Some Photos From The Epic Direct Party at Playboy Mansion

For those who couldn’t be there, here are some SFW (sorry, I can’t post any NSFW) photos from the Epic Direct LA extravaganza at the Playboy Mansion. For the past two years, Epic Direct has thrown the party of all industry parties at the Playboy Mansion. The party is for its best affiliates who all earned their way there through a four-month contest culminating in an all-expenses paid weekend in Los Angeles and this private party at the famous Playboy Mansion.

This year, they did it all again – but differently and even better. They threw an afternoon BBQ complete with volleyball, tours of the Mansion and petting zoo, plenty of pool activities, hula hooping contests, and much more. The best part: Hugh Hefner himself was a guest at this year’s party!

All in all, it was a day and weekend to remember for the lucky attendees. Epic’s Chief Marketing Officer Mike Sprouse, who along with his team (including Tristan Laughton, who took Hef’s pic) pioneered the contest three years ago and oversees the weekend’s festivities, believes this was the best year yet!

Hef Started Playboy Because He Couldn’t Get a $5 Raise

The above photo of Hef on the 5 Dollar bill was sent to him from Esquire, which was where Hef initially worked. They wouldn’t give him a $5 raise, and so he left and built Playboy. Years later, Esquire sent him the huge $5 bill telling Hef they would gladly give him a raise if he came back to work for them. Fat chance of that now!

How To Get Invited To The Next Party

The Epic Direct party is by invite only. To be invited to a future event, you have to be an Epic Direct publisher (sign up here) and then be among their top 50 affiliates. Epic does invite a few affiliates who are out of the top 50 list (with contests and drawings) so everyone has a chance of going. However, you have to be an Epic publisher first so sign up now if you haven’t done so.

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50 thoughts on “Some Photos From The Epic Direct Party at Playboy Mansion”

  1. Dino Vedo says:

    Don’t do it. Epicdirect hasn’t paid me yet and lots of people have similar issues.

    1. Red Russak says:

      That’s all you have say? What a buzz kill after seeing warm-weather pictures depicting half naked women. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all 😉 So what if they haven’t paid you? THE PLAYBOY MANSION! Need I say more?

      1. Erwin Miradi says:

        LOL. I a hundred percent agree with Red.

      2. He is using FREEDOM to speech right of his. 🙂

    2. John Chow says:

      Have you made their min payout? Many networks have a min amount you must earned before they pay you. If you don’t make it, then it gets rolled into next month and so on until you hit the min.

      1. Dino Vedo says:

        Yes I have John…….. Maybe you should talk to Ryan Gray? He is being owed like over 20k and still hasn’t been paid. Lots of others are in the same boat, playboy mansion or not, they owe lots of affiliates money!

        1. Lets see what John chow can do for it.

        2. Kevin Kimes says:

          Networks don’t stay in business by not paying affiliates.

          The thing about these kinds of accusations is that they’re totally unverifiable by us readers. We can’t verify if you or “lots” of others aren’t being paid.

          We don’t know you. I do know of some reputable affiliate network owners who have to deny payment to some affiliates because they’re sociopathic scammers. And as soon as they’re “caught” and don’t get paid, they go around making claims like this.

          Not saying you’re one of them, but this stuff definitely happens all the time.

          There’s also the common “broke the affiliate agreement rules” kind of not getting paid, and the people complaining – if this is what happened – won’t ever mention this detail.

      2. Technary says:

        Thats true, many ad networks have a min payout.
        But there are many other ad networks which really pay and do`nt have min payouts.
        Mr. John,
        Can you list the most reliable and good ad networks which really pay on last day of month or in a specific period of time rather than hitting min payouts??

        I would be the first to join under your niche(under your referral system)

  2. Abhik says:

    Looks like a fun party 🙂

  3. Wow its a beautiful post & great entertaining there…!!!!

  4. Why did you not share the video ….?
    Interested to see the video…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing the playboy videos love to see more like this on your blog

  6. John says:

    So jealous! Wish I could have been there. Definitely motivation for me to join epic direct and start switching over some of my affiliate marketing efforts to them

  7. enzo testa says:

    Isn’t “hef” getting up there in age? My god.
    The luckiest man alive. LOL

  8. Bogati says:

    Cool party….miss it.

      1. He missed, because he didn’t get any invitation.

  9. Erwin Miradi says:

    Niiiiice party. And the girls make it even better.

  10. MIchael says:

    That does look like an EPIC party by EPIC direct :). Wouldn’t that be fun to get paid a ton from an affiliate network AND get to go to a great party like that!

  11. Look like you guys have lot of fun there…

    1. I wonder, why true these girls too get together with an old man who can not do much more in bed? For money, he has bequeathed the money already.

    2. I am sure these people had blast at there …

      1. Virtual Tour says:

        I’ve never seen you at any of these parties. We need to get your affiliate rep up!

  12. Jared Ronski says:

    Looks like fun, one place I have never been but would love to go.

  13. fas says:

    He still looks young for his age!

    1. He is, surrounded by young beautiful young ladies make him more stunning Ha! Ha! It is such a great party.

  14. fazal mayar says:

    it sure looks like a fun party

    1. what you can expect when the word Playboy is added with any party.

      1. The same when you go to a party with Victoria’s Secret models ??

      2. It’s really cool answer.

        1. I think status of victoria’s secret models are quite high than these bunny girls …

  15. John,

    Were you there? I don’t see any photos of you swimming!

  16. Will says:

    I am sure they get their moneys worth of buzz for these parties so it seems like a nice way to spend your advertising budget.

    1. Yes tthese kind of party is more powerful than usual and traditional ads.

    2. Virtual Tour says:

      Nice way to have a good time and still get company exposure!

  17. He is so lucky to be part with those girls

    1. With his age he should probably be careful with his heart. 🙂

      1. yes but its an great chance to be with those girls

  18. Why do I miss all the important party, I love animals – especially rabbits. 🙂

  19. They certainly knows how to throw party.

    1. Erwin Miradi says:

      Yeah you’re right. Not every party got those kinda girls around.

      1. yes you are right being playboy its little different

  20. Virtual Tour says:

    I think I need to go to this next year!

    1. Good wishes for next year. lol..

  21. I wish and i want to be a part of this party..

    1. Change careers and become a model photographer, and go on all parties free.

  22. If we are an photographer we can be in all party

  23. Essays says:

    The story of 5 dollar bill is amazing. Sometimes, leaving a job is good when you have an alternate plan.

  24. Technary says:

    The party seems awesome 😀

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