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    How does this compare to Market Samurai in your opinion?

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