Seven Day System For Making Money Online – But For Who?

Michael Nivola’s Seven Day System offers you the key to your financial freedom. Michael wants you to be financially free so badly that he ordered this ReviewMe review so I can tell you all about it. Not only am I going tell you how to make money online with the Seven Day System, I’m going tell you how Michael Nivola makes money from it as well. I’m fairly sure Mr. Nivola doesn’t want me to reveal that but I always believe in under promising and over delivering. 😈


In a nutshell, the Seven Day System is a system that will make you money from the Internet in the next seven day if you follow the step-by-step instructions. Michael Nivola is so sure you’ll make money from his system that he backs it up with an iron-clad guarantee – If you do not make at least $570.50 in the first seven days, he will credit that amount into your account. So far so good!

What Do I Have To Do?

The Seven Day System is completely free to join. As matter of fact, you get a $199 sign-up bonus just for joining! All you have to do is enter your name and email address and over the next seven days, you’ll receive seven Emails with the step-by-step instructions. Let’s look at what happens when you sign up.

Here’s Comes The OTO

Upon signing up for the Seven Day System, you are presented with what is known in the industry as an OTO (One Time Offer). This is a page designed to get you to buy the product by making the offer so attractive that you can’t pass it up. In this case, the OTO is 50 eBooks with reprint rights, your own OTO page and a quadrupling of your commission rate.

The value of the eBooks and OTO page is $4,345.00 but it retails for $297.00. However, if you act today, you can have it all for only $97.00! Now how can you refuse an offer like that? If you reject the offer like I did, it will cost you $297.00 to buy it later.

Here’s a little inside secret about one time offers. It’s not really one time. Just make a note of the URL to the OTO and you can always go back to it and order it at the OTO price if you really want the product.

What Am I Selling?

At this point, you are wondering what you’re going to be doing to make all this Internet cash. This is where I give Michael Nivola kudos for coming up with what is a truly evil marketing plan. You are going to be selling the Seven Day System! Those 50 eBooks and the one time offer is the product. You earn 50% commission on every sale made. You also earn a buck for signing up a new affiliate and another buck if the new affiliate signs up another affiliate, down ten levels. What does Michael make? Let’s take a look.

Day One Email

For the next seven days, you’ll receive an email telling you what you need to do in order to make big bucks with the Seven Day System. If you’re fairly Net savvy, you’ll be able to figure out how to view the other days without waiting for the emails. For day one, you need to do the following:

  • Get the tools of the trade by downloading Firefox with Google Toolbar using Michael Nivola’s affiliate link.
  • Sign up for a PayPal account using Michael Nivola’s affiliate link.
  • Sign up for Google AdSense and AdBrite using Michael Nivola’s affiliate link.
  • Join the Seven Day System affiliate program not using Michael Nivola’s affiliate link because he owns it.
  • Start a blog with Blogger (free) or build your own Website (highly recommended). If you choose the highly recommended method, you can buy a domain name and order web hosting using Michael Nivola’s affiliate link.
  • Place your Seven Day System affiliate link on your blog or website.
  • Tell all your friends and family what a great system this is and tell them to sign up.
  • Do some personal development by signing up for the DNA of Success and Brain Tracy using, you guess it, Michael Nivola’s affiliate link.
  • Continue promoting to people you know because the more people you tell, the more Michael, I mean you, make!

Day Two To Day Seven

While I would love to list all the steps for the entire week, I also want to keep this review to less than 1,400 words. Instead of listing everything, I’m just going to link to the pages so you can check it out for yourself (now you don’t even need to sign up for the emails):

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 (*Update – Michael Nivola has changed all the pages on those day links so I have removed the links)

Each day is filled with basic information on promoting the Seven Day System and more recommended programs for you to sign up with using Michael Nivola’s affiliate link. Starting on day two, you are asked to buy the 50 eBook offer because there is information in those books that will teach you how to make bucket loads of Internet cash. However, the price has increased to $297.00 because you said no to the one time offer.

Who Is Making The Money?

According to the Seven Day System day seven email, 94.2% of those using the system would have earned at least $100 by end of the seven days, about 3% would have earned a miraculous $5,000 or more, and about 3.5% will fail because they cannot commit to the Seven Day System. The number really doesn’t add up because just for signing up you get $199 placed in your account. Therefore, shouldn’t 100% of users make at least $100?

In the mean time, you continue to send traffic to the Seven Day System with your affiliate link hoping someone will buy those eBooks or sign up as an affiliate because that’s the only way you make money. Michael Nivola makes money when you sell those eBooks but he also makes money when someone you refer downloads Firefox, sign up for AdSense, order webhosting, etc. And let’s not forget all the sale pages have Michael Nivola’s Google AdSense ads on it!

What About That Iron-Clad Guarantee?

If you don’t make at least $570.50 in the first seven day, Michael Nivola will credit that amount to your account. And it’s true, he will do that. That means 100% of people using the Seven Day System will make at least $570.50 in seven days. Sounds great doesn’t it? The only problem is the minimum payout is $1,000.00.

That means you need to sell at least three sets of eBooks at $297 before you can be paid. However, and as I have stated early, anyone can get the one time offer at any time by going to the OTO URL. That means you’ll need to sell nine sets of eBooks before making the $1,000 minimum. Think you can do that? In the mean time, Michael Nivola is making money with Google ads and affiliate links from all the traffic you are sending him. If anything, the $570.50 helps to keep you in the system so you keep promoting it.

I have to hand it to Michael Nivola. The system he came up with is impressive from the marketer’s standpoint. Most marketers of these types of products get your email address so they can bomb you for the next seven days with their offers. Marketing studies shows it takes as many as seven mailings before someone buys. By turning this into a system with seven days of instructions, Michael Nivola has created a paradigm shift. People who don’t know any better look forward to receiving the emails.

No doubt about it. Michael Nivola is a smart guy who has done some smart things. However, ordering a review from John Chow dot Com for the Seven Day System may have not been the smartest thing to do.

209 thoughts on “Seven Day System For Making Money Online – But For Who?”

  1. Who is making all the money?

    1. John Chow. He made $400 on this Reviewme.

      1. Jeff Kee says:

        HA HA HA nice one!

        1. Mubin says:

          Micheal got owned.

          1. Marc says:

            Not really, he got exactly what he paid for. A review πŸ™‚

      2. Ali says:

        Well actually he made $200, RM keeps 50% remember or maybe a little less in his case. After all he is “John Chow”.

        1. SEO Blog says:

          I’m pretty sure John would be able to leverage a bigger cut of the pie than 50%. Maybe he hasn’t but if he hasn’t he really should.

          1. Marc says:

            He does get more than 50%. He mentioned it a while ago. Bummer that I don’t have that kind of leverage… yet…

      3. Chow Man makes money even when he’s sleeping! πŸ™„

    2. isn’t that obvious?

    3. simon says:


      He not only make $400 but also disclose Michael Nivola’s money making secret! Truly:evil: πŸ‘Ώ

      But I like it :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

      1. Pallab says:

        If I am not wrong, Reviewme keeps 50% as commission. So John made 200 bucks from it.
        Good review though.
        This Michael Nivola guy didn’t even bother making his website look different from tons of other similar scammy/misleading affiliate programs. The same one page layout with words highlighted in yellow or red.
        Only web-amateurs and fools would fall for this.

        1. Sorry, but have you really tried selling your own product in the same market? If not then your assumption of “web amateurs and fools” is rather shallow.

          1. I have – and his site is “direct marketing 101” which still works but not as good as it used to. With ideas like this the only person that makes money is Michael. It’s only a matter of time until easily replicable ideas like this collapse onto themselves. There is no sustainable business model behind it.

          2. Mitchell,
            you are so wrong. how could you say the only person that makes money is Michael?

            For your information we have real people who have made money from the system. I will just need to send an email to them, and they’ll be eager to show their earnings. Afterall, it’s free marketing for them.

            how do you think this will collapse into itself?

            I agree it is replicable. But one thing for sure Seven Day System is the first of such system. It combines everything there is to making money online.

            Affiliate marketing
            Network Marketing
            Resale Products Sales
            and so much more…

            Only an IM expert can pull this off.

            As to whether it will collapse, we shall all see.

            why is it that the corporate pyramid structure never collapses? Why do the employees keep themselves at the bottom of the ladder? Because they need what the top people have for them.

            SDS works the same way. We help bring everyone up the ladder. It takes some time for anybody to be on the top, it is called the learning period. Once they are done with that, they’ll move up the ladder, just the same way, as in a job.

            Thanks for the information.
            It only motivates me more to ensure that the Seven Day System continues to make money for everyone, not only me, or my partner.

            Don’t you think you are also working for the advertising network companies? They get the money from the advertisers, and they pay you. You are at the bottom of the food chain. You are at their mercy.

            But when you combine all the streams of income, most likely there’s no chance to fail.

            Thanks again. πŸ™‚

            Michael Nivola

          3. If I were John Chow I wouldn’t have taken this review on. There are probably some people dumb enough to get themselves into a program like this (which is not original and there are thousands of scams like it), but John’s less than favorable review doesn’t really make his dumb readers want to sign up.

