ShoeMoney X FREE 12 Week Internet Marketing Course


One of the most common questions I get asked, whether it’s on my blog or via Email or networking event is, “How do I get started?” and “Is there a make money online for dummies book?” Well, my arch rival, Shoemoney, has came up with the answer.

To answer that question honestly, I have to say there are some great info. products out there. But guess what? Most of it costs thousands of dollars and for someone that is just wanting to see if Internet marketing is for them – that is quite a gamble.

Well, over the past few months I have been busy assembling an amazing FREE 12 week course – ShoeMoney X. What is it? It’s basically a crash course on how to make money online filled with tons of info for both newbies and experts.

When you sign up for ShoeMoney X, Shoe will send you a chapter packed with information each week. There will be real life examples and a weekly ShoeMoney Action Plan – a list of assignments that will help you start your Internet business. Why is Shoe giving away a 12 week course for free instead of charging hundred of dollars for it?

Why am I giving this course away? Well, giving away great content has just worked well for me…. always…

As a bonus, if you recommend ShoeMoney X to a friend via Twitter after you’ve enrolled, you’ll entered to win an iPod Touch… just for trying out the program for FREE. Go sign up now!

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