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Snap Preview Anywhere is a new free service that gives your visitors a preview of the sites you link to. When a reader hovers over a link, it large preview screen pops up showing what the site linked site looks like. This helps gives readers an idea on whether to visit the site or not. You can see a demo of this by clicking on the “Try Snap Preview Anywhere here” link at makes money via that Snap search box that opens with the preview window. Large partners are eligible to negotiate a revenue sharing deal for the searches made. Everyone else just gets the preview feature.

I have came across this service on a few blogs already and I’m not so sure I like it. They remind me a lot of the Vibrant Media IntelliTXT ads running on this blog. I am hesitant to install it because I feel there will be too many windows snapping up as readers hover over the links.

What’s your opinion? Would this be something you like to see on this blog? Would you install it on your blog? has signed up over 4,000 site in the first two week of opening. Installation would be easy since a WordPress Plugin has already been created for it.

18 thoughts on “Snap Preview Anywhere”

  1. I do not like it really dunno why, I think I feel a little bit disturbed from poping up, but in another way it could be interesting to see what will I expect if I klick onto this link!

    John I think your poping up Vibrant Media IntelliTXT is enough, I think if you use snap your readers will be confused.

    I like your side as it is.

    Very clear in Germany we say “ohne schnick schnack”!

    very nice!

  2. Happy Mind says:

    I personally wouldn’t install it in my blog as I believe visitors will be bothered by these pop up images when reading content. I think your blog is perfect as it is bro, too much stuff on it will make it slower to load.


  3. Brian says:

    Hi John,

    I think that you should not add it to your blog as the preview window is small and adds confusion to your blog. Plus, there isn’t much value added for the visitors.

  4. Mark Ingam says:

    Hi John,
    As Brian said, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not install it. Techcrunch have it and it sends me nuts. I hate it and it adds a noticeable delay to page load times. Also, half the sites that are linked to don’t already have preview images so you just get “Loading image” for 30 seconds.

  5. Jay says:

    You’re making a faulty assumption: that it “helps give readers an idea on whether to visit the site or not.” I couldn’t care less what a site *looks like*; it’s the content that matters, and the Snap preview doesn’t let you see anything but blurry text.

    I vote “no”.

  6. I noticed it was installed on Techcrunch, and found it tacky and annoying. I assumed it was actually a type of monetization.

    I won’t be using it.

  7. Sjors says:

    It’s hugely annoying to see popups this, especially on sites/links you already know for years. It blocks the view on the page, it takes time and it’s forced onto the visitors whether they like it or not.

    There’s no way for the user to prevent it from happening other than disabling javascript (not an option, usually) of by putting the line “” in the file C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts (which is what I did).

    This is typically the kind of crap that will be used by site owners who want to service their visitors, but don’t take the time to think about it.

  8. Matt $ says:

    I agree with everyone. I saw this feature on a few blogs already and I don’t like. They often snap up when you don’t want them to and then you cant read the blog.

  9. Kenric says:

    Same here, I think it would be annoying. I don’t like any sort of pop ups.

    On a similar note, I noticed that has the same thing when you mouse over their ads. Does anyone like those?

  10. Nomar says:

    I dont want it on my blog either.. sounds like an annoying service

  11. Raghu says:

    Well I did come across this a few days back and installed it on my blog. But why I did install it was simply to try it out and nothing more than that.

    After a few days of browsing and checking out other sites I still am not as sure as all of you sound why it does not make sense at all to have this service running.

    Two things come to mind

    1. Would it be better if I can turn this on / off on any page I visit ?

    2. Can they find other ways of monetizing this. I have a feeling that they can find better ways than just a search box at the bottom.

  12. Ajay D'Souza says:

    Nobody links to the main page of the plugin 🙁

    If anyone is interested, the direct link is

  13. derrich says:

    Vibrant TXT, yes.
    Snap Preview, no.

  14. mr lim says:

    I first saw this on Techcrunch, it’s irritating, so please not.

    Anyway, do anyone even bother using their search box?

  15. ummm…….cannn’t say anything will try it tho

  16. Andy says:

    Please dont install – like many others have said, with many links, it gets in the way

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