            Now Michael is probably going to lower John’s star rating at ReviewMe and this could potentially hurt him as far as getting more ReviewMe orders.

          4. But you will never be John Chow.

            He’s a greedy scrooge.

            Has he ever given you all anything from his own pocket?

            He has always given away to you all things which he got from someone or somewhere.

            He is so greedy that, if he really thinks this is a scam, he wouldn’t even do the review, knowing he has dumb readers. But he still does it. Not to protect his readers, but to put down this opportunity, as it will mean fierce competition for him, and at the same time, he wants the money, to go to some fancy restaurants, selling something I would never eat in a million years, and show it to all of you.

            That’s John Chow. Selfish. Egocentric. Evil.

            But hey, this is not a scam. We don’t ask anyone to pay for anything. Where is the money element?

            It’s always easier to shout “scam, scam, scam”, than to take the time to really try the system out for oneself.

          5. Steven Stark says:

            John is NOT cheap! well not like how you describe him.

            “He’s a greedy scrooge.

            Has he ever given you all anything from his own pocket?”

            yes, actually, he has given me a lot out of his own pocket! I happen to know John in real life, and he has treated me out at the club and other things I will not go into on here. (It will lead to other saying “John! I want that tooo!!!”)

            everything you say about john is actually more about yourself.

      2. Michael Kwan says:

        Let’s not forget that John also gets to make money from the Adsense ad in this blog post, the banner ads at the top and the bottom, and the potential income from casual visitors who peruse the rest of the archives.

    4. TheAnand says:

      this is why all review me posts r done by mike kwan…………if its john…its something else! not a review for sure!

      looks like you r getting your old form back…keep em comming, i am enjoying it! these type of reviewme make you money, and make us happy, well worth the 10 minute read!

      1. I cannot deny that I enjoy John’s personal ‘touch’on the reviews. that what makes the difference!

  2. Kolby Bothe says:

    Wow, this is pretty interesting. I like the last paragraph though, it has to be my favorite!

    Take it easy bro

    1. I imagine people who do read John’s posts would think twice (or even more) before signing up for the “iron-clad” money-making guarantee Michael is offering…now that we know what’s REALLY going on, that is.

    2. Kumiko says:

      Absolutely!! BEST REVIEWME EVER!! That’s the first ReviewMe that has had me glued to my screen (sorry Mr Kwan – it’s the sites, not you!) while I read it.

      It’s so interesting to read how these “programs” work without having to invest the money to do it – which is the way it should be anyway! Brilliant post Mr Chow!

      1. Michael Kwan says:

        John tends to keep the fun ones to himself πŸ˜‰

      2. soundofgold says:

        Not again Kumiko or whoever is behind this nick. Does John Chow ever lies a foot wrong?

        Sorry for OT I just could not hold it anymore πŸ˜•

        1. Marc says:

          Of course John makes mistakes, but most of the time he’s speaking straight to his audience and we have positive things to say πŸ™‚

        1. Dude, you seriously need to lower your smiley amount in your posts. It’s like reading a 12 year old AOLer write articles. geez.

        2. Saying “Dude” is not better. It sound like a 15 year old :mrgreen: πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜† πŸ˜‰

      3. Kumiko, don’t short-circuit Nivola’s rage. I could see that it is a short fuse, from his reactions above.

  3. Scammers need not apply for Review Me’s from John Chow

    1. Matt Huggins says:

      This is a bit too pyramid scheme-esque for my liking.

    2. Brian says:

      This is not a scam it is a marketing plan. Yes it is sleazy the way he does it but he is not scamming anybody. He just has a EVIL way of making money.

    3. People with evil sites should no better than to try to fool John Chow.

  4. Carl says:

    I LOVE the minimum $1000 payout, and the fact that he’s using static URLs for everything. SMRT~!

  5. tehnyit says:

    It would be interested to see some of the stats of the people that signed up for this, in particular profit/loss numbers

  6. smart ones shall never fall into the trap of making
    some quick money trap

    1. rishi says:

      hi 😯

  7. $1000 minimum payout?

    that sounds dodgy

    as john said, ordering a review from might have not been a clever thing to do…who knows, there are always those that bite the bait

    1. Someone (probably many) will come here, see the title, and sign up for the program without reading John’s review.

  8. Torsten says:

    Very smart guy, but seems like not smart enough!
    Actually the things he is doing are obvious but unfortunately a lot of people don’t see this. So it is great that someone who has a voice is talking about it! Great review!

  9. Value is mandatory. Is their true value in the offering?

    Food for thought.

  10. simon says:

    No doubt about it. Michael Nivola is a smart guy who has done some smart things. However, ordering a review from John Chow dot Com for the Seven Day System may have not been the smartest thing to do.


    John, you are so evil πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ

    1. that’s what makes john chow, john chow!

    1. it’s an honest review all right

  11. Ankur Khangaonkar says:

    John or anyone else, have any more information about this guy? ❓

    1. maybe you can do a google search

  12. Tomas says:

    impressive. you are evil enough to do good jobs. respect for that.

  13. I think it’s called a “funded proposal”. People have been doing this for ages. If it’s done properly it can get quite viral.

    From a marketers standpoint, however, I am ok with funded proposals, but adding UNRELATED monetization like Adsense / affiliate links (and having too much of it) turns me off..

    1. itβ€˜s an oppotunity not to take

  14. LOL, Thats great!
    Keep up the good work.

  15. Yes, I’ve heard of funded proposals. It does smell a little fishy, with the guarantee masked behind the minimum pay-out. If there were actual testimonials by people (John? Anyone? LOL), maybe I’d even consider checking it out myself.

  16. a honest review

    that’s why we all love john chow

  17. John, dude you ROCK!!!!!! LOL…. That was an awesome review :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  18. Andrew says:

    Hah, nice ending of the review.

    I hate all these OTOs, $29.854 value of products for $99 only… Yeah, right. Most of these “products” will be useless e-books explaining how to make money by selling the very same e-books. Grrr 😈

    And sites like make me puke with their standart look (huge “attention grabbing” headline, “amazing” testimonials” and “call to action”), whenever I see such sites I close them without giving them any thought. I believe they only make money for “gurus” who created them.

    Sites like TrackThatAd, or advertising-know-how, seem good at first, but they send me useless OTOs or show them on login from time to time – I cancel my account at once 😈

    Sorry if this comment is too one-sided, if you disagree with anything I said, you’re welcome to prove me wrong πŸ™‚

    1. it’s a typical scam

      1. if it’s typical, show me such scam sites please.

        then we’ll make a comparison

  19. Oh one more thing … it’s “But for whom?”


  20. Dejan says:

    PWNED πŸ˜† 😈

    1. what does that mean?

  21. Jeff Kee says:


    1. Ali says:


  22. wtf John!
    why did i request him to review my site. arrghh..

    [wearing michael nivola mask. lol – jack]

    1. Childish… πŸ™„

  23. Rhys says:

    Thank you for this review John. I will sign up right away and start earning serious money for Michael, I mean me! I’m going to sign up twice and doubly my money in a 14 day program!

    You know, if you were TRULY evil you’d substitute your affiliate links to your own!

  24. Joshua says:

    Excellent review!

    Though I won’t be signing up to the site anytime soon, I think that we can learn something from all of this…in John’s choice to accept the review (and it’s execution), and the method’s of Michael Nivola and the 7 day theory…

  25. Wow! John, you are really a dot com mogul… honest review… but again it is in your opinion, that is. I respect that.

    I am surprised that your readers are calling SDS a scam. How is it a scam? How am I pushing anyone to buy into a scam? How come is it a pyramid scheme? For your information, e-products are worth billions online.

    By the way, thanks for the review.
    It’s worth the money, and the exposure.

    Like they say, bad publicity is still good publicity.

    And John, you too have affiliate links all over your blog. You too have adsense ads all over your blog.

    You are truly evil, almost too evil, and I like it! Thanks for the review.
    To me, it’s as expected.

    I’ve been a marketer for many donkey years. I know how to market to people products that they want and need.

    According to my partner, Zummie, you sent him an email requesting to download the 50 products. Why would you want to do that for? Cash in on the products yourself? Learn the secrets of Internet Marketing from the package of products yourself, without paying a dime? Sounds like a scrooge to me. But John, if you really want it, you should have asked and waited for my response. I would have said yes.

    Afterall, you are the dot com mogul.

    You have my respect. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the great review! GREAT REVIEW. Thanks to you, I have to revamp the site. Why I made it simple, is because you wouldn’t believe how many people do not know anything about the Internet, don’t even say blogging.

    Well, only time will tell.

    Take care!
    P.S. About myself. I am based in Asia, born in the US, worked in Singapore currently. I joint ventured this with Zummie who happens to be a NetMLMer. I think he is right to combine internet marketing with network marketing.

