Shout Out To Sponsors And Advertisers

I like to take this time to send a shout out to our sponsors and advertisers. They help pay the cost of running this blog so I don’t have to charge you for reading my content. OK, I wouldn’t charge you for it anyway but you get the idea. 🙂

Premium Sponsor: Search Engine Guide

Search Engine Guide covers everything you can think about when it comes to Google and other search engine. They are a daily read for me. I would love to steal Jennifer Laycock away so she can come work for me but I think Search Engine Guide would sic their puppy on me if I try. Don’t let that cute looks fool you. That puppy is a killer!

Contest Sponsor:

This month’s contest was sponsored by promotional pens maker, They’re helping me give a way a Nintendo Wii in an evil blog contest. There’s still five more days left in the contest so if you haven’t entered yet, better get on it!

Our Text Link Advertisers

Not only do the text link advertisers help this blog to earn some nice coin, but also they help to reinforce the important of the anchor text.

I have two text links spot available if anyone is interested. The price is $200 per month from Text Link Ads. New advertisers can get a $100 credit here.

Treat Your Advertisers Like Your Readers

Dealing with advertisers is not much different than dealing with readers. Both want to be treated with respect and both should feel they got value for dealing with you. These shout outs are just one way I help deliver value to my sponsors. It’s a bit like acknowledging the Top Commentators for their contributions and it’s one more lesson in the concept of under promise and over deliver.