Shout Out To The Top Commentators

Who are the Top Commentators and how do they find time to post over 70 comments in five days? Do they live on my blog or something? Whatever the case, I like to take this time to send them a shout out for keeping this blog a happening place.

Benefits of Being a Top Commentators

Besides bragging rights, Top Commentators are listed under the Top Commentators lists. This list is updated everyday and features the commentators with the most comments over the past five days. While many will wonder how someone can pull off 74 comments in five days, it’s really not that hard to get on the list. The 10th spot has 22 comments – that’s less than 5 comments per day.

The Top Commentators plugin is a great way to increase blog activities. Top Commentators receive traffic and SEO benefits because the links on their name are full links without a nofollow tag.

133 thoughts on “Shout Out To The Top Commentators”

  1. Marc says:

    Always appreciated John πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing the love.

    1. definitely.

      thank you so much john!

      that just gives everyone some more incentives to be active and comment plenty!

      thanks again

      1. by the way, john, i’ve added you to my blogroll.


        1. cooliojones says:

          As if he really needs more links! LOL

      2. Lewis Empire says:

        No kidding. Plus it keeps you involved and motivated to keep active in a site that’s given you some excellent direction.

    2. John’s always been my ambassador of kwan and link love. More power to you, man! And to everyone on the list — cheers!

      1. Haha, I love that expression ‘ambassador of Kwan’ Show me the money!

  2. simon says:

    Yes, that’s not so hard to become top commentators :mrgreen:

    My blog does get some traffic becoming’s top commentators.

    Thanks John~

    1. same here. it helps with my site’s seo as well, what’s more, it’s free

      1. Jarle says:

        I guess it helps to be at the top. I haven’t seen a lot of traffic comming from JC.

    2. ritchie says:

      Same here. Definitely a good idea to voice your opinion here instead of elsewhere :mrgreen:

    3. If you enjoy John’s posts and commenting, reaching the top is definitely far from being hard at all.

  3. Leo says:

    Man, I don’t even get 70 comments a month!

    1. Goob says:

      You and me both! I need to get some of these guys over to my blog πŸ™‚

      1. πŸ˜‰ oh, you’ll get there…

        1. cooliojones says:

          You said it! Just stay focused and have a GOAL! If you don’t know how, watch how John Cow and My New Hustle make a bee line for the top spots everywhere!! In fact, make some money w/ John Cow in his make mooney contest also!! He’s the best cow on the block! (er pasture!)

          1. Hey, I just wanted to say awesome avatar – I love Voltron,

    2. MK says:

      Lol, same here!

      1. as long as you’ve got quality content in your blog, the traffic will come, comments will increase

        1. Lewis Empire says:

          If you value the comments from people on the blog have a look around and follow their links. As a community of John Chow readers we’re all in it to make money! Lets get out there, join some RSS feeds and make some value-added comments for each other!

          Is anyone interested in doing some review swaps?

  4. says:

    Whoa! I’ve always wondered about your commentators. I didn’t realize it was a 5 day deal. I’m going to look at some comments and see how these folks make all of these comments in one day.

    1. Jarle says:

      With this threaded comments-system it’s not that hard. Look at the “video a day” girl right above you. She replies to a lot of other comments. I do to, but I don’t have the time to make up to 15-20 comments a day to get that first spot πŸ™‚

      1. Marc says:

        Yeah the threaded comments make a huge difference. It’s a lot easier to keep longer conversations.

        1. MrGPT says:

          Like this πŸ˜€ .
          When does it reset? Every month?

          1. Lewis Empire says:

            It looks like every 5 days.

    2. They do it with comments like this one for example.

      1. Marc says:

        Hardly… Most people on the top commentators list have a lot to say. The discussions here are often very interesting which is why we all comment so much.

        1. Lewis Empire says:

          Yeah. I had a guy bashing Santa Claus the other day because of one of my comments (positive) about Canada!

