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Kevin over at Blogging Tips has posted an article detailing his experience with paid reviews. Kevin ordered eight reviews for his blog over a six week time period and for the most part, he seems very happy with the results. Review prices ranged from $40 to $300.

I have been very fortunate in that the reviews have all been fairly positive. The main criticism in most reviews was about the design of the blog but that is something I have worked on since the reviews. I do try my best with the design aspect of the blog but alas, design is not my forte. However, I was very pleased that most reviewers praised the posts on Blogging Tips.

I have seen a steady rise in subscribers after each review was posted but the traffic I received after my review was published on John Chow was nothing short of amazing.

All the reviews Kevin ordered were from ReviewMe publishers or a direct order. Paid reviews are one of the best way to kick start a new blog and I wish more advertisers would post their experience with them. You can read my experience as a ReviewMe advertiser here. I also posted my experience with PayPerPost here and here.

Now that Kevin had a taste of paying for reviews, he’s going to try his hand at making money from them by offering paid reviews on Blogging Tips. I’m sure he’ll do well with it. Have you used paid reviews before? Let’s hear your experience with it.

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  1. cooliojones says:

    I really want to get into these Paid Reviews Right now I am waiting on being approved. Diversification is the best way to maximize your income blogging. Good post.

    1. i’m thinking of starting another blog, after all it’s difficult to do paid reviews with a video blog

      1. Goob says:

        Yeah, that seems to be my biggest challenge as well. With a primary website based on free stuff, there aren’t that many related sites out there who want to pay money for a review. We should start something new! 🙂

        1. MrGPT says:

          Yeah, I also have a video blog and it’s hard to find anyone wanting to do paid reviews. I got other blogs though, so that’s what I fall back on.

          1. it’s nice that you’ve got other blogs to fall back to

            that’s what i’m gonna do

      2. cooliojones says:

        You know John has many more blogs to, as do I. I’m focused on one now, then the rest. Once you get the first one down and profitable, the rest should be a piece of cake. Just think — $5k/month per blog!!

        1. ritchie says:

          It’s never a great idea to put all your eggs into one basket.

      3. a video a day, I like your blog, you’ve done a good job there!

  2. browie says:

    I just sent a question to the great Chow based on this post. I’ll be reading and waiting to see when a good time to get a review would be.

    1. a good time to get a review?

      at the start of a blog?
      have got plenty of money?

  3. Goob says:

    Yeah, I’d love to hear more people’s reactions to their paid reviews, both good and bad.

  4. as far as ordering a paid review is concerned, i don’t have the money i wish i had. otherwise i’d definitely order a few to spread the word

    1. That’s exactly right. I am generating a few dollars from my original website so I could tap into that area but I kind of want to keep them separate. IDK how but I want to.

    2. Lance says:

      same to me, just that one thing. 😥

  5. Here are 2 post about my experience:

    1 review (I chose the blog)
    When a ReviewME goes wrong: A Warning to Advertisers

    10 small reviews I requested (open market)
    Review: My experience with ReviewMe(both sides)

    1. Thanks for sharing them with us. All info on this subject will be very beneficial to a lot of readers, for sure.

      1. No problem

        If reviewers can also learn something from that then the quality will be better for all involved. 😉

  6. John Cow says:

    Can’t we get a free review since our whole blog is a shrine for you? 😈

    1. MrGPT says:

      That you’re selling on Sitepoint for $1,000. lol


      1. John Cow says:

        not really actually. 😈

        1. webd360 says:

          lol thats evil, just like putting your site up for sale on ebay for a ridiculous amount just for the exposure

  7. I think my comment was held into moderation because of the 2 url.

    But if not that, see on my site 11 reviews i ordered. Click the ReviewME category.

  8. My mom speaks pretty highly of my blog. It doesn’t carry much weight, but it is free. Maybe I will think of stepping up to the plate and paying for a more beneficial review soon…

    1. or you can get free ones with exchanging reviews with other blogmasters

  9. Derrick says:

    I recently started a Music related blog, located at I paid for a review by The author is very credible, as he is a senior lecturer in the UK and studies the music online industry. The review was very positive, and now I have a strong foundation and more credibility. I’m thinking of paying for more reviews, but I think I’ll stick at prices under $100 for now.

