Simplify Your Ad Sales with Publisher Media

Part of the reason why you may have gotten into blogging or running websites in the first place is that you wanted to enjoy greater time freedom. That really is the biggest perk of the dot com lifestyle, whether you choose to pursue it as a freelance writer like me, as an affiliate marketer, or as a professional blogger.

As you start to move away from ad networks and more toward private advertising, you may find that the latter can be very time consuming. You just don’t want to deal with individual advertisers, managing payments, creatives, and all that other administrative headache. Publisher Media, which serves as the topic of today’s review, eases that process for you. All it takes is one simple widget and three quick clicks.

Selling Your Display Ads Made Easy?

According to the biggest headline on the Publisher Media homepage, they “make selling your display ads easy.” This service is said to be great for website owners, bloggers, and forum administrators.

In a nutshell, you are able to define a specific ad area on your website and Publisher Media will facilitate the sale of that ad space. They won’t do any promotion for you, per se, but they’ll take care of the payment, host the ad creative as uploaded by the advertiser, and take down the ad when it expires.

While services like Text Link Ads only handle simple text links, for example, Publisher Media is being quite varied in its product portfolio. For banner sizes, they’ll do everything from 88×31 buttons and 125×125 block ads to 468×60 banners and 160×600 skyscraper ads. They’ll also handle a variety of sizes for text ads too, including several that will handle multiple advertisers at any one time.

Creating a New Ad Zone

After signing up for a new account with Publisher Media (and verifying your e-mail address), you’ll be able to create as many ad zones on as many websites as you’d like. The user interface is remarkably simple and straightforward.

On the “Create New Zone” page, you choose the site, name the zone, determine the zone type, define the zone size, and set your own price. The price is on a daily basis, but advertisers are able to purchase for varying periods of time.

There is no built-in discount for buying a longer period of time, though, and that’s a feature that I would like to see as an option at some point in the future. That would help with generating bigger sales for bloggers and website owners.

How It Looks on Your Website

After you’ve created your first ad zone, you simply copy and paste a few lines of Javascript onto your website where you’d like the ad to appear. This is not unlike inserting Google AdSense, for example, on your blog.

To test out this functionality, I created an ad zone on Hadouken Online, which you can see above. Publisher Media creates a placeholder saying that the ad space is available for purchase, clearing showing the size of the banner.

For some site visitors, this placeholder can look like an advertisement on its own and it can be easily overlooked by people looking for somewhere to advertise their site, product, or service. I’m not really sure what Publisher Media can do to minimize that effect, but it would be nice if they had a marketplace on their site, for example, in addition to the on-site placeholders.

The other point of concern comes when you actually get an advertiser to buy that ad spot. If another advertiser comes across your site, he or she won’t know that the “ad zone” may be available tomorrow, even though it is occupied today. That’s where the marketplace idea might come in handy too.

From the Customer’s Point of View

One interesting feature offered by Publisher Media is that it almost looks like a white label service. When an advertiser goes to buy an ad spot, there is no explicit mention that Publisher Media is handling the transaction.

The main interface for the advertiser is as a lightbox right on your own website. From this pop-up lightbox, the advertiser can define the destination URL, choose the duration, and upload the banner ad. Clicking on continue brings the buyer over to PayPal to finish the transaction.

Completely Free to Use for Now

For the time being, this ad management service is completely free to use and I think that will be one of its biggest selling points. There are other software packages and online services out there that offer similar functionality, but they either cost money to buy or they take a cut out of every transaction.

At least it is for now. Moving forward, they plan on implementing some “premium features that you may want.” They can then start charging you for these more advanced features. For now, Publisher Media is free and while it isn’t the most powerful engine, it is likely powerful enough for most bloggers and small site owners.


43 thoughts on “Simplify Your Ad Sales with Publisher Media”

  1. dotCOMreport says:

    This is a really great tool. You are right about the placeholder though; It looks like it is an ad on its own. I hope Publisher Media looks into it.

    Thanks for sharing this, it will definitely make a lot of difference to some of my sites.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      I agree this is a cool tool, I’m thinking about giving it a try! It would definitely save time and allow more flexibility for advertisers on my blog.

    2. We are looking at it right now! I’m thinking about maybe a dynamic banner than can show the price and average impressions etc..

      What you think?

      1. Ahha … showing those kind of information is not a good idea on banner itself.

        Yes you can provide those details whenever any one click on banner than it lands to a page, where such details can be available.

