Shuttle Night at Computex 2008

We received an invite to come to the Shuttle world headquarter for a party to celebrate their 25 years of business success. Shuttle is the world’s largest manufacturer of the mini PC. They pretty much invited the niche.

The party officially begins at 7PM but guests started showing up as early at 6PM. In Asia, there is no such thing as arriving fashionably late. Stephen, Michael and Ed made the mistake of showing up late and found most of the food gone and they missed the amazing performance from Tao. Hopefully, they’re learn to be on time for the next party.

33 thoughts on “Shuttle Night at Computex 2008”

  1. Ben says:

    Tao is great! 😯 🙂

    1. Who’s Tao? Never heard of them?


      1. Kevin says:

        Amazing…. you don’t know Tao 🙄

        1. Flimjo says:

          Never heard of them either.

      2. I’ve never heard of them either.

  2. Apoorv says:

    Like the Drums 😈

    1. Same here… I was definitely loving the drums!

      Everytime I stop by this blog, John is off partying it up somewhere! Lucky guy!!


      1. Flimjo says:

        The Dot Com Lifestyle…. 😎

  3. Abdul says:

    Wow, the music rocks, you’re lucky to be there john, hope you enjoyed!

  4. Pradeep says:

    the party seems to be great m sure you guys are having great time
    by the when the real fun going to start i mean when u will post about Computex

  5. avgjoe says:

    I know they are just musicians, but was anyone else slightly intimidated by the TAO?

    1. Only the nightclub ‘Tao’ in Vegas I’m intimidated by… the band, not so much.

  6. And I thought I was good at drums……… lol

  7. Oh, yes. I was invited to a party by my work colleagues between 6 ~ 9pm and turned up ‘late’ hoping to be ‘on time’. It was nearly over… and I missed great food, too!

    Who knew?

  8. Looks fun… I hope I get to go to lots of cool events in the future. 🙂

  9. Impressive performance, and the party seemed to be fun!

  10. Is Ed still trapped in there? Poor Ed. 😛

  11. Infogle says:

    John certainly i would like to see or know about what happened to Ed and other guys… the music was more like.. fun

    anyways looking for the update on what happened to ed and you did not had the “Dot Com Pho” this time ? isn’t it!

  12. Alright John, you finally found a party with some food.

  13. make150aday says:

    John–to correct your sentence–

    “In Asia, there is no such thing as arriving fashionably late”

    Actually there is such thing…Specially in the Indian Sub-continent countries..People are not punctual…
    Now–these countries that are in the Indian Sub-Continent represents a lot of people in Asia.

    So may be you could say people in Taiwan are not late…

    –Anyways–just giving the facts.

    1. Thiago Prado says:

      When you need to correct someone you send the person an email explaining the error then the person has the opportunity to go and update the article. you never come to someone blog and leave a message correcting the grammar. 😳

      1. make150aday says:

        whats wrong in saying it here? I prefer it saying it here..So that every would know.
        You and he should not take this in a negative way..

        1. ismabera says:

          I think your comment was positive as you didn’t correct grammar but facts.

  14. Noobpreneur says:

    Being late had its cost 😛

    Great show by Tao…

  15. Terry Tay says:

    Shuttle did a pretty good job of planning that party, except maybe they could have had enough food for those that were arriving “fashionably late” 😉

  16. Mike Huang says:

    Poor poor Ed lol…why are you guys picking on him? 😛


  17. Sha says:

    Never heard of them either, but they seem to be interesting.

  18. ismabera says:

    I would like partying as John is doing last months – lol. However,
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    By the way, John : think to come to Slovenia , even Bush will come here in few days – lol.

  19. Noticed that you never use the zoom feature in the Flip, limited as it may be, but it’s good for closeups on a subject.

    1. John Chow says:

      The zoom is digital. It’s really crappy. I never use it.

  20. Don’t know why but this post makes me feel like I’VE been on a tour in Asia. So it’s almost over, but it’s been a hell of a video blog.

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