Shorty Shrinks, Cloaks and Tracks Your Affiliate Links

Do you know what’s the surefire way to spot a newbie affiliate marketer? It’s the person using affiliate links straight copy-and-pasted out of the affiliate dashboard. Not only are his affiliate ID and offer ID in plain site as part of the URL, but he’s not taking advantage of all the other opportunities for tracking and optimization. Don’t be that guy.

While there are a number of other solutions to help shorten and cloak your affiliate links, few offer quite as many features as Shorty. In this review, we’ll take a look at some of these key features and how they can boost your earnings to a whole new level.

A Convenient WordPress Plugin

WordPress can be used to power a variety of different websites, from blogs to landing pages to ecommerce sites. That’s why it’s so convenient that Shorty is being offered as a WordPress plugin. Simply upload, activate and configure.

At its core, Shorty is designed to let you cloak, automate, optimize and retarget your links “for massive profits.” The fundamental idea is similar to that of other URL shortening services, but this has been specifically created with the Internet marketer in mind, whether you’re promoting your own product or your monetizing your site with affiliate links.

What’s great is that you can easily maintain your own branding here, instead of utilizing a third-party domain like or You use your own domain, providing an extra layer of confidence and trust for your readers and prospective customers. Some additional features include automatic link expiration and the ability to automatically redirect users based on geographic location.

The entire interface is through your existing WordPress admin panel, so there is no additional username, password, or dashboard to remember. Shorty shows up as one of the menu options on the left, with additional sub-sections for further configuration and optimization.

It’s easy enough to see all of your existing shortened links at a glance, like in the screenshot above. Shorty can be configured to add a prefix to all shortened links too, so there won’t be any conflicts with your existing content.

More Data for More Opportunities

When you use other URL shortening services, you may be provided with some basic statistics in terms of number of clicks, but the data tends to be lacking. Shorty goes much further than that with full conversion reports with plenty of details for further optimization.

You’ll not only see what links are getting clicks, but also detailed information about the people who are clicking them. Where are they located? When did they click? What was the referral URL where they clicked the link? You can even check on the conversion reports to see what links are getting what conversion rates, as well as how much time passes between the time they click on your link and the purchase (or other conversion action) is completed.

Track all your sales and leads through the intuitive interface, going even further than what your affiliate network may be able to provide you. Based on a case study conducted by Shorty itself, using this plugin was able to increase affiliate sales by over 700%. That’s no small feat and the full report is available for your review.

Going Beyond a Simple URL Shortener

The process for creating a new shortened URL is easy enough. Simply provide the destination URL, your desired tracking link, the link redirect type and some other basic information. It is also here that you can enable affiliate subID tracking and some other more advanced parameters.

With Shorty, you also get link uptime monitoring. This keeps tabs on whether the target URL goes down. If so, the link can automatically redirect to a secondary option and you will be notified via email immediately.

And unlike many other URL shorteners, you can change the destination URL for your links at any time too. This is great for expired offers where you still want to monetize the links that are already out there, as might be the case with guest posts or social media.

Another useful feature is the ability to automatically convert keywords in your blog (or site) to affiliate links. All you have to do is define the keywords you want to convert to links and Shorty can do the rest. The additional settings can be further configured for optimal conversion and profit.

How Much Does It Cost?

A free version, appropriately called Shorty Lite, which you can find through the usual WordPress plugin repository. Its feature set is understandably limited compared to the paid version. The standard version for one installation license is $17, the pro version for up to 10 installations is $47, and the agency edition for unlimited installation licenses is $67. These are all launch prices and are subject to change.

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6 thoughts on “Shorty Shrinks, Cloaks and Tracks Your Affiliate Links”

  1. Good stuff Michael.

    I am an Amazon seller only so just use the short links through Amazon, via the associates backoffice. Definitely gotta avoid that rookie mistake of posting links with your ID. Long, awkward, newbie mistake indeed.

    I dig the Amazon shorties because they look incredibly clean. Short, sweet, pro-looking, branded links work for me.

    Toss in the tracking elements of the above links and you have some real winners here.


  2. I can not, unfortunately, to be used in tracking! Can you explain and show? I thank you very much for your help! I use WordPress but not tracking it. The short links where I can get for myself? Thanks for the lesson John.

  3. Roger S.

    I have been in and around the Home based business, Network marketing, MLM business since the mid 1990’s. Than doesn’t include my father who introduced it to me, indirectly, in the early 1970’s.
    I have followed your links and story since 2009 and still haven’t made it my reality. I want my time and I want the money to offer to my children. Is this real? I want it to be!

  4. Shortening your affiliate links will really make your posts neat and very professional rather than seeing long links in it.

    All the Best,
    Jan Limark

  5. Eva says:

    I’m definitely going to be checking this out! Thanks for sharing

  6. I’m the owner of Shorty, and a lot of our core tracking features have been developed for years with our SAAS version at We’ll be constantly improving Shorty in the near future for more affiliate network compatibility and important features. Don’t forget to try the free WordPress plugin, it does all the basic link shortening and tracking you need.

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