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SoftwareProjects is a Global business-to-business Software Development company, providing Internet Marketing and Web development services to more than 2,000 customers in 14 countries. Established in 1998, the company grew from a small 5 person software consulting business, to an International operation employing 200 Software Engineers, Project Managers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Customer Support Personnel and Account Managers in a wide array of diversified sectors.

SoftwareProjects is launching a new product designed for bloggers and order this ReviewMe review so I can tell you all about it. The product, which incorporates email marketing, hosting, press releases, CRM, payment center and Search Engine Marketing all in one package, is designed for serious bloggers and comes with a serious price tag: $495 per month.

What do you get for that kind of monthly outlay? For starters, you get access to an incredible support team that will help you do whatever you need done. Also, having everything (hosting, PPC marketing, newsletters, etc.) all in one services means no flipping between several isolated systems.


SoftwareProjects set up an account for me and loaded it with five billable hours. That in itself is worth $700. From my control panel, I can order projects, set up PPC marketing, send out newsletters, etc. However, for the life of me, I couldn’t find where to order that $495 blogging package. I can only assume that SoftwareProjects haven’t added it yet but will by the time of this review. Judging by the prices SoftwareProjects charge for their services, $495 per month actually seems reasonable.

Big money Internet marketers and bloggers will want to take a look at all the services SoftwareProjects has to offer. However, I can’t see how SoftwareProjects will be able to help the newbie blogger just starting out with very little cash. Then again, many part-time bloggers work for technology companies that can use and afford the services of SoftwareProjects. Maybe you can sneak in some billable hours for your own project. 😈

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  1. Competition to scriptlance? Looks like they’ve executed it nicely.

    1. Simonne says:

      Yes, they’ve done a nice job. However, newbie bloggers most probably don’t have budgets to hire programmers. Yet, it may be interesting for small companies looking for outsourcing time consuming tasks.

      1. Etienne Teo says:

        It’s not very applicable for new bloggers from what i see.

        1. Not John says:

          New Bloggers don’t have cash. They want cash. Therefore they are clearly focused on those who already have cash. When you are in business, you need customers with cash.

          They won’t be interested in me because I have no cash because I am Not John Chow!

        2. Hugged Binh says:

          I agree with this Teo. New bloggers can’t even make $30/month, how can pay that much. Obviously this only John and a few more top bloggers can afford. But then again, when they are already top bloggers, they don’t bother having such service.

        3. What’s going on John? Your comment system block my comments. Look like I got into your spam box? How come no warning?

      2. Israel says:

        ha. their biz is in biz and high paying folks. alot of chows readers are starting cheapos.

    2. Thank you Steve!

      ScriptLance is great, but unlike ScriptLance, with SoftwareProjects all work is done in the US and we offer firm deadline guarantees.

      1. Wow! That’s great! I like that you keep it inside the US and also offer the firm guarantee. That is impressive.

  2. Vik Dulat says:

    $495/month is a little too expensive for me. Maybe you can buy it for me John! 😈

    1. $495 a month would be expensive for most bloggers, it is a huge “investment” for a blogger, but some bloggers like John or Jeremy , they can afford that.

      1. Contest 1 off John! 😉 Hahaha.

      2. Will says:

        yea I don’t think I’m up to that point yet. price is waaay too high for me atm. I bet it’s worth it though judging from what I’ve heard.

  3. I always thought half the fun of trying to make money online was managing all that sort of stuff yourself?

    1. Blackysky says:

      hmm no…your goal is doing less but making more… and having help can get you focus on something else to earn more !!! it is all about auto-pilot …

      1. hmmm no…I actually like working. If I wanted to do nothing then why not just live happily ever after from the interest of my savings account? All that stuff, creating websites, writing web applications, developing software, SEO, managing press releases is what I enjoy about working for myself. Now if they just wanted to deal with the stupid customer complaints/enquiries then I might be interested.

  4. Dandruff says:

    I would love to hire them, but I don’t think I can afford them.

    1. Israel says:

      ha. ridiculous pricing. this was a waste of time review for them.