    3. John actually did an entire post about this a while back. When he posted it I was like “doh!” Haha just kidding.

    4. cooliojones says:

      Just like the other posters said, it’s a lot easier when you can create dialogue between each other. And you just have to either have the drive or the extreme interest, and even a combination of the two.

  5. Casey says:

    I didn’t know it was reset every week! I was up their last week but fell off after being away on vacation.

    1. Reset? You mean your comments got zero?

    2. Lewis Empire says:

      That will teach you! No rest for the wicked!

  6. Carl Pei says:

    With so many comments, the logical next step would be to create a “make money online” forum?

    1. Jarle says:

      I agree. I think he could attract even more visitors if he had a forum.

    2. I think he made a post about a possible forum, but most of the readers of this blog turned it down.

      1. Marc says:

        That’s true. It was basically seen as something that would detract from the core content rather than contribute in any meaningful manner.

        1. True — comments are just a major bonus; the interaction between us and John in the comments section is more than enough “craziness.” A forum would be pushing it, I think.

      2. MrGPT says:

        I like the idea πŸ™‚ .

    3. cooliojones says:

      A forum really isn’t needed. That would turn very cultish very quickly! πŸ˜€

  7. Abdalla says:

    Check out the google add! “John chow, im back” cool man!! tim schroeder

    1. MrGPT says:

      Hahaha, yeah, I saw that too. I posted that same comment on some other post. I wonder if John has seen it.

  8. MK says:

    Congrats to all you comment whores XDXD

    1. simon says:

      :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Thanks. That’s a way get free traffic. Thanks John.

      1. Grace says:

        I checked your site out. πŸ™‚

        1. thanks MK, that’s very nice of you!

        2. simon says:

          Thank you for visiting but I afraid you cannot understand my blog content 😳

          1. MK says:

            Hey simon, what language is your blog in? Is that Chinese?

            I’m pretty sure it’s not Japanese, because I don’t see any characters I can recognize, but it looks similar so I’m thinking Chinese.

          2. simon says:

            MK,you are right my blog is in Traditional Chinese.

          3. JoshNash says:

            You know,I’m kinda stunned 😯

          4. simon says:

            JoshNash, nice to see you here :mrgreen:

    2. *website copywriter takes a bow and blows a kiss* πŸ˜‰

  9. Tim says:

    Another evil trick to get more comments… nice John 😈

    1. simon says:

      Indeed, that is a evil trick to get comments. But I’m so happy to be tricked and get some traffic. :mrgreen:

      1. 5 comments a day isn’t a difficult task.

        all you need to do is to read the blog post and express your opinion and then comment on other commentators’ comments, and you’ll hit that list in no time!

        1. MrGPT says:

          Yeah, and comments that are informative to others.

          1. Exactly, awesome point there MrGPT. I mean, one can always post spam, nonsensical comments, even reply to their own comments, which sadly happens on here a lot, OR…make a solid contribution to this world by commenting responsibly. That last part is the best route to take though. 😎

        2. cooliojones says:

          yeah but a video a day makes it very hard! I need to send her some great content for her website so she’ll get distracted! πŸ˜€

  10. Man I gotta pump up the volume … i’m slipping!


    1. We miss you on the list, Darin!

  11. Jamaipanese says:

    I wonder if I could ever make that list -_-

    1. simon says:

      Yes, you can if you do comment a lot like me. I’m in 10th spot :mrgreen:

      1. Grace says:

        Are you subscribed to his comments or do you just visit a lot?

        1. MK says:

          My guess is he lives here XD

        2. simon says:

          I’m visit here a lot. I didn’t subscribe comments but I do subscribe post.

        3. cooliojones says:

          This blog is included in my daily routine, so no need to subscribe — at least right now.

    2. Goob says:

      Well now we know all it takes is at least 5 comments a day. That’s not too hard!

      1. simon says:

        I don’t know how other Top Commentators do. That’s my way to become 10th Top Commentator. :mrgreen:

        1. I never counted them, to be honest. I just speak my mind every chance I get.

      2. cooliojones says:

        There is much competition on here. 5 comments day won’t get you too too high. I guess you just have to be really talkative!!