    BTW, why 92% will make more than $100, and not 100%? Because before the $199 sign-up bonus, it was only $10. And from our data, it seems that people want money badly, that they are willing to work. So we up it to $199, more bang, and more motivation for them.


    1. John Chow says:

      Hey Michael,

      I’m glad you like my review. I requested the eBooks so I can see what kind of value one gets for $97. Then I realized that the eBooks don’t really need to be part of the review. This is a review of your marketing system. The eBooks are just a by-product.

      1. John,
        thanks for clearing that up.

        Zummie was the middleman between us for the ReviewMe review order. He decided on that for us, and I let it go through, because I thought it would be good for you to review it, and see what others have to say about it.

        Yes, thanks for all the comments. I am sure to improve on it.

        The truth is newbies in Internet Marketing they really know very little about web design, and so on. I told the designers to keep it amateurish, but at the same time, simple enough for any joe or jane to take on the system.

        The package does not only consist of ebooks. We have the entire collection of software, scripts, ebooks, articles, and many more goodies.

        You would be surprised how lucrative this package is alone.

        Since you never really got a chance to see another OTO after the first one, there’s a second OTO after purchase of the first one. This is called the Deluxe Upgrade. It’s more exhaustive library of everything anyone needs to be an Internet Millionaire. Well, I don’t wish to boast about my earnings from Internet-based businesses here, but don’t you think there is a reason why the Asian foremore Internet Network Marketer, Zummie M, wants to do a JV with me on this. All I know is he has the brains for Network Marketing in Internet setting. I on the other side, provide advice.

        But hey, thanks John.

        It’s wicked when you keep stressing that I am the only one who earns the money. It’s not true. I started the system to help people to earn money. Imagine this. People read the instructions, they generate revenues through ads, sales and affiliate links, and these then get paid back to them when they refer people into the system.

        We are creating a new economy that helps everyone to earn money.

        I find it just weird why you aren’t placing your affiliate links. You could have easily earn thousands from this, unlike Agloco.

        My bet is Agloco will be a major upset. I will be waiting to see how much you get to earn from Agloco. That would be interesting.

        yes, sorry about the webpages you revealed to your readers. Zummie was extremely upset with you, but he doesn’t quite understand marketing. He told our web people to put those up. I thought it was funny…though

        Well John, thanks. You did a good job, but I think my reputation has been hurt, and SDS is now easily searched with the keywords “make money online scam”. But it’s fine…. all I could feel right now, is huge publicity stunt, almost equal to that of Britney’s bald head, and depression.

        Michael Nivola
        P.S. I still think Canadians are beautiful people. You are still beautiful, in your own way… take care man.

        1. Jan says:

          “We are creating a new economy that helps everyone to earn money.” oh, please… From the description this is a classic Pyramid Scheme, there is nothing new about it nor is it intended to earn anyone but those initiating it money. Wikipedia tells you everything you need to know to never ever get involved in something like this:

          Right on the money. Yikes… Luckily most people are clever enough to look right through it…

          1. It’s quite sad really.

            Even after so much debate over the accuracy of wikipedia, you had wikipedia as your source of knowledge? Well… well…

            Anyhow, a pyramid scheme is one that does not have any product. Yes, the marketing plan looks a little bit like a pyramid, but it’s not. I think you would make 1, 000,000 network marketers really angry for saying that their businesses are pyramid schemes. Have you heard of Amway? Go to wikipedia, and search, maybe you’ll know what it is.

            Amway is definitely not a pyramid scheme. It survives till today.

            Seven Day System has our product line, all eproducts.

            In fact, we are launching a new direct selling company that sells, yes, you guessed it, e-products, like ebooks, audios, videos. Remember with mobile phones, and ipods, these things are hot sellers. We have to move with time. We are using Seven Day System to test out the market, and recruit people, before we launch this.

            There is no money involved. And no one is going to be ripped off.

            So why is it someone is saying, “luckily most people are clever enough to look right through it”?? I mean duh…

            What is it that you have to lose with the seven day program?
            Check with the direct selling association of your country, and see if we meet the criteria. We certainly do.

            But hey, it’s your opinion. And you will remain where you are because you don’t believe in the power of leverage that exist in network marketing.

            For your information, even Donald Trump, has said, if he was bankrupt again, he would join a network marketing company.

            Seven Day System is such a company…

            Well, time will prove you wrong… Anyhow we just launched officially barely 1 month, and we’ve exploded in numbers and earnings… what do you expect from such leverage from technology, and people?

            Michael Nivola

          2. Leftblank says:

            Well, for a website that is making tons of money it surely looks like ‘yet another ebook retailer’ that is trying to make money in a pyramid-like way. Also, judging by the traffic statistics, which of course aren’t too reliable when taking from Alexa but still, don’t quite show huge amounts of visitors passing by.

            What you said, Wikipedia might indeed not be too reliable as source of knowledge, but the scheme does have nearly everything in common with the description given for it, no matter if you look on Wikipedia, Encarta or Encyclopedia Britannica. πŸ™„

          3. Jan says:

            Nice generalizations πŸ™‚ So some entries in Wikipedia are wrong and hence it is all bad? Read the entry and you will realize it is spot on.

            It even confirms that not all pyramid schemes have no product. After all that is not what makes a pyramid. It’s the form which is also the problem with it.

            Speaking of product. What is the worth of a product that is only worth something if it is resold? You could as well sell empty, but nicely wrapped boxes.

            Just make sure to mark them “do not open or you will never be able to look a potential buyer in the eye again”.

            Actually you say it best yourself: “So please don’t sign up unless YOU ARE 100% SURE THIS IS THE OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME.”

            Amen to that…

            I know you are going to claim that I am childish, but who in the world are going to sign up to a program where the signatures of the founders look like something a 3 year old drew πŸ™„

          4. Oh you are so wrong.

            Wikipedia is good, but you must at least give a more dependable source, maybe from a legal body or a business consortium of some sort?

            Yes I understand pyramid schemes sell worthless products or no products at all.

            Have you take a look at our products before you say that?

            John Chow made a mistake. He said it was all ebooks. He is wrong.

            Do you know we sell ebooks just about everything? On gardening, skills training, HTML editor, software (FTP program, etc), and many other products you might be using right now, or would be using in the future. For example, you sure need to get a course on Internet Marketing, and see how the big players make it big.

            See. How about audiobooks on personal development? So Tony robbins is selling what? Useless audio books on goal realization and so on?

            Oh man. You are so naive.

            We do not only sell ebooks, we sell audiobooks, guidebooks, video books in all areas of life – fishing, aromatherapy, recipe books, and so on.

            So how could these products be useless? They are used to some degree by you.

            Just because you don’t use them, doesn’t mean others don’t.

            You have acne, and I don’t.

            So am I suppose to say that just because a company sells acne cream, and I find no use in it, therefore it is a pyramid scheme?

            Think about it…

            By the way, my point about wikipedia, is to shed light about trusting online information, including that of a review by John Chow.

            Don’t you ever think that it would be in his interest to do a negative review of the Seven Day System. For goodness sake, we are competitors on the keywords “make money online”.

            He wants to be number 1. Naturally, he will put my program down for all he can, and still gets the money for the review.

            He could have chose to ignore the program, and not to do the review, and hence I would not get any exposure. But he chose to do it still. Why?

            People like mud slinging. Look at the stats of this posting alone. He has hit his mark with this posting. Now he has more readers. Who are the suckers? you people, who keep sending him readers from your blogs, and help him improve his position on Google. Did he pay you all anything? No. A pathetic batch list of links is not going to help the search engine. He is one, who has thousands with his link, but you are only one, with one pathetic link on his website.

            Now who is taking advantage of who? John Chow? Do you earn anything from doing all that he asks you to do? Nope. Maybe a few cents from Google Adsense, other than that, nope.

          5. My signature is not written by me myself, the web designer copied it from the one I wrote on a piece of paper.

            Can you copy the signature of someone and make it look authentic?

            I don’t do my design work, the web designers do. For you information, they were instructed to make the website look in that way.

            Marketing research shows it works all the time.

            I am not going to say you are childish. You got a point about generalization.

            So do not generalize about such business opportunity.

            McDonald’s sells products that are useless and harmful to the body, yet it is the most successful franchise on planet earth. Go figure.

          6. Jack says:

            People like mud slinging. Look at the stats of this posting alone. He has hit his mark with this posting. Now he has more readers. Who are the suckers? you people, who keep sending him readers from your blogs, and help him improve his position on Google. Did he pay you all anything? No. A pathetic batch list of links is not going to help the search engine. He is one, who has thousands with his link, but you are only one, with one pathetic link on his website.

            Now who is taking advantage of who? John Chow? Do you earn anything from doing all that he asks you to do? Nope. Maybe a few cents from Google Adsense, other than that, nope.

            Well man,
            we I love how John write his thinking, and somehow almost all he said is just right for me. all his tips, sometime evil tricks, sometime just a funny post, sometime just pictures about foods, all that just work. and entertain me well. so if i gave him a link from my blogs that’s because he worth it. and not just him, all -i think is- great writers, i put their link on my blogs. and without to pay at all.