  5. Rich Sage says:

    This is a great service! Any idea how much the PER HOUR cost is for programming?

    1. Rich – you can find all available hour blocks here

      Submit a project, get quote and purchase the matching hour block. After you do that, send us an email and mention you were referred by and you’ll get 30% credited back to your SoftwareProjects account. Offer available for new customers only. One-time use. Expires January 1st, 2008.

  6. Over $100 per hour? Yeah right…

    1. Tyler Ingram says:

      What’s wrong with over $100/hr if they are good then it might be worth it. It seems a lot of SEO companies charge $100+ per hour. But if they consult on more than just SEO etc then it would be worth the price now wouldn’t it?

  7. MoneyNing says:

    Hmm. So do they charge you extra for doing PR etc on top of the $49.95 per month? It seems like the business model is unclear and the software hasn’t gone through enough usability testing since you couldn’t find out how to sign up for the package! Maybe account you were setup with is already the $49.95 account.

    1. MoneyNing –

      Software Projects has 3 divisions:
      * Software & Web Development (Pay by the hour)
      * Web Services (Pay per use)
      * Lead Generation & Affiliate Marketing (CPA)

      The particular service John Chow was referring to is one of 81 Web Services we offer. Since John did not include a link to our BlogControlPanel service, we’ll save that for another review. If you subscribe to our RSS feed, you’ll be among the first to learn about it.

      1. MoneyNing says:

        Great. I look forward to hearing about it!

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  9. jsanderz says:

    Wow, thats a lot of money per month.
    For a newbie blogger like me its certainly out of the question.
    What I would like to know is it worth the money?

    1. Wow, it’s monthly basis? I didn’t know that…that certainly makes things different.

  10. Dang $495 per month! I’d have to be making some serious buck before I’d use an ongoing service such as that.

  11. Teddy Wong says:

    Great program but the monthly fee is quite expensive for a newie.

  12. iamned says:

    Yea, I agree too expensive.

  13. Joe says:

    Whoa. expensive. Maybe in time a majority of us can afford this…

  14. $495/month is quite a bit of money. Obviously it for established bloggers like John Chow.

    1. The rich get richer..

  15. I am not much biased. May be useful for marketing websites that makes good money. Not for blogs for sure. $495/month is a high price tag! Not many blogs make 495 per month.

  16. randy bragg says:

    John, I would love to have you review my site, but not write about it, that way you could give me some advice. Maybe instead of asking for people to pay for reviews, ask if they want you to just give them some advice on their blog(still pay ofcourse). If I knew that my blog would truely gain from this product I would buy it.

  17. The RB Post says:

    I totally agree that this service sounds like it is geared more towards bloggers who are already established, and that it would be very difficult for the newbie blogger to afford this. Then again, maybe this newbie blogger could already be quite well-off financially and this service could help jump-start his or her blog. The company’s growth is pretty impressive.

  18. KNau says:

    Did anyone else notice that they’re charging $499 for the exact same website templates that you can pick up at for under $100? I’m concerned how many of their services may be repurposed and marked up like that.

    Also, if you look at the “become a Software Project professional” they clearly subcontract all the work to freelancers, something you could do yourself for much less. And do you see mention of any existing clients by name? Any success details given that you can actually track?

    John’s income (based on October’s numbers) is just enough that it makes sense to pay someone else $100 bucks an hour to do something rather than to do it himself. But that’s no excuse to spend stupidly. This is an old-school model designed to bleed big companies of their web budgets ($1,750 a month to manage a PPC campaign?!) but an experienced web entrepreneur should know better. The #1 rule for web business is DON’T BE LAZY! Figure it out for yourself and you won’t be beholden to some collective of freelancers charging an exorbitant monthly fee.

    1. Hi Anonymous 🙂

      Web templates – you might want to check the price of exclusive templates with TemplateMonster once again. When you buy an exclusive template from Software Projects, we also throw in installation and customization as opposed to just dumping some .PSD files on you.

      As for your comment about our hiring process – if you have the time, budget and expertise to hire US based professionals, train them, manage them and guarantee deadlines, then you’re right – you don’t need our help.