  10. Shaun Carter says:

    I ordered up a review me from John (actually it was written by Michael) for $300 a while back and the review more than paid for itself in commissions from my credit card marketing site and even resulted in a couple of affiliate sales as well. In addition the back links it created were valuable for my Search Engine Rankings and I’ve seen that traffic increase since the review.

    I think the Review Me system is a great PR machine if used effectively. Finding blogs of John’s popularity is hard to do especially at the low price he charges for reviews. But I think a popular blog is essential when purchasing a review.

    1. Low price? I thought that 400USD is quite a lot.

  11. Ive used more of lower costing advertising like sponsored reviews and payperpost.

    however i did buy a kumiko and the results were great

  12. jon says:

    John, I’ve been trying to figure out how I could approach you for my self serving problem. Hum, here’s an idea, would you contribute a free review of my Bear Needs Some Help Page?
    I’ll understand if this gets deleted.
    Thanks for looking.
    all the best, another jon

    1. MrGPT says:

      Tons of people don’t have enough money to pay for reviews, but if everyone asked for free ones, there would be no way he could do all of them without making his blog a … blog linkfarm? ❓

  13. Zac Johnson says:

    Good article. I did something like this as well, especially right after I had the review done through JohnChow:

    Then I ran a comparison between ordering reviews through PayPerPost vs. ReviewMe.

    1. John’s reviews for ReviewMe definitely catapults a site to great heights — if they weren’t buzzing already. You definitely had a lot of potential back then, and now look where you are… 😉 More power to you, man!

  14. shman says:

    First I need $400 to pay John Chow to review my site :).

    1. Some decent posts would be good, too. I’ve read a lot of reviews from different bloggers that say they couldn’t even make a fair review of the site that hired them because there were hardly any posts to begin with.

  15. Mont says:

    I find PayPerPost really useful, but you need to make sure to use limiting criteria so that the reviews dont only show up on blogs with no readership/traffic

  16. Well, seen many offering for paid reviews on webmaster forums, mostly charge like $10-$15 but it is hard to receive a post from a site that will actually bring traffic on that price range. I have never used blog review posts (even tho, this is my first blog site, and i am not sure if i might consider doing post reviews unless the review will have something to do with the main topic of my blog).

  17. Kevin says:

    Thanks for the acknowledge John :mrgreen: I’m actually surprised that this advertising medium has not become more popular outwith the blogosphere. I’m going to use it to promote one of my websites in the next few months. Not only should i get more traffic, I will also get more backlinks.

    As I said in my post, paying for a review on JohnChow highlighted how much you can actually save money by spending a few more dollars. ReviewMe is a great way to advertise but there are so many bloggers outpricing themselves ie. blogs who do not have the traffic or readers to back their prices up.


  18. Michael says:

    I like payed reviews they are good for everyone. I’ve had a pretty good experience with them. I’ve never purchased any myself but have thought about it many times.

    I think the reason they haven’t become extrememly popular is because people seem to think that they are morally wrong. I beleive that as long as their is full disclosur everything os fine.

    1. People should think of paid reviews like a consultant fee but with public result. IF done correctly, it must be done in a constructive way and not be negative. That’s the way I want them and write them.

      The advertiser should in return pay for the effort/time it would take.

  19. simon says:

    Great! But I didn’t have any reviewme review order yet. Maybe because my blog is in Chinese 😕

    1. Yye that will be the problem, Make other Blog in English and you double the chance.

      1. Simon says:

        That’s a good idea but I have to learn more English first 😎

  20. Chuck says:

    My experience with paid reviews? Well, I had one done a few months ago. Truth be told, it was pretty worthless. It seemed like the guy spent about 5 minutes on it. Missed the entire point of the blog.

    And, that’s the biggest weakness of the system. People that have a hard time putting even a few words together…much less a cogent review.

    The second biggest weakness is that most sites are not really ready to be reviewed. Why? Because relatively few of them have any reason to exist in the first place. They are half-baked ideas, poorly executed.

    I have a video blog, too. But I’d never be afraid to have it reviewed, because it has a reason to exist. It looks good, it’s not all gooped up with ads, it’s well-organized and easily navigated. It shows respect for those who come to visit. And it represents a significant (and ongoing) time investment on my part.

