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ShoeMoney System

*Update – Shoemoney System is now closed. If you didn’t get in but wish you had, you can get on a wait list.

LIMITED To 500 Students

ShoeMoney System is now live but it’s limited to only 500 students. Shoe is personally committed to the success of each and everyone who signs up. His name and reputation depends on it. To make sure shoe can take the time to work with you, he’s limiting this launch to the first 500 seats. Doors close after the first 500 students.

Inside ShoeMoney System

  • More than 100 hours of premium full-length step-by-step training videos, showing you my screen, holding nothing back.
  • New video released every 3 days. Progress tracker and video library built-in to the member’s back-office.
  • In-depth Interviews with the people at Google, Facebook, SponsoredTweets and all major affiliate networks, where they share their tips for success
  • ShoeMoney Tools and third-party tools, all hand-picked by Shoe, to help you grow your online empire.
  • Niche Ideas, Top converting Keywords, Banners and ads I’ve used over the years.
  • Podcasts and mp3 files of every single talk, presentation and interview I ever gave.

$2,500 in FREE Advertising Money

To kick start your Internet Marketing campaigns, Shoe has secured exclusive deals with Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, SponsoredTweets, Azoogle and a few others, where every single student of the ShoeMoney System, will be awarded a total of $2,500 in advertising coupons!

While ShoeMoney System is limited to 500 students, Shoe told me that he will be offering an extra special bonus to the first 100 students who sign up. Better get on it!

ShoeMoney System

Sign Up for The ShoeMoney System

54 thoughts on “ShoeMoney System Is Live – Go Sign Up”

  1. dean carlson says:

    Hi john

    I manage a mcdonalds in Chicago and I had my entire staff of 20 buy this guide so get ready to rake in some commision πŸ˜€

    -Dean Carlson

    1. Andrew says:

      Good luck, honestly the best way to earn money online is to keep at it and A-B split test everything. Nobody can teach you that.

    2. Wow dean! First lesson of affiliate marketing. You should have become a shoemoney system affiliate then signed all your employees up under your account. A $2,000/mo residual commission would have been a nice way to start off your affiliate efforts.

    3. Did you but it for them, that would be a nice gift.

  2. I would have been the first to sign up however he doesn’t accept PayPal. Good job. You just lost a sale pal.

    1. Paul B says:

      Paypal is the worst payment processor for selling a product, you do all the hard work and paypal rape you in charges. Not surprised at all that Shoe has opted for good old fashioned card payments πŸ™‚

      (Signed up a while ago as one of the first 100 I hope)

      1. Well I would’ve made room on my card if somebody would have gotten back to me when I asked the question of which payment method they’ll be using 5 days ago.

        1. Paul B says:

          If it’s anytyhing like any other IM product/course release of the last five years I’m sure this limited number thing will be opened up in a few days.

          1. Well he just emailed me now and said he wasn’t sure if he was going to use PayPal until he got talked out of it.

            I’m not so sure this will open up in a few days. I really needed the help of this product right now.

          2. John Chow says:

            At the rate sales are going, Shoe will be sold out before the day is over. 55 students signed up in the first 5 min of launch!

          3. I hope i got it in first of 100 πŸ™‚ actually i ‘started’ the proccess at 55m not 00 min πŸ˜‰

          4. Yea I was in there at 11:58. At least that’s when it refreshed for me.

            I finally got signed up. Probably not within the first hundred though.

            Does anyone know what the big surprise for the first 100 is?

          5. Jeremy is going to be setting some records here! A brilliant example of a successful launch in what must rate as one of the most highly contested niches in the internet. When are you going to do a product launch John?

          6. Paul B says:

            Look for the John Chow guide to blogging for money. Monthly membership course no doubt πŸ˜‰

      2. But surely, it is the easiest way of payment. πŸ˜€

      3. Credit cards still charge you about 2.3% just like PalPal does.

        1. Paul B says:

          To process a payment, who with?

  3. $2,500 in free advertising credits? It would be worth signing up just for that if you were interested in learning PPC!