            It’s not always about money man. John is just great with his writing. well at least for me (and may be for so many-many other readers.)

            cheers thanks.
            yes, my comment sounds childish! 3 yea.. signature.

            applaud to jan.

          7. Jack says:

            hey i forgot the tag don’t work :mrgreen:



            yes, my comment sounds childish! 3 yea.. signature.

            applaud to jan.

          8. For you information, there are also people who appreciates the information we provided them in the instructions webpages.

            They also appreciate the recommendations we make.

            Just because you don’t appreciate, doesn’t mean others won’t.

            BTW, your comment doesn’t sound childish, it’s your own admission that your comment sounds childish, that is childish. πŸ’‘

            I’ve told Jan that the signature was copied by my web designer from my written signature. Naturally, he could not copy it exactly the same, and I wouldn’t want him to do that either.

            I think I said about this at least twice.

          9. Paul says:

            I’m a little late on the scene, but I have to clear something up – Michael said that Donald Trump has said he would join a network marketing company if he went bankrupt. This is an urban myth spread by MLM people (see here.) It is funny to think that he discredited Wikipedia but did not hesitate to spread something which is simply not true.

          10. It’s never too late.

            I never discredited Wikipedia, I was bringing awareness that Wikipedia is not 100% accurate.

            As for story about MLM and donald trump, being urban myth spread by MLM people, you are basing it on who or what? Google Answers? That’s really great too! Funny isn’t it? Google Answers are by users too.

            I hesitated for your information. I knew about the doubts people have about this, but I still said my piece, to let people know that somehow Donald Trump did talk about MLM, and that has to mean something.

    2. Ed Lau says:

      LOL…that dude sounds pissed.

      1. Ed.
        Your acumen not on target.

        I am not pissed, in fact, I am on cloud nine.

        So much publicity.

        See, you need to create

        Attention… which John did

        Then, Interest, which John did

        Then Desire, that’s my part. Doing it just fine, at least more successful with a wider audience other than JC’s readers.

        Then, action. That’s covered too!

        AIDA is the scientifically proven way to marketing/sales.

        So, no I am not pissed at all. Thanks John. I really love this man. for $400 I get all this???

        Wow… Zummie my partner made the decision to go along with the reviewme review. He’s a regular reader of JC junk. I am not. I took a look, and then thought, what is $400? I infact told him to get more reviewme reviews. He insisted on letting JC cause a ripple effect. He thought JC is not so evil.

        But he is, and I LOVE HIM for it.

        πŸ™‚ who’s laughing to the bank?
        John and me, and my members of the program… You stay where you are, if you want. I am not going to force you to join the system if you don’t want to.

        I care less.

        1. i’m not joining anyway as i haven’t got a decent amount of readership yet

          i don’t think i can even manage to sell one

        2. Skitzzo says:

          Here’s a free tip, hire an editor. Then, before you write or post anything that’s going to be read by the public, let them double check it for you. It will keep you from sounding like even more of a moron.

          1. I have so many comments to reply to. Do you think it is a good idea, now that it’s on a weekend?

            Well communication is well, all about expressing your ideas.

            Scientists have found that even if I would to wirte lkie tihs you wuold stlil undrestnad waht I am saiyng.

            Why should I waste money on an editor? You think John Chow’s worth the money?

            I rather feed the homeless.

    3. hmm, it’s true that so many people don’t know well about internet, let alone the scams

  26. well that;s the way to make money online :mrgreen:

  27. ricdes says:

    I think John has a new enemy :).

    But John’s right. Those systems simply suck. Arent they called pyramide systems? Here in Switzerland they’r prohibited.

    1. it’s good to know, better move there

    2. I’ve been there, Switzerland.

      Too bad, you are wrong. They won’t allow pyramid schemes, but they would definitely allow the Seven Day System.

      Well, it’s good to sometimes check.

  28. Roberta says:

    Great post, this was too funny. You got to the root of all evil: affiliate marketing…maybe they’ll think twice next time they want a review? hehe

  29. Shazniz says:


    It’s like keeping the loot of a thief, and then surrendering him to the police.

    How EVIL…you are

    I signed up for the program. If I make any money, I’ll let you know.

    It doesn’t hurt to earn $1 per referral.

    John is just being jealous. Afterall, making money online is his domain.

    Evil John…

    1. interesting comparison

  30. Don says:

    Oooo what a great review! Informative and to the point.

    Me like! πŸ˜€


  31. doy says:

    You’re right John, Michael Nivola is a smart guy – almost… I bet he’s crying for his 400 dollars πŸ™ πŸ‘Ώ

    1. i don’t think he’s crying

      any publicity is goog publicity

      he’s got the exposure he wanted

      just think about the chain effect when people start blogging about it

      and there’re always those that falls for that

  32. HMTKSteve says:

    I think the high minimum payout is based on the fact that most people will never reach it.

    I’m making a killing with AuctionAds and their minimum payout is only $10!

    1. Hey, you are wrong.

      You are naive. Why is $1000 so difficult to reach?

      Don’t tell me you can’t even earn a $1000 with you so called “killer” Auction Ads?

      With Seven Day System, over 50% of our members have already accumulated $1,000 in their accounts waiting to be paid out end of this month.

      When we do that, I’ll show you the screenshot here. That’s our pay out schedule, end of the month.

      You are happy with $10? Then you better not join our Seven Day System.
      You will not be successful. Seven Day System is only for those that dream big, think big, and do big!

      1. SEO blog says:

        Hey, you missed the point. The point is, if your system actually works, you don’t need to have a minimum payout of $1,000. The only reason to have a payout of that amount is so that you don’t have to pay out very often. That’s how you make your money. Do you really think we’re stupid? Do you honestly believe you’re so much smarter than all of us that we simply don’t understand your scam? Get a grip! or maybe some medication… something. πŸ™„

        1. So now you think you know what we were trying to do.

          Here’s a history lesson about our marketing plan.

          Initially the minimum payout is $100. Check out our blog, moron.

          Even the sign-up bonus was only $10 at first.

          We wanted to help our members increase their conversion rates, so we upped the sign-up bonus to $199, and a guarantee of $570.50. It worked like a miracle. Ask our members.

          Then, as a business we had to keep making money to thrive, so we had to raise the minumum payout to $1,000. So we could still profit, even though it’s now lesser for us.

          Since you think you are so smart, why don’t you do the mathematics?

          First scenario: sign up bonus $10, minimum payout $100, no guarantee, conversion rates less than 25%

          Second scenario: sign up bonus $199, guarantee $570.50, minimum payout $1,000, conversion rates above 50%

          First scenario: $90 out of $100 (because our commission rate is 50%) – so 90% profitability

          Second scnario: $429.50 out of $1000 (plus the guarantee) – so profitability is around 43%.

          So you see? We are actually taking 100% cut in our profitability so that our members can bring in more earnings for themselves.

          Sometimes, you are such a moron, that you think others are morons, that you remain a moron all you life, without knowing you are a moron, to begin with.

          So you are a brit? no wonder you keep harping on the fact that i need an editor, my english sucks, and all that jazz.

          English is a communication tool, don’t be overly emotional about the so-called “greatest England’s export”, which is English.

          I could very well converse in French if I want to, and we’ll see who’s the one that needs an editor.

          Moron. Fly kite.

          Fly kite – means to go away and not bother the person who is saying this

          Get it?

        2. I don’t know what happened, but I posted a reply about this, but it just didn’t show up, so I have to now take the time, to educate idiots like you about this. But it’s worth it. Anything for truth is worth it.

          So here is goes, again!

          FYI, when we first launched, the sign-up bonus is $10, and there’s no guarantee, and a minimum payout of $100. The conversion rate during this time was lower than 25% on average.

          We wanted our members to be rewarded for their referrals. Remember every visit to the website has to be converted, so that the members can earn from the referrals.

          We decided to raise the conversion rate by increasing the signup bonus to $199, and a guarantee of $570.50.

          Do you think this way of operating is feasible for a business? Leaving the minimum payout at $100? Then we’ll be better of sponsoring a shelter or a home.

          So we had to increase the minimum payout to $1,000. No doubt, there were members who immediately quitted, thinking that they would never be able to reach it. But the truth is, there are already over 50% of them who have made this minimum for the month so far.

          Now, think about the profitability:

          Scenario 1: $100 payout, $10 sign-up bonus, no guarantee, conversion rates less than 25%
          > profitability = $90 out of $100 = 90% (remember commissions are at 50% of all sales)

          Scenario 2: $1000 payout, $199 sign-up bonus, $570.50 guarantee, conversion rates more than 50%!!!
          > profitability = $429.50 out of $1,000 = ~43%

          So you see. we were willing to cut our profits for the sake of our members. We want their conversion rates to increase, so they get the referral fees at least.

          We are making a loss for changing the plan. But it benefits the members more than us.

          Tell me, if I would to change it back to $10 signup bonus, and no guarantee, with $100 minimum payout, would you join?

