Sites & Sounds of Computex Taipei

Today is the first official day of Computex in Taipei. With nearly 3,000 booths to explore, Computex Taipei is the second largest IT trade show in the world. We spent our first day of the show doing a bunch of private meetings at the Grand Hyatt hotel. We wanted to get the meetings out of the way so we can hit the show floor later in the week. Doing the floor on the opening day is not a good idea – way too crowded.

I will be posting some of the products we saw at these private meetings over at The TechZone. In the mean time, I figure I would show you some of the sites and sounds of Computex and Taipei in general.

Taipei Loves New York


I am not exactly sure where the New York influence of Taipei came from, but there sure is a lot of it. Taipei has their own statue of liberty and it’s right outside the “New York New York” building. New York was a city of recording breaking skyscrapers and Taipei is home to the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Taipei 101.

Where Are Those Arrows Pointing To?


We’re not exactly sure what kind of creatures the Computex mascots are, but we all got a mini version of it. We’re still wondering about the arrow pointing down.

Intel Vs. AMD In Plain Speak


The above picture graphically demonstrates the market share difference between Intel and AMD. The Intel umbrellas continues for another 50 feet.

Why Can’t We Get These Back Home?


Being Evil In Taipei



World’s First Turbo Notebook

This a video of the world’s first turbocharged notebook. The MSI notebook features a turbo button that when pushed, overclocks the system by almost 25%.

59 thoughts on “Sites & Sounds of Computex Taipei”

  1. Tom LeDree says:

    I would really love to know about those arrows! I like your evilness 👿

    Who takes your pictures?

    Really looking forward to hearing your stories once you hit the show floor. I wonder how many freebies you can pick up :mrgreen:

    1. I suppose John’s wife is the visionary behind the lens. 🙂

      1. Marc says:

        Whoever it is, they always tack nice pictures 🙂

        1. I would guess it’s Stephan Fung, since they’re traveling together!

        2. John Chow says:

          My wife, Sarah, took those pictures.

        3. Andy Dang says:

          Yea, I need a photographer

    2. Kumiko says:

      JC should start an “evilness around the world” series!

      1. Andy Dang says:

        Love you kumiko

    3. John it looks like you are just having a grand old time over there!

      Could you keep an eye out for anything for the Mac?

      Keep on rocking! 😀

      1. John Chow says:

        Apple doesn’t attend Computex. But there is an Apple store inside New York New York.

      2. Well I just showed how much of a noobie I am now did’nt I?

        I added the contact email you sent btw

  2. Jeff Kee says:


    WOW. WOW.

    1. Marc says:

      Yeah, now that is old school. I haven’t seen a turbo button in a very long time. What’s next? Are trackballs going to make a comeback?

    2. Andy Dang says:

      Yea, I remember my very old computer with a turbo button. And all it was was just a button. After 10 years, it actually works now. 😆

  3. Great pics! Looks like you’re having a good time!

    Is that Shrek next to you and the Statue of Liberty? LOL

    ➡ Don

    1. I was just thinking the same thing LOL Miss Liberty and Shrek on the same street corner — pretty interesting ain’t it? 😎

    2. John Chow says:

      Yep, that is good old Shrek.

  4. Ali says:

    Nice laptop but only 512 MB built in? I would think it’s about time it became a min. of 1 GB.

    1. John Chow says:

      The 512MB is just the memory for the video card!

  5. Looks like Taipei is a blast. Do they speak english at these conferences?

    1. John Chow says:

      Both English and Chinese.

  6. Leo says:

    Those little Coca-Cola bottles are available here at . . . where else? T&T Supermarket. They cost a lot more than the canned versions tho.

    1. I think it was in Hong Kong where I saw the smallest Coke bottles. They were about 4 inches high and had an odd tint of green in the glass.

    2. Yeah, we have them in the States too!

    3. Coke in the glass bottles just seem to have a different taste to it.

      Not sure where I can pick them up in Ontario that small though.

  7. Those Computex mascots look like some mix of the Teletubbies and the Happy Tree Friends. Ever found out what those arrows are for, John?

  8. Linky Love says:

    John, something evil is happening at or is it just you? Then of course me say no evil :mrgreen:

  9. The “odd” tint of green used to be normal. The Coke bottle of 40 years ago was greenish and held 6 ounces.

  10. Casey says:

    Wow those mascots are weird. They remind me of teletubbies.
    Nice to see you continue to be evil in Taipei though!

  11. Carl says:

    John you conquered that phallus like a pro! ❗

  12. Lance says:

    look like fun to be there :mrgreen:

    1. Andy Dang says:

      I will have to go there one day.

  13. Dominik says:

    Yes it loooks funny 🙂

  14. Steven says:

    Now thats a gaming laptop ^_^

    I want one now. The keyboard even looks slick. You should buy one if they sell them John =]

  15. BigMan says:

    I fully agree bring back coke glass bottles 🙂

    For some reason they removed the glass bottles here in Sweden several years ago.

    1. Andy Dang says:

      and we all know why..shame

  16. Looks like you had a good time!

    Those mascots with the arrows pointing to their goodies are a bit disturbing.

  17. AsiaPartTime says:

    damn cool man. got external number keypad. Dunno cost how much? I wish to have 1 too:)

  18. says:

    I’m a noob, so the turbo button is for gaming? I’m not into PC gaming at all, I’m stuck on console gaming.

  19. zaki says:

    I wonder, how much that the turbo cost…?
    How fast can it go?
    Is it for real?

  20. Bryan says:

    Man…take it easy on that concrete. And what are those arrows pointing to on the mascots?

  21. Interesting! I wish I have the money to fly to Taiwan to attend Computex one day 😀

  22. They were selling the bottled form of Coca Cola at Costco. It was under the name ‘Coca Cola of Mexico made with Pure Cane Sugar’ So if you want some, maybe check costco.

  23. Watch Out World… John Chow is out and about and he’s destroying artwork!

  24. Patrix says:

    Those weird Computex mascots might be the Reddit aliens and the arrows on their chest might be the vote down arrows.

    1. That’s hilarious you might be on the money! They are some odd looking mascots….

  25. Andy Dang says:

    When your traveling, are there many people who know s who you are?

    1. John Chow says:

      If they do they don’t tell me about it. However, I do get a few each day who do know me.

  26. Andrew says:

    Heh, turbo button is so old school. I remember my friend’s old 468 (was it?) had a turbo button. It would increase the FSB frequency from 33 mHz to whole whopping 66 mHz or something like that :mrgreen:

  27. James says:

    Cool laptop. I wonder what the effect of the overclock is on heat.

  28. green says:

    Lol @ arrows :mrgreen:

  29. What are you indicating with your fingers next to the coke bottle?

  30. Michael says:

    that picture with the AMD and Intel umbrella’s cracks me up!

  31. Richard Miller says:

    I though I saw the teletubbies on the secon pic

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