SocialAdNinja Spies on Your Social Ad Competition

Most of you will already know that people are spending more and more time on social networks like Facebook. That’s a lot of eyeballs and it presents a huge opportunity for Internet marketers. However, a successful advertising campaign on Facebook isn’t quite as simple as “if you build it, they will come.” You need a strategy and, before you can develop a strategy, you need information.

Just as you would take some time to craft your Google AdWords campaign, you should be giving the same kind of care to your social marketing efforts. That leads us to today’s review of SocialAdNinja, a PPC spy tool catering specifically to the world of social media advertising and how you can get the most out of your campaigns.

Spying on the Competition

When you want to get ranked in Google for a particular keyword, it pays to look at the pages that are already on the front page of Google for that term. You can then get a better sense of what tactics work and, by extension, what tactics don’t. The same can be said about Facebook advertising.


SocialAdNinja is a social PPC advertising tool that lets you “spy” on other advertisers. They’ve set up hundreds of different profiles in several countries around the world, building up a database of over 400,000 advertisements and counting. They can see what sorts of ads are being displayed for what sorts of demographics. All in all, they have ads for 30 countries, including Canada, United States, Sweden, Brazil, India, Italy, Denmark, and Argentina, among others. They plan on adding more in the future too.


While it isn’t possible to gauge the profitability of each ad directly, you can indirectly gauge their relative success by seeing how long the ad has been running. If an ad has been doing well for an advertiser, it makes sense that the ad would continue running. Similarly, ads that haven’t been running as long are either less successful and simply not yet proven to be effective. You’d much rather emulate the ads that have a good track record of being effective, right?

Filtering with Ad Search 2.0

Not too long ago, Social Ad Ninja unleased its Ad Search 2.0 utility. Using this, you can search through that database of 400k+ ads to find the ones that are relevant to your niche and your objectives. This starts with entering search terms in either the ad title, ad links or ad body. One tip is if you search for “hop” or “afid” (or other related strings) in the “search ad link” field, you’ll find ads with affiliate footprints.


To further narrow down the results, you have access to a wide range of criteria along the left sidebar. You can filter by gender, profile age, marital status, and location. You can filter by the number of days the ad has been alive and the number of redirects it has. Interestingly, you can also filter between internal (Facebook pages and apps) and external ad link types. This last feature is quite unique and can prove very useful.

An Example Ad Entry

After you find the ad that fits your search and demographics, you can then click through on the SocialAdNinja tool for further detail on that ad.


You can see the ad title text, ad body text, the associated image, the redirect URL(s), the number of days it’s been alive and the last time the ad was seen by the SocialAdNinja system. You can also see the kinds of profiles where this ad has been shown. In this above example, I may have been looking ads being shown to 35-year-old single females, but this advertiser is apparently also targeting older single women in the UK too. That’s useful information if I also want to sell shoes in the region.

Interestingly, you can also click on any these profiles to see all the other ads that are being shown to that profile. Using the same example as above, I can see what other ads are being shown to the 35-year-old single British female. This can help with potential suggestive sells or the kind of advertising I may put on my relevant landing page, for instance.

How Much Does It Cost?

When you consider how much money you could be wasting on trial-and-error with your Facebook marketing efforts, the value of a tool like SocialAdNinja can prove quite valuable. The monthly membership fee is $147 and it grants you access to the online portal, as well as all the tutorials and online support that you need. If you enter coupon code JCHOW15 during checkout, you’ll get 15% your monthly subscription price.


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  1. sapna says:

    HI Michael

    This appears to be a great tool but again it is too costly for the naive blogger like me.

    Nevertheless thanks for sharing this.


  2. I. C. Daniel says:

    Great website this SocialAdNinja… but quite expensive for money making beginners don’t you think?

  3. Andrew Hee says:

    monkeys see monkeys do.
    this is a plot to “seduce” people who always dream of making big money!
    Your blog is no value add except it gives you money from those poor people.

  4. Lina Wolf says:

    Just visit the website socialadninja….looks really great and I ma looking forward for it.Thank you for posting such a informational stuff.

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  6. faisal says:

    Wow, this seems like a thing worth trying.

  7. Shannon says:

    SocialAdNinja is a great tool. It is kind of expensive though, but still worth the tool. I never mind spending money on great awesome tools.

  8. Why try to find yourself the best ad spots, age groups, etc. It seems to be a great tool for a reasonable monthly fee.

  9. Social Ad Ninja is a great tool. Excellent post and thanks for offering a promo code.

  10. This looks like a good tool, I have been looking for a face book spy tool, are there any other good facebook spy tools about the only other one I know is sem rush’s face book section but I’m not to keen with that tool


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