          Answer me. Then maybe I’ll discuss this with the rest of the team, and see what they say.

          1. Geez. Calling potential customers like readers here ‘idiots’ is never a smart thing to do! In fact, calling any customer, real or potential an idiot, just highlights your own crassness. How long did you say you were in business? About 25 minutes?

            BTW, creating a quality website with good quality marketing, and corrected English is never a mistake. It just takes a little longer, and costs a little more. It’s nothing to do with first language, second language, or any language… it’s just common sense.

            Oh, and by the way, as an EFL teacher, from Britain, remarks like ‘go fly a kite’ don’t make your comments any sweeter, even if they weren’t spoken at me…

          2. Seriously, if you are offended by my comment about you being an idiot, than you don’t deserve to be a member.

            I am not selling anything, therefore, there are no customers. Get it? And I thought you are what, an EFL teacher, from where? Britain. Oh gracious me. You are from Britain, but do you actually understand the difference between customers and members?

            Not everyone deserves the same treatment. IF you want to keep harping on something which I’ve already written about a million times over on this single page, then you deserve ice cold treatment from me. On one hand, I have so many other things to get done, on the other, I have to do damage control because some jerk decided to kill off his competition in a manner that requires me to constantly update myself of the comments made by people such as yourself.

            Yes. Yes. Yes. That’s why you are an EFL teacher, and I earn at least 10 times your monthly salary each day. I make atrocious grammatical and spellllling misttakes, but not everyone are like you people.

            Get over the fact that English is the only ever useful export of your country. Get where I am heading?

            I may sound grouchy, but I am smiling from ear to ear right now. Words can be so demeaning, and yet so empowering, can’t they…

            Ok forget about the offense. I was just meddling with my keyboard.

            Yes, I’ll take your advice, about corecting the English, but I ain’t the one who does all this. I oversee things like publicity, marketing and overall running of the business.

            Furthermore, your friend there isn’t talking about the website, he is talking about the darn comments I am writing. Where in heavens’ name, am I going to get a freaking editor at this hour, in such a short notice, to just check my spelling? Does he have any idea that the issue is with time, not with language?

            Just curious, why are you into investing, when your job is a teacher? Zummie happens to be a teacher too.

            Take care.

  33. Ezell says:

    interesting Post not sure what side of the line this type of marketting falls on.
    I wonder how much he has made so far?

    1. i don’t think you’ll ever know

      1. Not true.
        You have asked. I only reveal our earnings to our members.

        To find out, you have to be a member.

        So you’ll be kept in the dark about this, unless you are one of us.

        1. Marc says:

          That’s some great marketing right there πŸ™„

          We won’t tell you how much others are earning until you get in up to your eyeballs. Then we’ll think about letting you know…

          I certainly understand not wanting to give specifics, I don’t think your members would appreciate that. But for a program that has so much controversy surrounding it, it might help to give people a sense of what they can expect to earn. PayPerPost did that and it helped them solicit a lot of bloggers.

          1. Hi Marc.
            That’s a fantastic idea.

            But seriously, if you want to know, our entire organization has made as of last week, over $650k. We have not included this week’s earnings as we are tight down a little bit, but will give an update soon.

            I have asked a staff member to prepare some screenshots and videos of earnings. Should be up pretty soon.

            And yes, how about screenshots of our paypal accounts? that would be interesting wouldn’t it? What’s more interesting, would be the paypal accounts of our members, right?

            Ok thanks a million man.
            Appreciate it.

  34. Wow… Nivola just got reamed in the behind.

  35. SEO Blog says:

    You know, even though the review was negative, I’m willing to bet the advertiser more than gets his money out of it. Whether people just don’t agree with the reviewer or they think they can be the exception to the rule, I bet he has more than a couple people sign up. There’s no such thing as bad press.

    1. SEO blog says:

      Ok, there’s no such thing as bad press if you don’t act like a moron after you get said press. This guy is incompetent. I have no problem if English isn’t your first language, and admittedly it’s a very difficult language to master, but come on man, hire an editor or something. If you’re making all that money you really should be able to afford it.

      1. I think I know where you are going with this.

        You are talking about the joke pages about John? Well, my partner insisted on playing the joke back on him.

        But we’ll improvised.

        Thanks! I’m glad I am a moron.

        Michael Nivola

        1. SEO blog says:

          To be honest, you should have just kept the pages the way they were to begin with. John didn’t play a joke on you, he exposed you as a fraud. At least to anyone who has any sense at all. The thing is, as I said, there are plenty of people that don’t have any sense and you could have very well made a decent amount of money off those people. However, with your childish actions and poor use of the english language you’ve pushed away even more prospective suckers… I mean customers. You’ve simply confirmed that John’s review of your site was spot on.

          1. Well, whoever you are.

            You sound like some Internet Yoda, but you are not.

            FYI, after changing the pages, I’ve got affiliate sales from those pages. So you tell me is that a good thing or a bad thing to a business?

            Don’t be a smartass. I am getting scik of you coerrting my egnlsih. So you thnik your Englsih is taht graet huh?

            Scientists have confirmed that writing in the way like I did would not change the understanding you have about what I wrote.

            FYI, I didn’t put up the pages. My partner did. He’s in his twenties, pardon his childishness. Well, it’s funny I thought, so why not.

            I didn’t confirm anything. You are hallucinating. Sometimes too much ego can make you high.

            Prospective suckers? That’s what you think. To me, the suckers are those that didn’t join.

            Well, going by that, you are a sucker. Misinformed, over zealous over correcting somebody else’s english, oops sorry, I mean English, with a capital E, because it’s a proper noun. What the heck!

            Get a life, or go teach English to some college kids.

  36. Simonne says:

    Ha, ha! Have you seen what Nivola posted on those Day 1-7 pages?

    1. Gdog says:

      Yeah, I just noticed that. A little bit of bitterness it seems… :mrgreen:

  37. Rich Minx says:

    Honest reviews are so refreshing. I’m sure some people will still be signing up to give it a go, but I won’t be one of them. Now excuse me while I go sell some Amway.

  38. pktan says:

    Very very funny John. :mrgreen: Poor Michael, i bet he lost some potential customer around here.

  39. Hilarious review John, you’re my hero!

    1. If this site was 24, John would be Jack.

      1. Jack says:

        ehm.. ehm.. someone call my name?

  40. The seven day thing seems to summarize everything I hate about web based money making stuff (that’s a technical term!). I have to say, the sevendaysystem site makes look visually appealing!
    I did find your review entertaining though, i think it’s the first one I’ve read start to finish.

    I also noticed he’s changed the days 1-7 pages and he has declared his love for you. Your truly blessed John, he sounds like a real catch!! πŸ˜›

    “And do you want to learn more about Internet Marketing and be a Guru Just Like Me?” – Michael Nivola

  41. Javier Marti says:

    Contrary to what many think here, I am not so sure that it wasn’t good value for money for the guy who commissioned this study.

    1) He got valuable feedback from tech savvy people that will enable him to improve his system in record time (maybe he didn’t know and learnt now about static urls)

    2) we, the people who read John Chow, are not his target market at all. The newbies to the net are. And that market in itself is huge and will keep on growing. So if I were him, I would be thinking…so, John Chow and friends won’t sign up, so what?

    So, before thinking we are all so smart, maybe we want to be more humble. It is just a suggestion.
    In my experience, the weakest point in most people are their egos. πŸ™‚
    Beware of thinking that we or John knows too much. The smartest people are the ones who talk less and do more. They’re not prisioners of their egos. Those ones are really dangerous.

    I don’t know this guy and don’t care about him, but surely it wasn’t such a bad idea if this hard feedback allows him to make the system even more effective that it already probably is.



  42. Raj says:

    Thanks John For this Review.

    1. You expect people to click on your link? Stop writing email signatures!!!!

      1. LOL, I mean comment signatures! STOP WRITING COMMENT SIGNATURES!!!!

        1. Jack says:

          Loud and Wrong! lol
          anyway, i go with you deaf. πŸ™‚

        2. Tim says:

          I agree, this practice is just despicable.


  43. mesa says:


  44. Justin says:

    clever scheme. there are always people who take the bait. You’d think after being burned a few times they woudl learn.

  45. Brilliant!!! The review that is πŸ˜€

  46. John Chow rock…
    Great review and honest review.
    That’s why i like your blog. πŸ™‚

  47. I’d like to see his earnings.

  48. Vijay says:

    I Say Chaps,
    John still went ahead and let out the secret, now it is up to the people to take the offer. As far as Michael he got the coverage.

    Employee to Entrepreneur

  49. I say chaps,
    John is no ordinary evil 😈 review was an transparent one, Michael wanted exposture he got it. Now it is up to the people to earn the money in seven days.

    Employee to Entrepreneur

    1. i think john should sign up to the program

      1. he’s got enough readership, and he can sell

      2. if it’s a scam and not working, and he can simply write a review about what happened, he can earn his money back with the ads within a day

      1. That’s what I planned to happen also.

        Let’s wait and see.

