Social Bookmarking the WyzoMarketing Way

Internet marketing takes on many different forms, but just about all of them boil down to one very simple and measurable statistic: traffic. Without traffic, no online business is going to find any kind of real success.

While it shouldn’t be your only tactic, social bookmarking services are a good place to market your site too. Building up those links can be very time-consuming though. That is, unless you turn to the folks at WyzoMarketing to do the work for you. Over the course of this review, we’ll take a look at what they, how much it costs, and whether it’s worth the investment.

Social Bookmark Submission

The main service offered by WyzoMarketing is its social bookmarking service. The task itself is very simple and just about anyone with an Internet connection can do it. The trouble is that it takes way too much time.

You may encounter some other services on the Internet that seemingly do the same thing, but the vast majority of these use automated systems and other kinds of software to perform the actions. This is not the case with WyzoMarketing. They submit your links manually.

By doing so, it is less likely that the submitted links will be rejected or marked as spam. WyzoMarketing employs a staff of ten people dedicated to this task and they guarantee that the submissions will be completed in no more than 48 hours. And yes, they work on weekends too.

Where Do My Links Go?

Part of it has to do with accountability, but WyzoMarketing will send you an Excel spreadsheet containing all the social bookmarking sites and profile URLs where your link has been submitted. It’s up to you how you want to use this service. You can submit your blog, video, specific blog post, web 2.0 property, or any other kind of site.

Listed on the website description of the social bookmark submission service are such sites as,,,,,, and

Looking through the sample report that was sent to me for the purposes of this review, I also see quite a few international TLDs on the list. I see Russian sites, French sites, Serbian sites, Chinese sites, and more. It’s quite the variety.

How Many Sites Get My Bookmark?

For the main social bookmark submission service, WyzoMarketing offers two packages. The smaller of the two gives you 300 backlinks from “high quality social sites.” That’s quite a lot. If you want to bump it up to the next level, there is also a package with 600 social bookmarks.

Pricing depends on the number of URLs that you would like to have submitted. There is a discount with additional volume.

If you submit just one URL to 300 social sites, it’ll cost you $9.90. That’s quite cheap considering how much time it would take you to do the same work yourself. Send more than two URLs to 300 sites and it’ll cost you $7.90 each.

In addition to the social bookmark service, WyzoMarketing also has a social account creation service and an adult social bookmarking service. In its entirety, WyzoMarketing has quite positive feedback on forums like Blackhatworld and Warriorforum.

Is It Worth Your Money?

It’s debatable how much traffic you’ll actually garner from having your links on these social bookmarking sites, but having a large number of backlinks can be helpful for off-site search engine optimization. According to WyzoMarketing, these services can have your site indexed in Google in just one hour.

Considering that having your site submitted to over 300 social bookmarking services costs less than ten bucks, it can’t hurt to give WyzoMarketing a try. Your time is worth at least that much to you, right?


39 thoughts on “Social Bookmarking the WyzoMarketing Way”

  1. That looks great, and the price is a bargain. I will give it a try!

    1. I doubt that this is manual.

      If they deliver in 48 hours than what if they have any bulk order, how they are going to manage it with only 10 people.

      1. They should also offer small packages such as 40 or 60 or may be 100.

        Through this way … if someone wants to have social bookmarking for inner pages than this will be great.

    2. I think social networking sites can work great in conjunction with other advertising campaigns. Very cool site and you’re right; what a bargain. I’ll give it a try.

      1. Hi Michael,

        It’s a good review and thank you for doing it.

        While the offer is very good, the kind of links it gets aren’t as valued as they once were.

        1. For that you can only go for top websites … may be 20 or 40 will be good enough for your inner pages.

      2. Lakhyajyoti says:

        I’ll also give a try.Good service in a very cheap price.

  2. Samuel says:

    woo…nice write up. I guess i need to add this to my budget! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I like this service because of the large number of back links you can get for check. Back links mean higher ranking, and that means more money.

  4. Alex Dumitru says:

    It sounds great, though I’m curious how effective is this. I’ve never done massive social bookmarking, but I’m thinking to give it a try.

  5. Do they offer the ability to spin text? If not I’d be wary.

    Massibe number of low quality links with the same anchor texts is highly likely to to raise suspicions.

