Sign Up for RankSense & Win a Free Review

RankSense, which Michael Kwan recently reviewed, wants you to try out their SEO software so badly that the company founder, Hamlet Batista, has authorized me to offer a $500 John Chow dot Com review to one lucky person who sign up for the 90-day free trial. If that sounds appealing, then read on.

Only 24 Hours To Enter

This is going to be a quick contest with only a single day entry time frame. Download RankSense with the link below between now and 9PM Wednesday night and you’ll be enter for a chance to win the $500 John Chow dot Com review. By offering a 24 hour windows, I limit the number of entries and increase your chances of winning.

No purchase is required. RankSense just wants you to test out their software. However, they’re pretty sure that once you get a chance to use it, you’ll like it so much you’ll buy it after the 90 day trial.

The winner will be drawn this Saturday at Dot Com Pho. Remember, you have between now and 9PM tomorrow to enter so do it now. Good luck!


45 thoughts on “Sign Up for RankSense & Win a Free Review”

  1. Keral Patel says:

    Aw 🙁 Only credit cards accepted 🙁 I tried but no paypal option in there.

    1. why need payment,, isn’t free ?????

      1. Keral Patel says:

        Yes it had the step 2 where I needed to enter my credit card details. I will again recheck. Thinking I missed something.

        1. Sorry no way, I would like to give my credit card for trial. Good luck others!

        2. Pallab says:

          I am also out.

      2. Ben Pei says:

        I think they just need credit card for authentication.

        1. Keral Patel says:

          Yes for authentication. But still we are in an era where a credit card form is the page which gets the highest bounce rate.

    2. Ryan McLean says:

      Sounds suss to me

  2. Gyutae Park says:

    For those of you that don’t know, John is offering a $500 review to try and win the real Ranksense contest here:

    There are some amazing prizes for affiliate marketing and even for a random draw including: an all expense-paid vacation to the Dominican Republic, 50 inch plasma TV, PS3, Macbook Air, and iPod Touch. Check it out before the month is up.. you could win too.

  3. Ryan McLean says:

    This would be an awesome thing to win. But I seriously cannot be bothered downloading anything because I believe I will lose anyway

    1. Yep wrong attitude. I know you’re only 20 but I also remember reading you have big plans, well forget the prize, is the SEO product worth taking a look? If so, take a look and if you win a prize that is a nice bonus

  4. Ben Pei says:

    Ha.. Ryan.. Same here! I don’t have much luck with such draws..

  5. I’ll tell you that I’m a little shy doing all this because I don’t even know what I don’t know and then to go and buy or at least try stuff is a little scary. But I certainly like the idea of getting a free review though!!!!

  6. i don’t mean to write another comment on this but I looked at RankSense’s Requirements:

    RankSense System Requirements:
    Microsoft Windows Vista/XP/Windows 2000/2003 Server
    256 MB RAM or as required by OS
    25 MB of available hard disk space for installation
    Pentium 4 or equivalent recommended


    1. That exactly why I bought a copy of VMWare Fusion. I run XP, Vista and Ubuntu Linux – it’s also great for seeing how sites look in other OS’s.

      I was about to post a comment earlier until that Neil Patel Tattoo on that ladies upper butt showed up on the right.

  7. Allan says:

    Thats very cool.. I’m giving away an iPhone and $500 on my blog.

    1. ACe, you and Thomas Stanley need to become best buds, especially with his books on networking. After reading an article I wrote you responded with,

      “Very good article. btw I am giving away an iPhone and $300 on my blog,you should check it out!

      Why does that make me want to come to your site and be loyal. for one, I have an iphone, second it becomes a raffle and if i don’t win then there is not reason for me to come back BECAUSE i only went there for the free phone. Once that connection is gone then there is no reason/connection for me to go back.

      Don’t be the kid who makes friends by giving his lunch away at school just to make friends because in the end he is left hungry and alone.

  8. Hi John, where I can find the plugin you use at the top-right corner?

  9. Ben Pei says:

    Yeah a free review is definitely worth the try. What more a review that is worth $500?

  10. Josten says:

    i will surely be downloading this when i get home from work today

  11. Bites85 says:

    oh no credit card..well lets wait for another good offer !

    1. Ben Pei says:

      lol whats with credit card?

  12. Thats one of the cool offer? John, what are the major areas you review the Web site for?

  13. what happened tot he last contest? Add your friends on twitter and get a prize? Followed them for a week and finally dropped them.

    But I will check this one out also.

  14. Def going to check out rank sense any way to get a free review

    1. The “chance” of a free review. I’m out.

  15. Hmmmm. I am a little skeptical about SEO software for the following reasons…what exactly does it do? Does it add keywords into an article or what? Or does it make your website crawl to the first page of google’s search engines? After the 90 day trial, how much does this software costs?

  16. Signed up then it went to the next page for CC information…screw that.

  17. goldbull says:

    this ranksense website use up all my resourses on my computer.. i cannot close the browser and cannot go to other website while this website is open..

    be careful!

  18. suround says:

    Ranksense that his benefit why yes. Whether for the replacement position search engine or to the implement review.

  19. Catie says:

    Sounds pretty awesome, I’ll pass the word on!

  20. I am suffereing from Blog contest fatigue

    1. Ben Pei says:

      Lol yeah.. So many contest.. So little winners!

  21. Josten says:

    i will not be entering my credit card information…john is this even free

  22. ok , i signup now!! I like the 90days free try. Normally other software gift 7 or 30 days , too short.

  23. mikerambling says:

    i guess the cc verification really turn down lots of sign up, as for me it is quite difficult to share my cc info just to download it. i hope those who already download it can give their share of view on the product maybe then i would give it a go.


  24. jesse grant says:

    Mr Chow , how about you make a blog on how you customized your bidvertiser referral banner , I have tried many times and cannot figure out how to customize mine

  25. Travis says:

    Went to check it out myself and should have read the comments here first… Sounds interesting, but not sure I’m going to hand out my credit card info for a free trial of something I’m not sure I want to purchase.

  26. Sounds pretty awesome,thanks very much,for the information

  27. Just out of curiosity for you guys that are trying it out what do you think?

  28. CoolProducts says:

    The credit card issue seems sketchy, I don’t enter my info for a site that says its free.

  29. where I can find paypal option for this?

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