Some More Cool Content Marketing Tweaks for Big Results

Content marketing has really taken shape over the last several years. Instead of you driving traffic to a product landing page, you’re essentially selling products through in-depth high quality content based-around your content. It’s an awesome tool and proven to be very effective for several reasons. First, it’s a great way to generate conversions and rank within search engines at the same time. Next, content marketing is a great way to showcase your expertise within your niche. However, there has been a huge debate over the true effectiveness of high quality content by itself. The question I get asked often: Is high quality content really just good enough or should I incorporate some offer promoting factors? Personally, over the years, I’ve seen some other elements that reflect your content marketing enormously.

These strategies are NOT hard to implement, but require just a little more creativity.

Let’s get started…


Tweak Your Headlines

With so much content being published online, we now know what headlines convert better than others. For example, over the last 8 months, I’ve seen a trend beginning to develop online on my blog and other niche relevant blogs. Specific keywords have been known to increase CTR through the SERP’s and when advertising through networks like Adwords,, etc. Here’s what we know…

First, having the right headline is initially way more important than the content because visitors first initial reaction is brought on by an optimized headline. If your headline’s NOT attention grabbing, you’ve decreased the likelihood of getting someone to click-through.

Here are some words with high conversion rates.

  1. How to
  2. Numbers in headline
  3. Free
  4. Tips
  5. Why
  6. Best
  7. Tricks
  8. Great

Facebook Connect

Because we are looking at ways to tweak your content marketing and get it in front of relevant people, it’s important to utilize Facebook Connect. For those of you NOT aware of Facebook connect, it’s

“Facebook Connect is a single sign-on application which allows users to interact on other websites through their Facebook account. Launched in December 2008, Facebook Connect works with over 15,000 “partnered” sites to make site access easier for its users. (Definition Source)”

This application is awesome for generating enormous email opt-ins by streamlining the entire process. Visitors can subscribe to your blog when they are logged into their account and don’t have to re-enter their name and email address. Neil Patel from ran a quick experiment utilizing this application and increased opt-ins by 24.4%. You can integrate this application with while running some A/B testing to find the right type of form to increase conversions. Next,

With higher email subscribers, you can start to get your content in front of more audience, increasing profits, traffic, engagement, and loyalty.

Engage Visitors With?

One of the best content marketing strategies is to ask questions throughout your content. Engaging readers by asking them for their opinion is a great way to start debates and get people to share your content. Statistically, one of the best places to add a question is toward the end of the content after the visitor has formed a feedback. This location is closest to the comment box and will force people to engage by leaving well thought out comments. However, for this strategy to work well, you have to…

  • Write in-depth engaging content
  • Be fair in their opinions and never remove negative comments
  • Respect their feedback
  • Utilize a comment box plugin easy to use like

Share Content 3+

Here’s something I noticed works well and I was actually told about this strategy by a fellow blogger. It’s a great idea to keep sharing the same content multiple times throughout the day and/or week. This way, you keep high quality older content in circulation and this alone can generate enormous relevant traffic. Not to mention, with the introduction of new plug-ins, the job to share content is all automated and easier. For example, I’m currently using the FREE plan, which connects to my Twitter account and I can schedule “tweets” throughout the day, week, and month. This website will also provide me with suggestions and other relevant “tweets” that are creating a buzz online in real-time. It’s a great way to build my social profile, but also revive some of my older content. Next,

Scheduling posts to automatically post is a great way to find out what time/day is the best in your niche to be sharing your content. This tool provides you statistics that are important to improve your content marketing.

Here are two awesome tools I recommend for Twitter…

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  2. Properly marketing for a business takes a great deal of skill. You need to be able to reach your target audience without being too obvious. There are so many ways to get your company out there. People are coming out with innovative ways to market every day. It is very impressive how talented people are at spreading their product’s reach. I really enjoyed reading this article. There is so much information to learn on how to properly market a product.

  3. Amar kumar says:

    Hey Rizvan,

    Indeed, asking question throughout our content is really best strategy to engage our readers. Primarily we should try to make our content more and more informative with the help of exclusive ideas regarding niche and it will be helpful to engage our audience. Specific keywords are absolutely responsible to maximize CTR through the SERP’s. Eventually, thanks for sharing your amazing ideology regarding this subject.

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    Amar kumar

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  5. Hi Rizvan, The article was really good. I should congratulate you for creating an article around content marketing. It’s is prove fact, that content creation and marketing are the best way to attract relevant traffic to your website. And the effective way is to come up with a catchy title. A title like Free SEO Tools will gets more customer attention than, Top 10 SEO tools (A physiological approach). Sharing and re tweeting your old post is another awesome strategy.

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