Shout Out To Our Blog Sponsors

I like to take this time to send a shout to all our sponsors. These guys and gals pay the bills around here so I like to give them an extra plug whenever possible. It’s all part of the under promise and over deliver method of doing business. It works really well.

BlueFur – Web Host Sponsor

Thanks to BlueFur Web Hosting for supplying the dual-core Xeon server that houses this blog. If you’re looking for a quality web host, give BlueFur a shout. Use coupon code JohnChowRocks for 15% off any hosting package.

Search Engine Guide – Premium Ad Sponsor

Search Engine Guide is a daily read for me. This is one of the best site of its kind on the Net. The site is edited by Jennifer Laycock, who is known for her down–to–earth style of teaching and a special focus on educating small business owners. She is author of “The Small Business Guide to Search Engine Marketing” and the free “Zero Dollars, a Little Bit of Talent and 30 Days” series.

125×125 Button Sponsors

Zac Johnson Dot Com – Get inside the secret life of a Super Affiliate. Zac Johnson talks about how to make big bucks from affiliate marketing. His latest post includes the secrets of PPC marketing and how he made $8,533 from Neverblue Ads.

Shopzilla – Make money online by display Shopzilla shopping content on your website. John Chow dot Com readers who sign up will have $39.99 deposited into their account just for signing up.

Darin Carter – Darin is so popular that someone who has with no understanding of copyright ripped off his blog design. – TNX is a convenient tool that allows publishers and advertisers to save time, efforts and money. They have a really interesting affiliate program as well.

No APR Credit Cards – Why pay interest when you don’t have to? Well, eventually you will pay but these credit cards offer zero interest for up to 18 months.

Home Biz Seeker – This beach bum claims he made $237,000 from his laptop.

Web Hosting Unleashed – Started in 2002 as a place users could leave reviews of web hosting companies in order to help others see what hosts you should avoid and those that were good.

Bidvertiser – Bidvertiser, a CPC ad network that competes with Google AdSense. It main advantage over AdSense is its low $10 payout. You only need to make $10 in order to be paid. Big publishers wouldn’t care about this but for many small blogs that are still waiting to hit that magic $100 Google payout level, getting pay at a lower level is quite attractive.

300×250 Ad Spots Available

I still have a few 300×250 banner spots available. The 300×250 banner spot is the biggest and most visible banner spot on this blog. It is also the highest performing. The new ads starts running tomorrow. Price is only $500 per month. To take advantage of this opportunity, PayPal $500 to [email protected], and Email your 300×250 ad to same Email address.

46 thoughts on “Shout Out To Our Blog Sponsors”

  1. Hey I just blogged about under promising and over delivering John. And what you’ve just done is pure bribery!

    1. Turk Hit Box says:

      Its always nice to see John making a post about his advertisers. BTW, I really feel sorry for darin!

      1. Wahlau.NET says:

        yup…it is a nice way to thank the advertiser

    2. And that was a one great post Cath 😉 (well like all the rest).

      Good thing to give some extra love to your sponsors John, they definitively deserve with the bills they pay for you 😛

      1. With the money they’re paying … one would hope for a bit of link love!
        Not sure about the beach bum dude.

      2. Thank you Astrit. I wasn’t sure if I should mention food in the post at first, incase John thought I was copying him.

    3. Toernip says:

      thanks for the info

  2. Googlelady says:

    Great post because you really respect your advertisers

    1. Israel says:

      he better , thyey pay him bigbucks.

      1. Neil Duckett says:

        Yeh, agree …. he`s duly rewarded for the post! …. I`ll be a sponsor in the near future.

      2. Teejay says:

        LOL. yeah. The least he can do for them.

  3. Andrius says:

    Good post 😀 Respect…

  4. Interesting last post on Darins blog

    1. Teejay says:

      Think he has a problem 😐

  5. Nice shout out. Zac Johnson’s site is a regular favourite of mine.

    1. Yeah, but he doesn’t actaully saw HOW he made that much with NeverBlueAds. Hopefully his upcoming free ebook will help answer the real questions.

  6. If I have $500, John Chow dot Com will be my first choice. I got more respect for you now.

    1. Michael says:

      $500 for an ad that is going to be flipped with 9 other ads? I wouldn’t. I do like john’s blog but I think getting another ad deal would be better.

