ShareASale 70’s Disco Party – Affiliate Summit East 2012

The ShareASale party is the official party of Affiliate Summit. Everyone looks forward to it because SharaASale always delivers a good time. For Affiliate Summit East 2012, ShareASale pulled out all the stops and turned the three ballrooms of the Hilton Hotel into a 1970’s disco inferno.

The party featured a dance floor from the Saturday Night Fever movie, a huge ghetto blaster, colorful wigs, glasses, magic shows, lava lamps, and other stuff form the 70’s that I rather forget.

The party presented a great venue to test out my new Sony ECM-AW3 Bluetooth Microphone. The music was extremely loud and it was impossible for the built in mic of the GoPro Hero2 to pick up my voice. The ECM-AW3 picked up my voice as clear as a sunny day.

14 thoughts on “ShareASale 70’s Disco Party – Affiliate Summit East 2012”

  1. Michael Belk says:

    That looks like a lot of fun, you guys got down. John do you recommend ShareaSale for a newbie blogger?

    1. John Chow says:

      Yes, ShareASale is a great network for any publisher.

  2. JamesW says:

    Wow what a party 🙂

  3. Alex Shaikh says:

    The best 70s song is “Stayin’ Alive”. if i was there i would rock that floor like a maniac. lol looks like you had fun john……

  4. Ehsan Ullah says:

    The articles on blogging and ways of making money is going less these days at John Chow Dot Com and articles on personal life started appearing 🙁

    1. John Chow says:

      And you have a problem with that? A big part of making money is having fun at it. 🙂

      1. Ehsan Ullah says:

        Why do I have a problem with that?
        I should you should change the URL to 😛

      2. You are definitely right about that John. What is the point of all of this hard work if you can’t enjoy it?

  5. Edgar says:

    John thank you for sharing, if feels like we were there.and your camera light is bright

  6. Angela England says:

    Great overview of the party highlights. I loved hearing how you can make videos on the go during session so it was fabulous to see you in action last night at ShareASale’s party. Plus I now have video proof that I hit the dance floor last night. 🙂 Thanks John. I can’t wait to try out the things you showed us.

  7. Vincent Abry says:

    Nice Party, I should have come, definitely. Hey John I just published your pic, don’t ask me again for 10 bucks :-))

  8. faisal says:

    These summits are more party than anything else!

  9. Joan Sabula says:

    Looks like a lot of fun.

  10. Paul B says:

    I take it the DJ was a bit limited on 70’s tracks for the 70’s disco? 😉

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