        I am willing to let him join if he wants, that is. No hard feelings on my part.


  50. Hilarious, I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time.. πŸ˜†
    Great review, You don’t give refunds do you??

    1. John Chow says:

      I believe the ReviewMe refund policy is “Once the review is posted and as long as it meets the 200 word min and disclosure requirements, you’re f***ed.” 😈

  51. Awesome review. I will admit, I was getting a little bored with the blog over the past few days, so this caught me unaware! This is the classic evil John Chow stuff that we all love so much.

    Those anti-John Chow pages that he has put up are a little insane.

    1. Yes anti-John Chow.

      I didn’t register for this domain name though.

      Someone was there first.

      Hilarious… more hilarious than the review…

  52. mao says:

    1000-570.50= 429.50
    97*5 = 485

    So you can do a trick with some friends.
    If 5 friends buy you the ebook thing, they will pay enough for you to take the 570 dollars.
    You can buy 5 from your friend account and he buys them to yours and you still get some money


    hum….am I wrong?

    1. Hi Mao.

      We are not crazy scammers trying to make a quick buck. We are real business people.

      Profitability matters to us.

      Why do we offer the $570.50 as a guarantee?
      To motivate the people. The number one reason, I’ve found out, over the years of research is that people are naturally lazy. They need to see something in their account to be motivated. And it works like a miracle.

      To get the $570.50 in your account after 7 days, you have to produce proof of participation and completion of the 7 day program. You think we were going to give you $570.50 just like that? We have to ensure we have enough revenues from other streams to sponsor such guarantees.

      As for your calculations, I am not sure what you are trying to say here.

      Why don’t you just refer the program to 1000 people, and you get the $1,000. Simple. The resale rights products package sales are bonuses. In fact, there is another 2nd OTO, after the customer pays for the first OTO, this time it is a super huge package for Internet Millionaire Wannabes. It will help you earn over $450 per sale. So you need only 2 sales technically for a payout.

      You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to convert with SDS. We attract, create interest, then desire, and finally call for action. It is all very scientific. It’s psychology of selling.

      Well Mao, if you are willing, give the system a go, what do you have to lose? Nothing, but what do you have to gain? Lots. Minimally, you’ll learn all the marketing secrets I’ve found over the years, with online businesses.

      This system is the culmination of my expertise in Internet Marketing, and Zummie M’s knowledge and experience in NetMLM.

      My philosophy is that to be successful, you have to help people become successful. That’s what SDS is all about.

      Seriously pal, no one is forcing you to do anything you do not want to do.

      for more information, check out our blog:
      you’ll see how real we are… we are not scammers, we are problem-solvers.

      Michael Nivola

      1. mao says:

        Nothing personal, I was just saying that if I buy myself the stuff and reach 430$ of of gain on the account, I can take back the 1000 dollar with a small profit (570-430).
        I am sure it will not work because the 430$ I should earn are not 430$ spent by a client.


        Nothing personal btw. I had just to post something here to test if there is a bug on the “subscribe to comment” thing. :mrgreen:

        1. Mao,
          the $570.50 guarantee is only for those who have participated and completed the entire 7-day program.

          don’t expect me to hand you out $570.50 after just seven days, without doing anything.

          like the sales letter said, work for the first seven days, then leave it on autopilot.

          You got to try it, to know it.


          1. SEO blog says:

            So you’re saying that your so called “gurantee” won’t actually be honored. Wow, you’re even more of a scum sucking scammer than I thought.

          2. You are a scammer scamming others about a great program that really helps other.

            I said that you have to complete the program, then I would give you the $570.50.

            Are you nuts? Where on earth would you find a business that gives away guarantees for nothing?

            Do you think a company selling products to help consumers to lose weight, would offer a guarantee regardless whether the consumers take the diet pills or not?

            What kind of logic is that?

            To prove that the system work, you need to work it.

            I can’t be giving away money if you don’t even try it. If you did, then well maybe it’s just your bad luck. So you deserve the $570.50

  53. Eliza says:

    well those pages that John has in his review no longer work. So, no on will be taking that secret if they didn’t see it in time. Read it now, it’s all about JohnChow…now that’s advertising.

  54. so basically he found 100 affiliate programs to make people sign up for…shaaaady

    1. Do you even read John’s posting?

      Since when did I make people sign up for 100 affiliate programs???

      you didn’t even bother to read, and understand, and then you start commenting… sheesh..

      Michael Nivola

      1. Viktor Tromso says:

        Michael, I think you know exactly what Mat means

        Get the tools of the trade by downloading Firefox with Google Toolbar using Michael Nivola’s affiliate link.
        Sign up for a PayPal account using Michael Nivola’s affiliate link.
        Sign up for Google AdSense and AdBrite using Michael Nivola’s affiliate link.
        Join the Seven Day System affiliate program not using Michael Nivola’s affiliate link because he owns it.
        Start a blog with Blogger (free) or build your own Website (highly recommended). If you choose the highly recommended method, you can buy a domain name and order web hosting using Michael Nivola’s affiliate link.

        Dude, does that make things clearer? Give me a break. Stop picking on other’s people’s word and get a life.

        1. It’s not picking on words.

          It’s about accuracy and truth of the words.

          Having affiliate links is not the same as asking people to sign up for affiliate programs.

          Naturally, these people know close to nothing about affiliate marketing or affiliate programs.


  55. Dang…I have 4GB of stuffs on IM and related products but the OTO is quite OLD! He could have tried to giveaway some of the package as freebie sample, so people will know what they’ll get out of it.

    Just my to-be-charitable cents πŸ™‚ .

    *P.S. Sometimes, I get a sample that claims to be the best of the bulk yet simply suckkk in its own definition (e.g. Butterfly Manuscript ‘Leaked’ Chapter). But then again maybe I know too much about IM for it to suckkk that bad πŸ˜› .

    1. Old doesn’t mean outdated.

      The information contained, and the scripts and all that, are still relevant.

      In fact, there are many more products which have been purchased recently, maybe you should read carefully the next time.

      Wow. What happened 4GB of products sitting in your PC? Why aren’t you doing anything about that?

      Where did you get those from? Did someone “scam” you into getting those? I am sure not.

  56. Wolf Stone says:

    i like that this is not a typical review but one that kinda digs a bit deeper …balancing out the good with the bad !!

  57. Adsense tip says:

    Thanks John for this review, although you were able to expose the this scheme wide open. It does give light to the opportunites available on the internet. If you can imagine it, you can implement it. Maybe this system marketed a different way would catch on. Even though it is free, people are hesitant to look into pyramid schemes. I am trying Agloco for free, I may just try Michaels too. Anyways, Thanks

  58. Leftblank says:

    It’s a nice review and it got me a bit interested – though highly sceptical. To copy some parts of the email I’ve received:

    Are you ready for the Seven Day Program?
    You are about to change your finan’cial destiny
    in the next seven days.

    It’s full of this kind of odd-looking “typos” aimed at misleading spam filtering software; rather odd for a ‘legimate website’, right?

    And well, as posted above by various people; the odds of making more than the 550$ are fairly good, if the guys running it stick to their words – which I bet. However, the chance you’ll actually exceed the 1000 is very low; that’d cost them a lot of money.

    My guess; you’ll be rewarded just enough money from their service so you’ll end up higher than the limit they’d pay you, but you will barely be able to get above the 1000$ minimum payout due to system malfunctioning or simply ‘no luck’.

    1. That’s email marketing 101 for you.

      In the Internet Marketing world, using such techniques increases deliverability.

      You wouldn’t imagine how difficult it is to send emails to those who asked for the emails, in this case, our subscribers want the emails.

      Email marketing is huge. Every email needs to be in the subscribers’ inbox all the time.

      By using the technique it lowers the chances of spam filters. Sometimes spam filters are not perfect, so is this review by John Chow.

      1. SEO blog says:

        Michael, just stop talking! Please! Trust me, you’d be a lot better off. This is painful to watch you implode like this.

        If you have to “fool” the spam filters, chances are good that you’re spamming. I send out a newsletter via email on a weekly basis and haven’t ever had to try and trick anyone or anything. The fact that you have to is further evidence to suggest you’re nothing more than a two bit scammer who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. John’s review left me thinking you might have just been a bit over zealous. Your response to his review has convinced me you’re the embodiment of everything wrong on the internet.

        1. I don’t trust you.

          You are so dumb, and you think you are a smartass.

          For your information, there are two major email services, Yahoo and Hotmail, that would still filter your emails even if you subscribed to the newsletters.

          You need to add the email addresses in your address book, then they would not filter those emails.

          Most of the time, the subscribers they do not bother to add in your email addresses to their address books.

          I do not spam, and I do not need too. You are so into SEO, that you never see the need to try discovering other techniques such as email marketing. Go read up about deliverability issues. Go ask somebody who knows such technical issues.

          For you information, if let’s say, theoretically, I did spam someone, by using the technique, and it really did end up in their inbox, what is stopping them from complaining about it being spam?

          If they did complain, then shouldn’t my website be down?

