Shoemoney System – From Fat Guy To Fat Pay Checks

My friend Shoemoney has released a new promotional video for his upcoming Shoemoney System. The new video show photos of Shoe when he was broke and fat. Today, Shoe is rich and thin. Well, he’s not as thin as me but his before and after photos would make a good endorsement for Weight Watchers. You can see the new video here (I’m in it as well).

The Shoemoney System is a series of step by step video on how to make money online. Shoe has spent nearly a year making these videos. The first one he released show the six ways to make money online. Now Shoe has released two more videos for you to check out. The first is how to make money from Twitter and the second is how to set up a Facebook campaign. If you like Shoe’s first video, you’ll enjoy these new ones. Go check it out now.

Shoemoney in 2003

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39 thoughts on “Shoemoney System – From Fat Guy To Fat Pay Checks”

  1. Donny Gamble says:


    I definitely did not realize that
    Shoemoney was this much out
    of shape. He definitely came along
    way and I am very happy for him

    1. Jeremy has fought the battle of the bulge, and has emereged victorious. the nature of this battle is such that you can not rest on your laurels when you’ve reached your goal weight. You have to work on maintaining it oin a daily basis, and that is hard work!

      1. Mubin says:

        lets just get one thing straight. He had an op to get rid of the fat. Fair enough he kep the weight off, but still…

    2. He came a long way in making money too.

  2. Wizno says:

    His system looks really good. I might just have to investigate it at some point down the road.

  3. Great overall story the way he has transformed his life.

  4. His system is great. He speaks very clearly and factually. I’ve watched all the videos. Although I am not fat, I am broke like him and working to achieve the same thing 🙂

    1. Yes he can be a real inspiration to you.

      He changed his own life with his sheer hard work.

  5. Tinh says:

    I could not think Jeremy has been that fat. He is more handsome now 🙂

  6. That is sneaky John! I went to press play on the image, but didn’t realise it was just an image, haha

    1. It takes me through to a landing page trying to get me to sign up with my email, while the video is rolling….just click on the image again, the outlink does work.

  7. chester says:

    Wow he was one hefty dude. Nice to see he turned it around. Great American story!

  8. i cant images JEREMY now fat already.thanks for sharing nice video.

  9. yup shoe money is out of shape.. he should realized now…

    1. Boss what are you talking about?

      That one is the photo of 2003 and now see him he is slim and energetic.

  10. It is a huge change indeed. also the video is very informative.

  11. S Ahsan says:

    The video is simply sick! 🙂 shoe is doing an amazing job!

    1. Sick … in which sense.

      For many this one is inspirational video.

  12. Great Video and a fantastic website, bookmarked this site for more reading

  13. Nice work Shoe! Way to turn it around. This should give a lot of hopefuls a kick in the pants.

  14. this video do not working for me, do not have voice, i do not know why.

    1. Working fine here …

      What browser you are using Dardan ?

  15. Shoemoney seems really fat in that video.

    1. Yup!! thats what i wanna say

      1. Than why did you add this word – he should realized now…

        He is now in good shape.

        1. He should sell a weight loss program as well lol.

  16. Wow! He looks a lot different these days. It’s unfortunate, but people do judge you by their first impression.

    Thanks for the links, I will check this out later.

  17. Is this JEREMY?
    I can’t believe.
    BTW, I like those videos. Really helpful for new bloggers like me.

    1. Yes no one will believe this.

      Many of us said PHOTOSHOP … lollzz

  18. Bidet says:

    Thats a truly inspiring story, it shows that even if you have failed many times, you can still turn your life around and succeed.

  19. Tee Padgett says:


    Your referral link is resulting in WP errors 😉


  20. Shoemoney’s story is one of the most inspiring I’ve come across. Can’t wait to see more videos!

  21. That is the reason why all people talk about Jeremy.

    Because he raise from grass wood level and know every ins and out of this.

    Really hats off to him.

  22. Kate says:

    I like Shoe Money. That is so great your friends with him. I’m so happy for him that he lost weight 🙂 Good for him!!

  23. Amazing how much someones life can change in such a short amount of time.

  24. It’s amazing that he changed physically and financially.

    it was really a good example to others.

    so inspiring.

  25. sukh says:

    I joined Shoemoney system, but On day one, I see that the stuff he is teaching was already I knew, so its not going to work out well for me, and I asked for refund, and he is not refunding me, and neither shoemoney have replying to my messages, and neither their login is working for me.

    So Basically, they took away my 197 usd, and not responding me!!

    1. John Chow says:

      Shoe is pretty swamped with emails from the launch. He will get back to you. Don’t worry. And the stuff in the beginning is more basic but later on, it will really blow your mind. You should consider sticking around and really check it out before asking for a refund after a day.

  26. Yowza!

    I never saw Shoemoney as the type that conquered both his money problems AND his health problems.

    Seriously, what a guy. He’s the perfect rags to riches story, as well as an example of how anyone can turn their life around if they want it bad enough.

    He sure as heck motivates me to keep up with my projects.

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