  12. Paul says:

    74 comments in 5 days is insane. I wonder how much of them are spammy?

    1. zero.

      otherwise, john would’ve been rid of them

      1. MrGPT says:

        I don’t think John would have the time to review all of the comments to check if they are spammy or not.

        For me, I try to make my comments informative or funny. If they are neither of those, I usually don’t post it because I don’t want people having to scroll down further to read something like “me too” or “very nice”.

        1. Again, you’ve made some good points there. I don’t consider it “spammy” at all if you actually have something important to say or share about John’s posts. I mean, I’d like to think that all these months I’ve been reading John’s blog, I’ve contributed a little comment magic just as I’ve learned a lot from the posts and everybody else who’ve participated (excluding actual spammers of course).

      2. cooliojones says:

        Agreed. Most of the top commentators that I’ve seen actually have something to say. Rarely do I even see ANY links. That really shows integrity also.

  13. Awww man i wish i was up on that list!!!!

    1. definitely, it would’ve costed you at least 100 dollars.

    2. Marc says:

      You don’t need to wish, just work a little πŸ™‚

  14. Jarle says:

    Thanks for the backlink πŸ™‚

  15. Bryan says:

    These top commentators probably hated this post. Gives them some competition

    1. MK says:

      Yeah, but it also puts their link in a blog post, which will stay there forever unless John deletes it.

      1. Marc says:

        It’s a fair trade πŸ™‚ The competition’s healthy, it gets people talking. That’s god for all of us.

    2. MrGPT says:

      Nah, I was just slacking the last few days. I couldn’t find anything informative/non-spammy to comment on.

    3. Not at all; if anything, I think it encourages others to participate more. It’s always good to get the communication lines busy. Promotes education and camaraderie; I love it.

    4. cooliojones says:

      No, it’s just fodder for more comments! After a while, you begin to form a family with the top ten. It’s really cool.

  16. simon says:

    As I’m in the 10th spot of Top Commentators, I will try Top Commentators plugin on my Blog too. That would be fun.

    1. A lot of busy blogs have adapted the Top Commentators plugin. It does not only help your site’s traffic, but it promotes the commentators sites as well. Just one of those give-and-take things, it’s awesome.

    2. webd360 says:

      I have it on my blog and I really like how it works… its good to reward your readers and they will appreciate it too

  17. Okay so who’s getting pushed off the list to make way for A Grandiose Blog?

    1. cooliojones says:

      Anyone that is under me! LOL

  18. MrGPT says:

    Thanks for another backlink John πŸ™‚ .
    Yes, I do live on your blog!

    1. says:

      This is a great post John. This is like one of your contests. It provokes people writing or in this case commenting, then people will visit more (you got me hooked on your sneaky advertising).

    2. I guess that makes us neighbors! πŸ˜†

      1. cooliojones says:

        Hi neighbor! Now who is bringing the cake or cookies? Oh, and I need a bag of sugar!

  19. chris says:

    5 comments per day? I think I could swing that.

  20. Tom says:

    SO not only can we learn how to do things like get traffic for our sites…we can actually get traffic by participating in your blog…Brilliant! Tha’s why I did my review of your site last night! 😈

  21. webd360 says:

    Thanks for the link John, its really appreciated πŸ˜€

  22. Jack says:

    Very good advice. Maybe I should comment more often.

  23. How do I check how many comments I have made?

    1. Charles you can’t thats what sucks! I wish wordpress or someone made that type of plugin.

    2. cooliojones says:

      You can’t check it on other people’s sites, not really. BUT Kevin @ blogging tips has a plugin he uses that has a tally! Go visit him over there and take a look!

  24. Benny says:

    hi john, wondering if you do spend your time to go around others blogger to do comment πŸ™‚ hahha

    1. hmm maybe I should learn how wordpress works and do a plugin like this one… πŸ™‚

    2. MrGPT says:

      Not sure if he posts comments, I am sure he has. He does however read blogs from the users of his site. He’s gone to my blog twice and I was like “wow, it’s john chow on my blog!”.