          You have the word moron written all over you comment.

          Being over zealous over truth is a good thing, being over zealous about correcting someone’s english, is just crazy.

          I’m glad I don’t have a member like you. You irk me. Please don’t join, if you do, I’ll be wasting my time entertaining you with “oh, yes sorry about my misssspelinfgs, I’ll trysinhd to imprsojhdve it nedxdt timsdhye”.

          Everything wrong about the Internet? Now you sound like some Net Crusader trying to save the world from the vices of the Internet. Go after the porn sites if you are. They are a big social problem if you ask me.

  59. Gang0rraZ says:

    From the Desk of Gang0rraZ
    Friday, May 18 2:54PM
    The Internet

    So you pay for a get-rich-quick system. The system basically teaches you how to convince other fools, I mean other people how to buy the system. You get rich when you make commissions from those sales.

    Meanwhile they make money — wether you make commissions or not — from the traffic you send through to their Adsense Ads and affiliate links, but you don’t make a dime from that.

    I can clearly see how everbody makes money, specially Michael and his partner but maybe I am missing something here. Where is the value you are getting for your money? is it honest to charge people to teach them how to promote your products?

    Your fan,

    1. Oh my god.
      You are so lame.

      Anyhow, nice try. You get the picture.

      That’s a formula internet marketers use, in what we call a sales letter.

      FYI, internet marketing is a science.

      It converts like crazy when the elements of a sales letter are placed in that way.

      And yes, who ever said it was a quick money scheme? $570.50 over 7 days is quick? You should then see my merchant’s account. Would a 6 figure amount in a day be a quick scheme too?

      How about John Chow or others who earn money from advertisers, is that a get rich quick scheme? answer is now. You have to put in place a system, then, let it run for you to earn money. Of course, there are really methods to make fast money, but it needs investment, that’s why I didn’t include them in the first seven days.

      Jealousy is written all over this website… including your posting.

      Well, you remain where you are now. Me, my partner, and the people who have joined the system have earned money from it. You don’t. Just too bad.

      And there is nothing in this world to prove it is a scam. Why is a scam?

      Because you people are just jealous that is such a great earning opportunity. It is in fact a great home business anyone can get in for FREE.

      Well… the traffic our members sent to us are rewarded. In case you’ve forgotten.

  60. There is a valuable lesson to be learned here.

    Be prepared to stand behind what you promote.

    Once you put it out there you can never bring it back.

    “You Get Back What You Send Out”

    The message is pretty obvious now. Good luck with the program.

    On to the next blog post. This is getting out of hand… πŸ˜›

    Check out the new 00Chow ride!

    1. Stephen.
      I do agree there is a valuable lesson to be learned here. Just like the money conspiracies that people put up for their own vested interest.

      If you do a simple guesswork, you will see that John Chow reviews negatively about ReviewMe reviews on making money online opportunities.

      Don’t you think I know that he would reject it, or kill it with such negative review? But hey, look at it on a brighter side, criticisms can be constructive.

      I would have had to pay thousands to get advice from here about the system. There is really good advice here, and of course, there are just some who are getting on the bandwagon, to have backlinks to their stale blogs. But its human nature to put down others. They feel superior about themselves.

  61. Dave says:

    This is the most entertaining reviewme post I have read to date. Good job John.

  62. I am guessing that most people think the review is going to be positive, this is a pretty darn funny review. I only wish that someone had made a copy of his pages before he changed them. I would have enjoyed viewing the scam.

    1. FYI,
      the pages are instructions meant for our members who signed up.

      The contain information about internet marketing that would cost at least a year’s worth of what you are earning right now.

      Do you think I would put my members at a disadvantage by showing you all, junkies, the information for FREE? Ha. Think again.

      IF you want the pages so badly, you can sign up you know. Then you can unsubscribe. Nobody is scamming you. You are just imagining things. When you are subscribed, we will show you the pages. Then you’ll see if these pages are scamming you.

      What a dork!

  63. 😈 😈
    I want to read what they teach!!

    1. Then sign up!


  64. James says:

    Good review John.

  65. KennyP says:

    This is the best review I have ever see, he paid 400 bucks to grow you readership πŸ˜†

    1. It’s my pleasure.

      FYI, from our latest figures, it’s a win-win situation for us and John.

      John executed this publicity stunt like no other for us.

      Thank you!

      You had wished your website has gotten the kind of traffic we are getting. Oh man…

      And what about the diggs, and so on. All these will add up to search engine results.

      So thanks John.

      Keep saying whatever you want of it.

      Good or bad comments are welcomed.

      I’ll be here to answer your queries.

      At your service!
      Michael Nivola

  66. ha ha ha … where the hell was I when this came out … LOL … this is great!


  67. that’s the idea

    that’s the attitude

    400 dollars well spent
    it could well be the best 400 dollars you could ever spent

    1. Thanks man!

      Having been a veteran in the business world, I see and work with all types of individuals.

      The egocentrics, like John, I’ve seen many.

      He’s not atypical. He’s typical. Nothing interesting about this guy in the business world, except that, he has a good readership of his blog, and that, is to my greatest advantage.

      I am not going away without a fight.

      John Chow PLAYS DIRTY. I don’t. I will keep on clearing up the air. I have nothing to lose.

      Seven Day System is not a scam, will never be a scam. IT is the WORLD’S GREATEST MONEY making opportunity anyone has ever seen.

      Time will tell. Only time will tell, my friend.

      Yupe, the best 400 dollars spent, in fact, from my partner, he said it’s only $300. the ROI (return on investment) hits through the roof with this 300 smackaroos…

      it’s not too late to join and find it out yourself. what do you have to lose? What does anybody have to lose?

      We are not going away, ever.

      In fact, we are launching a new company in about three months time, that is far more powerful that Seven Day System. And it’s only for our members. If they can go through all this mud slinging, and still continue to believe in our system, and still get paid by us, then they deserve to be part of this amazing new company that will revolutionize the way we transact with one another.

      I feel really good right now. Thanks to John.

      If you did my review like all your boring reviews, barely anyone would bother. Now everyone is blogging about it, digged it, bookmarked it, it’s going crazy.

      Thanks…300 bucks well spent!

      1. Jan says:

        If it wasn’t so sad and pathetic this would actually be entertaining.

        Since I am tired of getting your follow up comments in my email I won’t post on this topic more, but before stopping I have to pull this post of yours to pieces as it simply screams for it.

        “Having been a veteran in the business world, I see and work with all types of individuals.”

        Great put. So you were a veteran. Which makes you what now? A “has been”? Or “wanna be” (again)?

        “He’s not atypical. He’s typical.”

        With depth as this I am wondering why you are spending your time scamming people. You could go places with writing like that.

        “I am not going away without a fight.”

        Oh, please do. You are not fighting anyone anyway. You lost the minute John clicked the submit button or perhaps even before that considering who made this so-called money making scheme a farce to begin with.

        “I have nothing to lose.”

        The only people with nothing to lose are those who have nothing. No dignity, reputation, no money. Thanks for clearing that up. I am sure that will put a lots of minds at ease.

        “We are not going away, ever.”

        Damn, you are beginning to depress me. 😑

        “And it’s only for our members. If they can go through all this mud slinging, and still continue to believe in our system, and still get paid by us, then they deserve to be part of this amazing new company that will revolutionize the way we transact with one another.”

        I am sure they will survive the mud slinging since you are the only one slinging mud. The rest of us just stating the obvious, even if it is a way that is not as elegant as yours. The only part they won’t go through is probably “and still get paid by us”. I guess that makes them unworthy. How sad… πŸ˜₯

        Everyone who comes across this post simply have to Google your name or that of your partner so see your projects are going, namely absolutely nowhere.

        That you are going nowhere is only confirmed when I see that the “the WORLD’S GREATEST MONEY making opportunity anyone has ever seen” now links to another money making scheme. Where is the logic in that I wonder.

        I wish you luck on your journey. 😈

        1. Jan.
          You were thinking that I am going to let you shut me off with your narrow-minded, self-fulfilling theories about who we are, and what we are doing?

          For your information, John Chow signed up with the name Michael Kwan in the Seven Day System.

          Why does he do that for? Privacy reasons perhaps?

          The same for Michael Nivola, JK Rowling, and many more.

          If I would to give you my birth name, you would fine lucrative businesses all over.

          For you information, I am a veteran in the business world, but that does not mean you can just google me and expect to find “Michael Nivola” all over. That’s very dumb and naive. What are you? A teenager? An adult who has not really got out of your acne-infested stage of your life? Get a life.

          Your stupidity is so annoying. I don’t really like to interact with stupid people like you.

          Scamming people? You are going too far with this lady. Well you write a lady, so if you are man, you better start changing your writing style. Do you have any ounce of evidence that it is a scam? IF not shut your filthy hole. Even John chow is not saying it’s a scam. He’s just jealous, and saying that I am the only one who’s earning all the money, but he’s so wrong.

