SOHO SME Business Conference & Expo


Today Paul and I went to the SOHO SME Business Conference & Expo. The SOHO SME Business Conference & Expo is recognized as the national premier B2P conference & tradeshow program attracting over 5,000 professionals, executives, and emerging-to-seasoned entrepreneurs with one key goal: to grow and succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

The SME offers a trade show, roundtable networking, keynote speeches by well know leaders in the business world and an evening gala reception. Being the party animals that Paul and I are, we didn’t pay much attention to the trade show. There were a couple of interesting exhibits there but nothing to write home about. Well there was one company but I will write about them tomorrow.


The only keynote that was worth highlighting was the one from Dave Chalk (above). He gave an inspiring presentation on what it takes really be successful. All I know is if I gave that same speech, I’ll be flamed to hell and back because Dave’s speech is pretty much along the same line as my Trading Hours For Dollars post. Dave was very polite in stating the reason why you are where you are today is because you want to be there, and not because of anything outside of your control. In other words, you have no one to blame but yourself.

The other keynotes were not keynotes at all. They were just company reps trying to hock their wares – it was more sale pitch than useful information.

Celebrate Success Gala Reception

The reception, held at the Azure Lounge immediately after the conference, is a good way to mingle with sponsors, exhibitors, business leaders and guests. There are complimentary appetizers, complimentary drinks and prizes as well. As parties goes, the reception was not bad – it is no CES Vegas party, but there was a live cover band that sang non-stop 80’s music. Being a child of the 80’s, I was all over that. Here are some pictures from the party.




One of the advantages of being tall (I’m 6’2″) is short people can’t do a full bunny ear on you. She came close however.

I Am Hosted By Party People


It is always fun to party it up with my friends at NetNation. Not only does NetNation provide the server rack and sponsor the bandwidth that TTZ Media consumes, but also these guys are party animals! The company is famous for hiring really pretty girls as well (good way to attract the geeks). If you are in need of some high quality webhosting, give them a shout. Tell them I sent you. Maybe they will give me a kickback, or reduce my hosting bill.

6 thoughts on “SOHO SME Business Conference & Expo”

  1. Carl says:

    WTF I see Wong Fei Hung in the first picture!

  2. Stephen says:

    He’s FEARLESS! πŸ˜€

  3. kim brand says:

    Got here from Digg. Your sites remind me I’ll never have enough time to indulge my curiosity about the world.. ;(

    Do you think the SOHO/SME conference would be a good place to exhibit our FileEngine next year? We’re looking for resellers (I think πŸ˜‰



  4. John Chow says:

    If you can afford it, the International CES in Vegas coming up in January would be the place to go. I’ll be hosting a party there. πŸ™‚

    The SOHO didn’t seem to have the claimed 5000 attendees. The show floor seems empty. A better choice maybe the in March 28th. I was at last year’s show, they had a more people, and I believe prices are the same as SOHO.

  5. Thomas Czaszynski says:

    Hey Man, I woulda really wanted to go to this as its a couple minute drive. You gota tell us next time your going to parties like this.

  6. John Chow says:

    I figure you would know about it. Well the next one in Vancouer is Massive (link above). You can register for that now.

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