      1. cooliojones says:

        I want a comment by John Chow too! John! Are you still reading? Hook me up puh-lease!!

  25. Benny says:

    i think it is not very hard to do a 100 comment in 5 days time..

    it’s just the matter of time..if the person really love ur blog..they will keep checking ur new post and say something about ur post..

    or if nobody comments anything that means ur post must be very good john

    1. I think I had 100+ comments on here at some point, but like I said, I was never really “aiming” for any number. I just…comment when there are things worth commenting on.

  26. Mybloggo says:

    Wah,Just leave a comment and can get free traffic from is a very great….

    1. MrGPT says:

      Yes, if you make it on the Top 10 Commentators list it’s even better traffic πŸ™‚ .

      1. cooliojones says:

        How much more traffic have you guys seen? Post your results!

  27. Benny says:

    good one πŸ™‚

  28. Brilliances says:

    I spent three days on the list once just to test the exposure. I can say that the time you spend on commenting could be better spent working out how to make some of your own money online.

  29. Congratulations to Video A Day & Website Copywriter. Now go outside and feel what the sunshine is like!

    1. And I have to say I have a LOOOONNNGGG way to go before I could hold my head high enough on any of my blogs to promote Top Commentators.

      …. Still I dream

    2. LOL I have a pretty nice tan actually, but thanks for the suggestion anyway. πŸ˜‰

      1. any detailed photo’s? πŸ˜‰

        1. Haha Not on John Chow dot com, that’s for sure!

  30. I have been a frequent reader/supporter of John’s blog for months and months. I’ve learned so so much and I could only thank John for his ceaseless talent and wit. You are a true inspiration to all of us — not just by making it big in the blogosphere, but also by showing us that life is too short. You are more than just a dot com mogul — you are an amazing human being, so thank YOU.

  31. Thanks John for this idea of promoting comments. I am learning a lot from you. πŸ™‚ Thanks again from Info4BeingRich – Earning Money Online Made Easy

  32. dotnetnuke says:

    I like promoting readers with competitions like this.

  33. It is not hard to get there but I dont like spamming with comments so sometimes it is hard to make so many comments.

  34. Motor Dude says:

    My blog gets no where near as many comments. That’s why for a limited time only, I’m offering people the opportunity to leave a comment on my blog absolutely free! That’s right FREE!


  35. Motor Dude says:

    Actually, if anyone know how to edit wordpress plugins here’s an idea I think would be worthwhile, particularly for a site like this one.

    The Top Commentators plugin would be a lot better if it had a ‘quality’ reward system. At the moment it just rewards quantity. Looking through some of the comments there are not all that many that actually add any value to the post.

    Why should someone that leaves a whole lot “good one” or ” πŸ˜€ ” get rewarded? The top commentators thing definitely seems to encourage a greater number of comments, but a vast majority of them could be classified as inane chatter that you’d find in a forum or chat room.

    How you include ‘quality’ into the calculation I’m not sure. Perhaps the plugin could take into account the number of characters used? Or a rating system so other readers can rate the quality of the comment like the ‘rate my post’ plugin? I’m sure someone with a bit of coding know how could knock something together. Just an idea anyway.

  36. John Cow says:

    I’ll get there one day!

  37. simon says:

    Is JohnChow on the Top Commentators now??

  38. Lewis Empire says:

    Thanks for the link John! As long as you post interesting information I’ll keep up the comments.

  39. Etienne says:

    Too bad, this plugin or code is only for wordpress, was still discovering how we can have one for the bloggers on blogspot, it seems hard to make or find one..anyone knows where i can find this code?

    1. honestly, you should get wordpress, if you don’t have wordpress, then you’ll never be a professional blogger – Hit me up if you need a host –just visit my site and leave me a comment, or somethin’ I’ll host anyone and setup wordpress for just $5/month.

  40. I also find it easier with the threaded comments to respond and converse with other bloggers, it’s almost like getting rewarded for chatting. Nothing else.

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