Shout Out To UGM Chirstmas Dinner Donors

I want to send a shout out to all the readers who open their hearts and wallet for the Union Gospel Mission 68th annual Christmas Dinner drive. Thanks to you, we’ve raised another $700 to add to the $5,000 already donated. A thank you goes out to the following.

Israel Lagares, Simon Gould, Steve Olson, Deanna, Ryan Burglehaus, Nick Throlson, Jeff Kinsey, Richard Delgado, Steve McGrath, Bruce Nunnally, Colin Klinkert, Kiki Kukiki, Reaper TV, Simon Chen, Faryl Zaklin, Ken Watanabe, Andrew Miller, Gary Ng, Tanya, Kevin Gillett, Lazy Man, Melissa Miller

Donations are still being accepted\ and I will continue to do shout out in both blog post and Dot Com Pho to any readers who help to support this drive. Tomorrow is US Thanksgiving. What better way to give thanks than by proving a hot meal to someone living on the street? Your donation could be the start of a new life and new beginning for someone in need.

I Have $5,000 for Your Favorite Charity

Want to give to your favorite charity this holiday? I’m holding a contest that will allow you to give $5,000 to the charity of your choice plus give $1,000 to you to spend on yourself. If you haven’t entered yet, better get a move on it. Full details here.

17 thoughts on “Shout Out To UGM Chirstmas Dinner Donors”

  1. Ryan McLean says:

    I have entered the comp to win the prize for my favourite charity.
    Good work to those who gave
    A giving spirit reaps big rewards

    1. Taris J says:

      Indeed a noble thing John is doing – and you always have to give to recieve!! One of the articles I’m going to be writing on the topic of “no one owes you anything” will certainly cover this idea in some way shape or form – hope some of you guys will be able to check it out – my current article of “looking at the big picture” is already a huge hit in my small but growing community 🙂

      1. Thanks for the shout out John.

        My Entry is also in for the Charity contest:

  2. I see my name not there !!

    1. Have forward the donation receipt to John?

      1. Trevor says:


        It’s great that people are donating. If I could I would.

        1. yes, receipt sent from this same mail.

  3. John,
    I’m planning a massive donation launch next week.

    Seeking help from UBD for web page design and donation button creation. Will DM you on Twitter as we harden the date. It’s for KIDS!

    More to come, thank you for triggering my ‘giving-spirit’ with your Union Gospel Mission posts.


    Nicholas Chase – ‘the video guy’ from BlogWorld Expo 2008

  4. Ritz says:

    I did something else to help spread the word about UGM.

    let’s give them ‘the best DINNER in the world’


  5. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, i m going to Casino tonight, if i won some money, then i will donate %50 of my money to Charity. Good luck to me! LOL

  6. DollarDevil says:

    It really warms my heart seeing the generosity of the readers here at It really is comforting to know that amongst all the terrible and awful things that happen in our world, there are still those dedicated to bettering the lives of others.

    Keep up the damn good work.

  7. Dang, I have still yet to donate to your charity events, John 🙁 Every single time this is done, I don’t have money in Paypal 🙁 Since I still have to pay out tons of debt, it’s hard for me to put in money with credit card 🙁


  8. uwak says:

    very great job…I am really appreciate…….

  9. faryl says:

    Thanks for the shout out – it’s a worthy cause!

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