Sick Of Getting Press Releases? Convert Them Into Sponsors!

As soon as your blog becomes relatively popular inside its niche you’ll certainly start receiving press releases from all kinds of companies. Some will just email you the release, while others will actually ask if you can write a review about their product or simply mention it on one of your posts.

Most of the time these companies are looking for free publicity, so it becomes very annoying to receive their messages. I remember that I used to delete all these emails, without even opening them.

Then one day I figured I was missing a big opportunity there. These emails represented a direct communication channel between me and the marketing person of an online company looking for exposure. The company already reads my blog, too, which would make things a lot easier.

From that point on I started replying to all press releases and review requests with the following message:

Hi John Doe,

Your product/service is very interesting, and I am sure my readers would love to know about it. Currently I have one 125×125 sponsor spot available on the blog. It receives over 300,000 monthly impressions, and the cost is $300 monthly.

I believe this partnership could work for both of us, so let me know if you want to discuss it further.

Daniel Scocco

Obviously not all the companies replied with a sign of interest, but some did. On some cases I sold the advertising spot right there, and on other occasions the person said they would contact me in the future when they started spending money on advertising. Overall it was certainly worth my time.

I don’t sell sponsored reviews on my blog, but if you do this strategy will work even better, because a review is exactly what the company is looking for. You could reply to the press release with something like that:

Hi John Doe,

Your product/service is very interesting, and I am sure my readers would love to know about it. If you are interested I could write a sponsored review about it. It will include a description of your product, one screenshot and one link to the page you prefer. The cost is $200.

If you are interested I’ll give you the details on how to proceed.

Daniel Scocco

I am pretty sure you would get a high response rate under this scenario, especially if the price is right for the size of your blog.

The next time you get a press release or a plug request you should know what to do!

Daniel is the owner of Daily Blog Tips. He is also the author of the Make Money Blogging ebook, which you can download for free by signing up to his newsletter.

40 thoughts on “Sick Of Getting Press Releases? Convert Them Into Sponsors!”

  1. Gary says:

    Yikes, its a good idea!

    1. Thats why we are here.

      We always get great ideas from John.

      1. and also from the guest posts of John Chow.

  2. Are “sponsored reviews” different than ReviewMe? You said that you don’t sell sponsored reviews on – did you stop working with ReviewMe?

    1. Diabetis says:

      This is not John Chow!

      They are just the same. john Chow is stil writing sponsored review through Michael Kwan.

    2. This was a guest post Chris.

      1. By a certain “Guest Blogger” that goes by the name of Daniel Scocco, no less 😉

        1. And Daniel have one successful blog as well.

  3. chester says:

    Never thought I could turn SPAM into money. I’m noticing that with the increased trafffic we’re getting, people are asking to write articles for us and include a by-line link. We accept them as long as they are well-written and not SPAMMY. Original content and with little effort. I like that!

    1. S Ahsan says:

      haha, yea. spam into money! 🙂 traffic and quality is all that matters

  4. That is awesome! If they really want exposure on your site, get a display ad. I guess that forgot to answer John’s “What’s in it for me?” question when asking for a review.

  5. Gary Arndt says:

    I did exactly that. I created a 3 page pdf with an overview of my site and my latest stats. I send that to people who contact me.

  6. That is a really good idea Daniel! Making the most of every opportunity!

  7. Mathew Day says:

    I like that approach on your replies back to do reviews and press releases. I’ll have to keep that in mind for the near future!

    For now however, my blog is still a baby, and no one is flooding my inbox for exposure to their products or services.


    1. Yea, but you will probably be there some day.

      1. @Mathew At least you’re taking action. You’re a lot further than you think!

    2. I hear you Matthew. I wish I was in the position of the poster as well.

      I feel I have great content on my site but the trouble is that it is still new and word needs to spread despite me bookmarking my ass off, talking on every forum I can and writing outsourced articles.

      Seems massive traffic is achieved with age or paid exposure.

    3. You do know what to do when your blog does become popular then, Matthew 🙂 Just keep at it, your time will come, mister!

    4. Scott Short says:

      awww a baby blog….toddler or infant?

  8. Never thought of that. Great way to get more averts for your blog.

  9. Chris @ Rizzo Tees says:

    John, are you still working with ReviewMe here on

    1. John Chow says:

      Yes I am. This was guest post.

  10. Nick says:

    It’s a good idea Daniel! Never thought to take this approach.

  11. Glenn Magas says:

    I can’t wait for offers to pile in! LOL This is good information and I hope to apply it when these press releases reach me! Whew… 300,000 page impressions, I have a long way to go!

  12. Gamers Plaza says:

    I have the same experience but most of them are just trying to get free promotion.

  13. I know how that the monthly price charged is based on your monthly visits to your site. Would you guys recommend this strategy for a blog just starting off?

    1. If you got the traffic & requests, sure. It doesn’t matter how old your blog is, if the feet through the door are there, they make your offering valuable!

  14. john says:

    I feel I have great content on my site but the trouble is that it is still new and word needs to spread despite me bookmarking my ass off, talking on every forum.

  15. How many of these would you say you get sent to you per month?

    1. I get 3-5 emails like that a week.

  16. I always reply the press release but not give the great reply like in this article yet. I think that’s why the return seems low. Thanks Daniel, it give me an insight.

  17. fas says:

    I am sure some one will stop sending press releases then.

  18. Danniel now a days you are a common name as guest post in many top notch blogs.

  19. Dare says:

    Wow, amazing tip. Thought John Chow blog sucked honestly, but after this seems there is some stuff that’s worth here.

  20. Alex Monroe says:

    Awesome article! That’s genius turning releases into revenue. Good stuff!

  21. Scott Short says:

    Presently, besides adsense and kontera, this is my main moneymaker. I get asked to write about travel sites once a week. I wish I could get more. I guess as the more popular it gets, the more I will get.

  22. Scott Short says:

    Do you have a list of companies that pay for reviews? If not, how can we find them?

  23. John, awesome advice as always!

    I keep getting emails to exchange (put up) links from other webmasters for 2 of my client’s websites (I handle support for my clients besides programming/administration)

    I ignore these emails since most of these websites have no traffic or PR whatsoever.

    However, looks like my client’s might be losing a lot of earning oppurtunities. So I’ll use your technique going forward.

    Thanks a lot!

  24. True…We can even dig out money out of nothing

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