  4. Av been waiting for this launch. Heading off to go chk if i’ll buy a spot

  5. There is an error linking to the Shoemoney product.

    1. Must be a clickbank error!

    2. John Chow says:

      The server is getting hammer with people trying to sign up. Just keep trying.

      1. I tried this morning too and it locked up my browser.

  6. Rick Krenz says:

    I don’t really remember the last time I seen a server crash on a launch date… That is just crazy. I am still going to try to buy this. As soon as the server is back up.

  7. Browser problem on my end, false alarm!

  8. Do affiliates of Shoemoney make 50% monthly or is it 50% on the initial purchase?

  9. if anyone wants to buy this product together then please email me. (basically sharing the cost)

  10. Thomas Tran says:

    I managed to signup and theres really nothing in there right now.

  11. John Chow says:

    *Update – Shoemoney System is now 75% full. Get in now!

  12. Jim says:

    I’m trying to sign up but it’s not accepting my AMEX. Is the server down?

    1. John Chow says:

      It does take Amex. Just try again.

  13. if anyone wants to share the system then let me know.

    1. Naughty Naughty πŸ˜‰

      1. Hi Jacques…I meant to say if anyone wants to buy it together…I am not saying for free….
        I am sure there are many out there who can not afford to spend $197/month or $2364/year and at the same time Jeremy have a potential to make as much as $98,500/month given that he has 500 paid members.

        1. And BTW–No One is a nice guy in this field. may be I m trying to be nice by offering my help to those out there who can’t afford this system πŸ™‚ You know that very well..Everyone is trying their little dirty tricks to make money. Let me know if I m wrong on that..

  14. Evan says:

    Every time I click refresh, the page won’t load. I’ve been trying for several days to see the page, but it just won’t load.
    I tried e-mailing too, but I guess he didn’t read it =(

  15. S Ahsan says:

    Shoemoneysystem is the latest shiznit πŸ™‚

  16. Naeer Umera says:

    This Money System is really complicated for individuals like me, But I will try to apply it or refer it to others.

  17. Diabetis says:

    I’m sure that he will be teaching some of his secret which we can find for free round the interrnet.

    I am just going to look for the free ones.

  18. Joelene says:

    I was going to sign up, but noticed that it’s $197 per month (not just a one time payment), or almost $2400 a year.

  19. Sure his methods are the normal ones you’ve been trying without success. I think u better go get a spot

  20. I was waiting for Shoemonry system.. but its really sad to know that He is not supporting paypal πŸ™

    only those who has clickbank account can join.. thats really bad to know

    1. you don’t have to have a clickbank account to buy. You just need to have a major credit card that clickbank accepts. He is selling his product via Clickbank and many are also promoting his product via Clickbank (for this you need to open an account which is free).

      1. Thank you so much for your guidelines. I am late actually because no more seat available πŸ™ 500 sold

        why not it was 5000

  21. Wow Bang Bang ….

    Two program launched by two genius. One by David and another one by Jeremy. I think they should they adjust their launching date.

    But any way both are offering limited numbers or days.

    1. There are many more..including Eric’s product which will also end today. Eric from
      Joel Comm is also giving away free e-books. I am sure previous buyers are getting pissed off just like early buyers of Iphones who had to spend almost $600 versus $399.
      Oh what a day…Apple also launched IPAD today…hmmm……Jan 27th…….

      1. Well you have very good updates about the market.

  22. chester says:

    That’s pretty expensive. $200 a month? I do like the money-back guarantee. If I had more time to dedicate to his system, then $200 would be well worth it.

  23. fas says:

    Little costly at the rate which he is selling it at.

  24. Looks like the program is taking off like crazy. Best of luck to Shoe.

  25. thats it folks…Program is closed.
    But don’t worry…you can be on the waiting list…I love that part..haaaa

    Don’t sweat guys and gals…You will still have chances to be Big out there. Soon Yaro will be back as well :)…
    Anyways…Keep doing what you love…
    Good Luck…

  26. Already signed up, excited to see the program

  27. I’m sure that he will be teaching some of his secret which we can find for free round the interrnet.

    I am just going to look for the free ones.

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