  7. Zac Johnson says:

    Thanks for the link and posting. Thanks for mentioning the new “Pay Per Click Guide” , it will be great! 🙂

    1. Mubin says:

      Zac I love reading your blog. Sometimes im more interested in the money your making from the casinos than I am with the ppc. Ever think about setting up a step by step guide for new affiliates or takings some under your wing and training them? I’d do it!

      1. Zac Johnson says:

        Hey Mubin, thanks! Actually I have a new casino blog in the works too. I will also be releasing my own “Make Money with PPC Marketing” guide this week. Looking forward to helping others start making money online. :mrgreen:

  8. Enjoy reading almost all of your sponsors webpages!

    1. Israel says:

      you do? i dont.

  9. Tyler says:

    Shopzilla hasn’t paid the September bills yet! I haven’t received my payment from them via papay and was told that it was sent on Friday. I called their bluff as the payment obviously wasn’t in my account. Beware when signing up for Shopzilla. I hope they pay soon because thier ads did outperform some others on my sites.

    1. Googlelady says:

      You need to be patient. May be they are having some technical problems. What I could possible suggest is to email them or even call them and see what is happening before telling people that they are not paying.

      1. Ty says:

        That’s how I got the info in the post…I emailed them directly.
        I was told that my payment was sent last Friday…and it wasn’t. I asked for a receipt because my account did not show payment and they couldn’t give me one. I am now told that payment will be this week. I’m just reporting what I have been told…Like I said, I hope the payment comes through because their network did outperform some other networks on a couple of my sites and I am looking forward to using the service when the “technical problems” are corrected.

  10. Turk Hit Box says:

    Also, I don’t think Darin should be very suprised that they stole his blog design. Its a very simple design and very easy to duplicate. I hope he didnt pay top dollars for that. I can make the same design under 10 minutes for free 🙂

    1. Googlelady says:

      Are you sure you can make it under 10 minutes for free? 😉

      1. Mubin says:

        I seriously doubt he could do it in 10 minutes without a PSD. Even with a PSD the fastest my coders have been able to do the simplest wp theme is half an hour.

        People talk so much smack in comments its not even funny. You know what, why don’t we have a little challenge Turk Hit Box, I will give you a FULL PSD and you can code it for WordPress, condition if you code it within 10 minutes you can keep the theme, distribute it for free, sell it, do whatever you want?

        If you can’t do it in 10 minutes come back to the John Chow comments and say that you like to talk smack for no apparent reason!

      2. Teejay says:

        10 minutes!? I doubt that very much

        1. Turk Hit Box says:

          Alright, make it 10 minutes for photoshop, 20 for wordpress theme.

          ITs a basic theme overall.

          1. Turk Hit Box says:

            @mubin: I am not talking smack. Thats a basic theme with no javascript, no special icons. Even if it takes a day, i wouldn’t mind someone stealing that design.

            I really don’t understand people paying wp designs from uniqueblogdesigns. Even ‘s design is basic.

            Anyone can email me for a free blog design if your blog is PR 4+ that way I can at least get some backlinks at the footer 🙂

  11. You have an awesome list of Sponsors. We all want to be like John Chow.

    1. Does everyone want to be John Chow? I know John Cow does. 😛

  12. Hopefully I’ll have my own sponsor to shout out too on my blog soon.

  13. Teejay says:

    Darin and Zac have very interesting blogs as well

    1. I definitely agree, the ads are very effective on JohnChow’s blog since it’s all about advertising, people actually do look and click on the ads. :mrgreen:

  14. I clicked on the 300×250 Ad saying “Start earning extra incom with Google today” and fund myself on a site (Smiley Central) that was promoting smileys. What has smileys to do with Google?

  15. It is indeed very nice of you to give so much space to the good people who make it possible to run this wonderful blog. It is also fascinating to see the comments that have flown as a result. You always do something that is totally unexpected and it is refreshing. Keep it up.

  16. Poker says:

    Are these all sponsors or more affiliates you are working for? 😆

  17. Now comes the 10,000$ question: “When will you write a blog article thanking the fabulous readers coming from all over the world who pay regular visits – not only through RSS – to the JohnChow.Com-Blog?”

    I think THAT is a very good question. Praise be to those who visit. They even visit commentator’s sites. Love ya guys and gals. 😀

  18. soccer dvd says:

    i think its good to acknowledge your sponsors. free pimpin never hurts and it might get them to sign up under your campaign again. again john is evil 😈

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