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There are tons of tools out there that can help you optimize your website and maximize your profits. John says that there are really only two critical components to having a successful website (or blog). First, you need to generate traffic. Second, you need to monetize that traffic. Over the course of this review, we’ll have a look at three tools that address both of these core areas.

Spying on the Competition

Have you ever had a burning suspicion that the person who runs one website is also the same person that runs something else? If the sites are hosted on different servers and have different WHOIS information, site ownership can be pretty well masked from the public. Even so, most webmasters who specialize in MFA (Made for AdSense) sites still use the same Google AdSense account across their entire portfolio. And AdsSpy can do that cross-referencing for you. current tracks over 400,000 Google AdSense domains, as well as numerous accounts from AdBrite, Chitika, YPN, Kontera, and more. In effect, you can spy on the competition and see what other projects they may have running in the wings. For example, by throwing into the search field, I am able to discover that he uses the same AdSense account on and Most of you know about TTZ, but did you know about Laptop Gamers?

The basic report does not provide all of the information. Instead, it will only show how many domains (and subdomains) are associated with a particular publisher ID. To gain access to the full report, you’ll need to a pay. You can either order based on the number of reports you need or you can get unlimited access for a certain number of days. Prices range from $4.95 for a single report to $199.95 for 180 days of premium access.

A Reverse Index of Google

There are probably certain keywords that you are trying to target on your blog. For example, John has used a few initiatives to get rank for “make money online” and “root of all evil”. These strategies are for when you already know which keywords you want to target. With SeoDigger, “you can find out for which keywords your site ranks high enough to be in Google Top 20.”

In many ways, this is Google in reverse. When regular search engines, you pump type in the search term and it finds websites for you. With SeoDigger, you enter a website and shows which keywords are ranking the best for it. This valuable SEO tool also displays the keyword popularity as calculated by Wordtracker and Overture. All data can be exported via CSV.

Aside from the entertainment value — you’d be surprised by some of the search terms for which your site ranks in Google — there are plenty of SEO benefits to a tool like SeoDigger. It probably makes more sense to improve your ranking on terms that you already reach the first page of Google than trying to start from scratch with new keywords altogether.

The free service lets you look up the rankings for a single page and the number of queries is limited to just five per hour. By registering with SeoDigger, you can check for results across an entire domain, seeing if any internal pages are ranking well with Google. Upgrading to a premium account provides even further benefits.

Shaking the Room for IE and Firefox Browsers

As if SeoDigger and AdsSpy weren’t enough, the same developers have come up with SeoQuake as well. This is a toolbar and series of plug-ins for both Firefox and Internet Explorer users. When activated, you can instantly see the Google PageRank, number of indexed pages, incoming links, and so on of any given page. One of the more interesting SEO plug-ins included lets you sort Google search results according to different parameters. You can list them based on PageRank, for example, instead of using Google’s default algorithm.

Combining SeoQuake with SeoDigger with AdsSpy, you should be well-equipped for the world of making money online. Now if only the rest of us could figure out the John Chow effect, we’d be set!

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  1. Abdul says:

    Very useful tools, thanks for the post Michael!
    Especially the SEO Digger!

    1. Jacky Supit says:

      I didn’t know that we could ask for a review for many sites on a single order. this is a double nope triple ducks on a single shot! 🙂

      nice evil way to get attention from jc readers. now Michael, could you tell John to give the readers some special bonuses to order a review here 🙂

      1. Abdul says:

        I think its a review requested by a person who owns all these sites / It could be a joint expenditure to get reviewed by JC and share the expense!
        Very smart of them, I must say!

        1. Sean says:

          Very smart indeed. I still debate whether or not to do reviews of sites and services.

  2. Randy says:

    I agree with John regarding the two major components to making money with your blog. However those are two huge obstacles with many different possible ways to overcome them. It sounds simple, drive traffic and monetize the traffic. The reality is that those two simple tasks can be very complex to complete successfully.

    1. Agreed, many “simple” things in life are not so simple.

    2. Shame Michael wrote the post then isn’t it 😉

  3. These are are some great tools. Researching which keywords to target can greatly increase the amount of traffic you can get organically from the search engines.

  4. browie says:

    WHOA! I didn’t realize you could search the adsense part of it. That would be interesting to see all of the spammy type of sites that some guys create.

    1. That’s one I was unfamiliar with as well. I think that could come in handy! 😉

    2. Its a great tool…not only to find out the sites your competition has, but to see if anyone is using your ad code ❗

  5. Wow Thanks I never seen these before.

  6. plz teach me coz i don’t know all this blog
    just i make it
    i don’t know .how know

  7. How does it know John’s Adsense account when he doesn’t use Adsense on this site (I don’t see it anywhere?) ?

    1. Sha says:

      He uses Adsense on his other sites.

      1. Sean says: is a perfect example.

        1. Abdul says:

          I wonder why he doesn’t sales private ads on his other website as well!
          Guess probably he’s making more that way!