        Just my 2 cents.

        1. Yes It is not a good thing to show the price average impressions on a banner because you also have to show the Terms & conditions.

  2. PPC Ian says:

    Seems like a great tool, thx for sharing. I’m currently using wp125 plugin and managing ad sales manually.

    1. Hey Ian …

      What is the purpose of selecting black background on your blog and using those green texts.

      Time to change my friend.

      1. PPC Ian says:

        The purpose is it looks amazing and is a several thousand dollar custom theme to my exact personal preferences/specs from UBD, the same people that designed JC.

        1. But this black background gives extra stress on eyes and those green texts are also you know …

          Just wanted to add my opinion.

          1. You are welcome to give your opinion but the decision will only be taken by John.

          2. Harshad says:

            Decision by John? LOL.

  3. Very interesting. There are only so many hours in the day, but this seems valuable enough to look into further. Thanks for the post.

  4. Kirk Taylor says:

    An advertising management service is a great idea. Even better if they had a marketplace all the same, and then kicked a commission back if you sold an advertisement on another site.

  5. Micheal..i have came across my share of these software..but this looks like its really worth the time..I will check it out..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  6. I use advertise space but this looks even better.Thanks John.

    Thanks John For The Tip On Publisher Media!,
    Bradley Nordstrom

  7. Brian P says:

    good way to sell some static ads. Makes it easy so you do not have to worry about accepting payments and all that hassle!

    1. I think so that payment option sucks advertiser as well as publisher of the ad at any website or blog.

  8. Thanks for the great info !

    It will make a lot easier and faster the process of purchase advertise from a site.
    I will take a look.

  9. Mason says:

    Very nice. I’m going to have to check this out…

  10. ikki says:

    thanks for the information, another way to get money with a website

  11. Malik says:

    Sounds great, thanks for sharing. I wonder if we can approve ads before posting–wouldn’t want a porn ad popping up right after payment, lol!

    1. Yes you can approve or deny the ad.

  12. Faizan says:

    A good post! the best thing about this tool is that it is free to use!

    1. Yeah it is really cool because it’s free to use.

      1. ikki says:

        yes, its free, so we have another way to gett money besides adsense

    2. I don’t think that Free tools can work as good as paid tools.

  13. Malik says:

    Only thing is, the Paypal setup is still in the Developer’s Sandbox–when people go to purchase–this will definitely confuse potential buyers. : (

  14. That looks cool. Looks good for people that don’t want to do all the work. However, I’ve had OIOPublisher for a long time & prefer to stick with that. I don’t mind handling the work & another huge plus for me is that it has an affiliate program built in.

  15. Seems like you are just introducing a middle man, although the concept is cool.

    At some point they will have to monetize their service. In which point it would be easier, and more profitable, to just make a quick ad banner in photoshop and offer the space for sale yourself

    1. Exactly. You keep 100% of the profits that way. You don’t have to worry about a middle man taking a cut of it.

      1. Harshad says:

        But using such services also does give your blog some exposure. So a person who would have never come across your blog might just stumble upon it through such services.

  16. fas says:

    When do they plan to charge?

  17. yeah it looks like a real tool to manage the advertisement option at our blog or site, and will try to solve our a lot of manual work that sucks.

    1. So when you are going to try this ?? Let me know the results.

  18. We have no intentions of monetizing the service through being the middle man. We are even currently looking at ways of reducing the small paypal fees that occur during the process.

    Down the road we will be releasing more powerful tools for publishers, and analytic reports that we may charge a small fee for.

    @Malik, it might be just a flook when you hit that as they were updating something for test so it should be corrected by now. Let me know if you see any other problems.

    1. Do you have a revenue model in store?

      I personally wouldn’t sign up for something like this if they didn’t have a revenue model.

      1. We will sell new features later in life. Our model isn’t based on Revenue at the moment, it’s based on doing things right first.

  19. Terry Dunn says:

    I love productivity tools that make your life easier and improve your results. I would like to see more articles like this.


  20. JPop says:

    This tool looks awesome, thanks for this discovering! I’m thinking about using that now, I currently use wp125…

  21. ikki says:

    another way to make money besides adsense, thanks again

  22. Yeah, dealing with individual advertisers is a major pain in the caboose. The more time you spend dealing with clients, the less time you have to focus on getting more. Time is money.

  23. Seems to be a good ad sales modification website. Thanks for sharing it John.

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