          The people who have nothing to lose are people who are CONTENTED with their lives. You are really beginning to sound like a child who has not grown up and experience life. You sound deprived. People who have nothing to lose, they don’t care about what there is to gain, as they are very much happy with their lives. Duh.

          Scientifically, I cannot depress you with anything, unless you are already suffering from depression in the first place. It’s about time, you take a rest, get medicated, or see a shrink.

          I am fighting for truth. I am not fighting John Chow. If I am, I would be attacking him. Am I? I am upholding truth of my business. You are really wasting my time now. But I thought, it’s fine since there will be people who are so naive that they would believe every word you write, or John Chow writes, without finding out the other side of the story. I just have to do a rebuttle. That’s what I mean by I won’t stop “fighting”.

          I am slinging mud? That’s a first. Which blog were you referring too? Are you seriously awake while you read all these, or you just feel like writing what the heck you like?

          Stating the obvious? Tell me what is obvious? One thing which is obvious, is your deficiency in thinking critically, and analyzing things at all angle before making up your challenged mind.

          They are worthy, more worthy than you. When you can see in something that others can’t, and still persist with your vision for a better life for yourself, and push ahead despite challenges, then YOU ARE GREAT. Unlike you. I would never give you a position in any of my companies. You are a drag, really.

          You can’t google my name, but you sure can google my partner’s name. Zummie M. He’s been around for awhile on the Internet, and he’s asked me to joint venture with him on this one. I provide the advice. Zummie is a nice young chap, and he really wants to help people. So that’s why I am doing this for him. As for you, you are just out to put down somebody, without thinking logically.

          Are you a search engine slurping robot, or are you a human being with flesh and blood running in you? Why must everything I write, be Google-able? What’s wrong with you? Just because I write Jan is a donkey, and you google “Jan is a donkey”, you expect to find that linked to my website? Don’t you know anything about Search engine optimization? No wonder you are nowhere with your online expedition to finding your financially successful self.

          The logic is in the fact that you are incoherent, and illogical with your reasoning in all these. That’s the logic.

          And yes, I’ve written tonnes of books, not ebooks, and have sold millions of them all over the world. But I am not revealing myself just yet. Like I said I am doing this for Zummie, not for myself. I want to see how far this will go, before I do anything else.

          And Jan, that’s a good fight. But why are you even fighting? Punching in the air for? For fun, leisure, excitement?

          Jan, get a life. John Chow is evil, but he has a life. Do you?

  68. kenedy says:

    please i want you people to send me a credit card so that i can use it and buy something very urgent.
    card brand.; visa

  69. It is weird that John never actually executes the programs, products and/or systems he gives bad reviews to. That doesn’t seem right? How can you make a determination if something works or not (or is a scam or not) if you don’t try it out in the first place?

    1. Bull’s EYE!!

      He beats his competition that way, you see. That’s why.

      Evil. But it’s the norm. So it’s OKAY.

  70. Tim says:

    At least the scheme inspires people to use FireFox… that’s a good thing

    1. In fact, that’s not the only good thing about this “scheme”. It really gives anyone the key to financial freedom, if they really do it.

      A pity really. John Chow, wiped out all other avenues for bloggers to earn money online, by putting this down, without he trying it out himself.

      Well, he wants you to win his pathetic “Made In China” sweat shirts. In return, he wants you to keep reading his blog, and click on his links, buy his reviews, do whatever else he wants you to do.

      He’s the smart one, if you ask me. But not smart enough for my liking.

  71. Dave L says:

    Reselling information via ebooks is a very successful business model in general. This program has set up a way for people to do that. As John says, it’s a great example of good marketing, and marketing is what drives these programs.

    It would take money, time and effort to create something similar, and so the “value” of the program can’t really be knocked. The marketing is sound, the business model is sound, the price is not out of line. Whether the desired level of profit is there for the average consumer is another story—but that’s true for any business investment. This one looks a lot less like a guaranteed loss than some of its competitors.

    But the problem I have with most of the heavy “greed-based” appeals is that they tend to people who are vulnerable or desperate—these are people others would do well to look out for, rather than exploit. They’re not typically savvy business investors.

    In Multi-Level Marketing, for example, there are always the savvy investors, and the not-so-savvy ones. It often turns out better for the former than for the latter. But it’s the same opportunity for both—it’s just that some are more vulnerable than others.

    If, as seems to be the main mindset, this is a great money-maker for Nivola et al, there are sure to be a lot of people reading this blog who would like to copy it. The vertical here is (1) “Make money online,” not (2) “Make money online ethically without exploiting anyone.”

    While I personally favor (2), I know a lot of people searching for “Make Money Online” don’t care much about how it’s done as long as they don’t break any laws or have anyone come after them.

  72. Dave,
    excellent review. I would have preferred your review than John Chow.

    Balanced with both the good, and the bad.

    Thanks for that. Sometimes, people who are deserving of the position and readership of John Chow, don’t get it. You deserve it.

    Seriously Dave, this is not a “greed-based” opportunity. You wouldn’t believe how many people in the world are in need of money. Some opportunities on the web make people pay for these programs, and in return, these poor souls get nothing in return. It’s sad. That is the reason why I thought Zummie’s idea for this project was a noble one.

    He himself has made 5 figure online each month. And he’s a good chap. Really he is. He wants to empower these people. He’s from Asia, and he wants to help people in the third world countries especially with the seven day system.

    I believe in him. Knowledge to do a business online is essential to success. These people who need the money they are willing to put into action what we teach them. We have great success stories from all over the world. Those success stories on the website are true.

    We’ve helped so many people changing their lives.

    Money has always been associated with negative sentiments. But what you do with it is more important. Zummie for once, have used his own money to fund the project, he even pays for the entire organization (even though right now, he works with 3 people). He’s contented with his life alright. As for me, I am just amazed to see this 28 year old man wanting to change the world. So I thought I’ll just provide him with whatever else he needs.

    He was really apologetic when he found out John Chow did a negative review. He felt awful, because he was the one who ordered for the review. Well, he still needs to work on that, trusting people.

    This program was not created for the vulnerable or desperate or greedy. It was created to truly be the key to your financial freedom. With the Internet, anyone can be free financially. We know how, so we are giving it away for free to others.

    FYI, seven day system is the machine that brings in Sales People. We have another division, that manufactures eproducts for the consumers. eproducts such as mp3, videos on just about anything. Ebooks on just about anything.

    SevenDaySystem is in fact a recruitment and training ground for our sales people. On the 7th Day, in the 7th Month, in the 7th Year of the Millenium, The Seven Day System will reveal our factory.

    For now, sevendaysystem is a recruiting outlet for us.

    Well, I’ve shared so much here. Everyone can use this system for themselves. But what’s important is this. Why you are doing this? Are you creating this to earn money for yourself, or are you giving it back to your sales people? Because intentions do cound.

    As for me, and Zummie, we are in it to help people. We will never falter in our mission. IF a bad review is going to put us off, just like how it did for Mary Jane in Spiderman 3, then, we are not meant to change the world.

    We’ll be here long, long enough to let the truth prevail.

    My prediction is, what goes around, comes around. John Chow’s karma will see that he learns his lesson. I hope he learns it well.

  73. Carrie says:

    John, your last line almost says it all – I don’t think though that you foresaw the way Michael Nivola would take over the commenting and use this as a springboard to spam himself and his products even further. I suppose in the virtual world we’re living in, that opportunity was worth the review price.

    The “karma”, “learns his lesson”?
    Egads man, get over yourself.
    Your mistake was asking an internet-savvy person to review a money-making scheme, and assuming that he wouldn’t be completely transparent when doing so. There’s no untruth in what John said. The whole thing is set up to make you -not the affiliate- money. Good for you, and more power to ya, but don’t go crying when someone points out that fact.

    1. keytruekong says:

      i agree with u!
      what you said is so right. πŸ˜†

    2. Carrie.
      You are just like all the other morons here.

      I kept telling you guys I wasn’t the one who ordered the reviewme. It was my partner. So technically, it wasn’t my mistake. Get over this fact, will you?

      Spam myself and my products?
      It is easier to just say something without really justifying what you say. I am here to defend myself, and it’s a darn free world.

      FYI, i read his blog just recently when i was told that my partner ordered the review. And I’ve expected him to either refuse to reivew us, or review us brutally, like what he did of other money making opportunities he did before.

      So I am made aware of this. I know he is an internet savvy dork, who would make things transparent, which I don’t mind, but stating something to the effect that I am the only one making money, is a falsehood. That’s the untruth.

      You are so wrong. There are many untruths in what he said. We don’t sell ebooks. We sell ebooks, software, scripts, and many more.

      I would be crying, crying for joy.

      Because I get to defend myself, my system and my people, against people like you, who have no sense of what is actually happening.

      You are just like any other of John Chow’s dumb readers. Too dumb to see beyond what he’s telling you all. No doubt there are smart ones too.

      Keep following the herd, sheep.

  74. keytruekong says:

    here is so hot ! 😯

  75. embuck says:

    this is cool, michael youre like little boy when someone steals him a lollipop πŸ˜•

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