      Onwards and upwards!

  19. Sounds like a good product. The question is, is it worth that much you’d use it Mr. Chow?

  20. Yeah $495 is up there but its christmas time… why not?

    Click for Nick – Amex Wish List 2007

  21. I’m having an epileptic seizure. John, the ad on your RSS feed with the 120 point type red blinking letters is really really hideous. Just my two cents.

  22. John should hold a contest where the winner wins a free month of this service! 😆

  23. Is this review really $400 value?

    I think the recipient has been a little short-changed here./

  24. Mike Huang says:

    $495 is $495 more than I can afford. I pass on this 🙂


  25. Svakanda says:

    That is some very audacitic enterprising ‘SoftwareProjects’. I think thats way cool! Way to shoot for it, I hope you guys make it big.

  26. Neil Duckett says:

    A case of sepnding a little to make a little, or spending a lot to make a lot in some peoples eyes, either way its a risk you need to consider.

    I thought the same too Jonk, i`ve forgotten the post already!

    1. Thank you Neil – Good feedback.

      This is our first experiment with ReviewMe. While it’s a pity the target URL was not mentioned here, driving all traffic to our home page instead, the review has already more than paid for itself.

      We’ll just have to be more specific next time. Thanks again for your feedback — Love your Japan blog.

  27. Terrence says:

    Anyone who thinks it is cheap to hire professionals to do things for you in the software world obviously hasn’t. A good IT pro’s salary alone is over $500 a day. You can easily charge $100 if you are any good.

    That being said, I would have to understand the market this service is going after. The great thing about blogging is the low cost of entry. For new bloggers, such a service is impossible. For a small sized business the expense is much more palatable.

    1. Terrence says:

      Wow, my comment is all sorts of broken. I meant to say “obviously hasn’t worked in the software industry” and that if you are good “you can easily charge$100/hour” .

      My comment sounds like nonsense otherwise.

  28. Scott Weaver says:

    Wow, how much did they pay for this plug from the Chowster?

    Sign me up. 😀

  29. John, sorry for the OT comment, but I think you should post about agloco. I’m sure there are a ton of your readrs who would like an update on their situation.

  30. GemViper says:

    As great as having a team of people at your back is, the top sites will always have those willing to learn how to do the work themselves behind them. Nobody cares about your site as much as you do. Learn!

  31. With the internet these days everyone should be able to do some self study and blog for themselves…why pay so much for someone to do it for you?

    1. Please see my comments on John’s main post. I agree with you that this is not for small bloggers like us. The big ones doing with multiple servers and staff and large revenues, this should be a great help.

  32. How about providing an example of what 5 billable hours can provide? Anything substantial?

  33. How many hours of work per month is provided for $495?

    You can outsource to places like India and get some pretty good work done for $5 – $6 per hour.


    1. Can you give some contact details? Most obliged.

      1. Traffic Assistants. Google that name.

        I just started using them but they came highly recommended from a very reliable source who has had great results.

        One tip: with outsourcers you have to be VERY specific with regards to what you want done and try to format your “to-do” list in a step-by-step fashion if possible.

        Then take it one step at a time.

        Hope this helps,


    2. If you can get “some pretty good” Internet Marketing & Web development work done for $5 per hour, go for it!

  34. paradise5000 says:

    John, can you find out when tthe blogger software is going to be implemented into this “Software Project” and maybe they can lower the Monthly fee too.

  35. paradise5000 says:

    John, can you find out when tthe blogger software is going to be implemented into this “Software Project” and maybe they can lower the Monthly fee too. 😉

  36. STEEP STEEP STEEP!! Maybe I’ll just make myself some money first 😥

  37. The only downside to this is that I can get a full time staff of 4 web developers for just 4,000 USD a month… Course they’re in India but that’s the rate I’ve been quoted before.

    1. Based on 160 hours per month that rate seems about right for India.


  38. For small bloggers with limited or no income, this is a non starter. They should seriously look at this large segment with low priced products which will give high volumes.

  39. Yes very good job, keep good work

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