    1. Social Bookmarking should be done to spread the message and for that doing in 100 social bookmarking will be good enough.

      I am having one person from India and he have own set up.

      Different accounts, different IPs and professional report.

    2. Yes we offer spyntax, unlimited levels. We can also help you coming up with the proper title and description for your submission to maximize SEO benefits!

  6. David says:

    Social bookmarking is a great idea for getting your blog out there. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Lakhyajyoti says:

      It is a good review John.Thanks for sharing.

  7. This sounds great for such a low price.
    Going to give it a try, nothing to lose.

  8. Social bookmarking is a must do, at least twice a week for me.

    Will definitely try this tool since it seems to help alot.


    1. They are saying that they are providing it manually … no tool.

  9. I’ll give it a chance.Hopefully it works.

    1. Lakhyajyoti says:

      I’ll also give a try.Great service.

  10. John Chow,

    Thanks for the post. It’s very helpfull.

  11. Abhik says:

    Doing this yourself is so time consuming, better to pay the experts and spend your time on other things IMO.

  12. Twem says:

    I’m also struggling to understand how 10 people are going to submit hundreds of links…Manually…within 48 hours. They may be able to pull it off while business is quiet, but when things get busier after some exposure like in this blog post and various other blog posts…..I doni’t see how they’re going to manage it.

  13. Abhik says:

    Thanks Kwan,
    Will give it a try.

  14. Tom Weyers says:

    I’ve paid for social bookmarking services before, and it does help you get indexed and puts you on the map, you might not get much traffic from the bookmarked links themselves, but it sure will help you in the SERPS.

    $10 for 300 backlinks is really cheap! I’ll definitely try their service out.


    Tom Weyers

  15. Typhoon says:

    I have tried Wyzo two times in last 4 days for some of my product reviews…And their work is really professional and quick. The reports are proper.

    But was sad (not with the service) that some of the social bookmarking sites like reddit, and some more in those reports have gone nofollow. As a customer, I would suggest them to include majority of the sites (like 90-95%) which are dofollow and rest of the sites should be the big guns from social bookmarking industry.

    I will just ping all those bookmarks and force Google to index them to see how it affects the rankings and then will decide whether I will give more work to them or not.

    Interestingly, they are also an advertiser on my blog 😀

  16. cool91 says:


    Do let us know about your result.Did you gain any position after using this service.

    1. Typhoon says:

      I can’t exactly claim that particularly Wyzo helped me improve rankings but interestingly after the order was completed, I found that the keyword “hostgator review” for which I was optimizing improved from #29 (just a day before giving the order) to #22 on Google.

      Here is the page I ordered them to bookmark:

      I hope it will give you some idea of how the service is.

      1. Lakhyajyoti says:

        We are waiting to listen from you very soon.

        1. Typhoon says:

          Have some more update regarding my second order.

          I ordered 300 bookmarking service for the keyword “wp robot” for the url:

          And guess what, I am now seeing it rank on first page of Google from #27 rank. So, I am assuming that it works!

  17. Looks good. I will try the smallest package to get their experience first. Afterwards I can plan to go for discount packages.

    Thanks for sharing.

  18. Tom Weyers says:

    Just a quick question John, How do I get an avatar to show up on your site? Does your site use Gravatar? I would like an image with my comment, but if possible, not my facebook avatar.

    1. Abhik says:

      Yeah!! It is using the Gravatar.

      1. Tom Weyers says:

        Thank you, I’ll go get myself one then.

  19. Essays says:

    Wyzomarketing does it through automated way? Plus all these links will be dofollow?

    I just try to stay away from automated submissions because some how it ends up at spaming.

  20. Free Picks says:

    WOW john social bookmarking service is so cheap, i will try it:D

  21. zakton says:

    Once I get around 30 pages on my site, I think I should try wyzomarketing. It’s a pretty cheap way to get 300 backlinks.

  22. elie palima says:

    this sucks. its been almost a week now since I ordered social bookmarking from this site. and I still haven’t received my Report yet. I emailed them 2 days ago about the status of my order and they are not responding. 🙁

    I’m starting to think I got scammed.

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