          1. Sha says:

            There’s an advertise section on The Tech Zone site.

      2. Yeah, but Michael said he searched for “” so wouldn’t he have to be using Adsense on for it to know his ID?

        1. James says:

          Because it’s all bullshit, you’re reading a sales pages blog in case you haven’t noticed!

    2. He used to run it on here, and its on his feeds linked to feedburner i think too

  8. Edward says:

    SEO Digger is very useful – although I use Google Webmaster Tools to get things to the same effect.
    Go into Google Webmaster Tools > Statistics > Top Search Queries. It will tell you the top searches that you rank for and which ones are the most popular, and which search terms bring you the most traffic.

  9. spidro says:

    very nice tools thanks Michael 🙂

  10. Pradeep says:

    thanx for the information Michael

    SEO DIgger is really cool i have registered my account i will let you know about the result after few hours but m sure it gonna be really usefull

  11. Nice post john, but i have heard that SEO will end as the google is tightening their Search .. ❗

  12. Sha says:

    AdsSpy is sneaky as hell. What a great tool. Same with SeoDigger.

    1. Then there’s also Affiliate Elite – .

      1. Sha says:

        Nice tinyurl link. I bet it’s an affiliate link.

  13. Thanks for the tips. I’m going to try them all 😉

  14. Great SEO tool John, thanks for article!

  15. Jeremy says:

    Great tools, thanks for sharing. The SEO digger in particular is extremely helpful!

  16. I have the seoquake toolbar installed and it is very useful.

  17. Ray says:

    Nice tools but i am sure there is a little more to it than that .

  18. Kacper says:

    Interesting. I’m gonna test SeoDigger in a moment.

  19. Geiger says:

    Nice. It’s good to get an opinion on which tools work for other people. I will check them out!

  20. Thiago Prado says:

    this tool where you can look for adsense websites is amazing. I’m sure I’ll sign up for that.

  21. I used SEOQuake every day – I wouldn’t be without it. I think it has the most bang for the buck. Adsspy is really cool, but I don’t understand how I can make money finding out how many other sites someone is using their adsense account on. It’s great to spy on the competition, but for a post labeled “seo tools to make money online” I think that one falls short. 😯

  22. Great tool. Like in any business competition is very important. But the question is , Why should anybody really care about competition when running a business online ? (Speaking of blogs generally) Don`t get me wrong but traffic and monetizing that traffic is more important than spying some other blogger`s websites. In addition to that I don`t thing The Tech Zone is any kind of competition to a MMO blog. It`s just totally different.

  23. Flimjo says:

    SEO Digger seems like a great tool. It does so much work for you.

  24. Those are great tools, and I’m sure most of us use those types of tools but just from different sources. Whether these SEO tools are better, I guess I’ll have to test and compare.

  25. James says:

    This is nice and all, but do we really need it? I use only free tools and I’m earning an indecent amount of money every month. This is a paid review, so it’s not a true advice, there are better tools which are free but they won’t be mentionned on this page because its purpose is to sell the two services. So it’s not objective information, just a sales page.

  26. SEo Digger looks cool. Checked it out and believe I could use it for spying on a few sites as well.

  27. I often find these programs heavy loaded and tend to bog down the would be content creator. I’ve never been sure if the price justifies the amount of time it takes away from actually working on your blog or site? One could easily spend days looking for keywords and it still not work. Create content rich sites where visitors find great information. Follow standard SEO practices and you’ll get site visitors.

  28. Alex Vorn says:

    thanks for great tips! 🙂

  29. Very cool tools. Anything that works to help me make more money is all I am looking for. These tools seem to have great potential!

  30. Gamer12 says:

    These tools are very useful! Should have posted these earlier!! Thanks

  31. Terry Tay says:

    That SEOdigger tool is going to get used quite a bit over the next 24 hours I assume. I can see why they added a 5 search limit.

  32. Sava says:

    Great post. I wrote about this on my blog to.
    Thank you for this one 😀

  33. XLOR says:

    Thanx for your review, Michael.

  34. JT, I’ve been using SEO Quake for a while too. Do you find it “bloats” Firefox out after a while? FF seems to do that anyway after a few hours and 20 tabs but SEOQ seems to really fatten it up.

    And you’ve GOT to turn it off when you do a Google search or it’ll show you every single thing about every single result-so unless that’s what you want to do, that can be a pain.

  35. Noobpreneur says:


    That’s a great tip – I never know such tools exist – SEO Quake, here I come!

  36. Chip says:

    This comes pretty handy to me, as I just updated a new blog, and now I’m trying to optimize it a bit. The market seems pretty saturated with junk on my recipes blog niche, but I intend to overtake it.

  37. Apoorv says:

    SEO Quake and SEO Digger are the Best ! 😆

  38. Miltski says:

    Great Tips John,

    SEO Digger is cool, I’m just getting into it now.


    Happy Marketing,


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