    So…I don’t do reviews, for a lot of reasons. But the biggest one is that, most likely, you wouldn’t want to hear what I had to say. And while I think its incumbent upon the reviewer to turn down the review opportunity if he can’t find some nice things to say about the blog…I’m not sure how many people want an honest review in the first place.

    I think the whole system is pretty lame. If you get any help from it at all (other than a quality link), most of the time it’s just a you-scratch-my-back, I’ll-scratch-yours situation. While there should be some merit to it, when you mix people who just want the money with people who don’t really have a reason for their site to exist in the first place…meh. Bad idea.

    1. Kevin says:

      can you give us a little more info on this Chuck ie. how much did you pay for the review, did you check out the authors previous reviews etc.

      In my opinion its a great advertising medium but it is no different to anything else on the web. You need to spend time researching the review website so that you get value for money.

      1. Chuck says:


        I paid just $40 for the review. And no…I doubt that he had had much experience in doing previous reviews. However, I very much enjoyed the spirit and content of his site and felt that it would be worth it just to have the link. I wanted it because I felt he had a better chance of “getting it” in terms of understand the point of my site…not because I had the perception that he would drive much traffic (and he didn’t).

        And again…it wasn’t totally worthless. It just felt rushed and half-hearted. Maybe he didn’t have the time. Maybe he felt he was being ripped off at the $40 level he set. Who knows?

        I am actually referring to the stuff I’ve seen done for others even more than my own experience. The ones here on John’s site are among the best I’ve seen, and frankly, I didn’t think they were anything I would have paid $400 for in terms of the review content. But, I’m sure the traffic they drove was a lot more of a factor than the quality of the review or the value of the constructive criticism. To each his own, I suppose.

        I don’t have time to review sites. But if I did, I would really want to put some heart into the reviews. I guess I’m just trying to apply my own standards to the work of others. I’ll shut up now. LOL..

        1. Kevin says:

          I know some people have listed their reviews very cheaply to get sales but have then did an about turn when they realise theyre only gonna get $10 or $20 for writing a full review so perhaps that was the case with him.

          The $300 I paid for John Chow to review Blogging Tips has turned out to be a bargain. It’s all relative. The site will have a page rank in 3 or 4 weeks and I will be able to make money via text links and reviews. The old ‘gotta spend money to make money’ cliche :mrgreen:

          1. Chuck says:

            You’re absolutely right about that, Kevin. And I’m not afraid to spend money. As I said, I chose based on the content of the source site. The blog I was doing at the time wasn’t something that I felt most of the “make money online” or “internet marketing” types could contribute anything new to. So I was attempting to connect within a certain niche.

            More egregious, however, is a friend of mine who bought a review for his site a couple weeks back. The topic of his site and accompanying ebook is article marketing. The guy who he hired to review his site was so classless that he actually took the guy to task..saying that article marketing has been dead for 2 years, and he should just give up trying to sell people on the concept. Talk about a jerk…in fact, this guy reminded me of the Rich Jerk…disparaging everything within 50 miles.

            It’s hard to link to his site in good conscience (maybe someone can apply an extra link condom in addition to John’s standard rel=nofollow attribute so no one catches whatever this guy is suffering from), but you have to see this for yourself:


            As Thumper’s mom once said, “If you can’t say anything nice…don’t say anything at all.” Someone with an ounce of class would have declined the opportunity to do the review, on the grounds that he had nothing constructive to say.

          2. I just look at it and wonder if caught a bug 😉 Seriously, He could have asked for a refund. The blogger was paid to make a review and did not follow the simple guideline of reviewing the book.

            If you have not seen my post(above), take a look. I done it several times and took a few days but still…Now, it may be too late. Your friend could still try. ReviewMe tend to ok very fast reviews without understanding the subject matter.

            My $5 reviews were better than this. Imagine what I can do now for $80(40 for me). 😀

            I will review software but not for $5 because it take more time. Advertisers should also take that into account if they want quality reviews. I feel they don’t and just want the link for very cheap.

  21. Hip Hop says:

    I haven’t tried paid reviews yet but I’ve tried free reviews with Review-Me

    1. And how did that one go, Hip?

  22. Brian Heys says:

    I’m going to be ordering up some ReviewMe reviews very soon, and will certainly be writing about my experiences with them. One of the reviews I order will be from John – I hope he accepts!

    Keep an eye on my blog for the results.

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