Some Pics Of My Ride

My current ride is a 2003 Acura RSX. I purchased this car brand new from Lougheed Acura in Coquitlam. With not even 50KM on it, I started modifying the car because I can’t leave well enough alone. The first mods were new wheels and tires. I still have the original wheels and tires in the garage. I was going to sell them but never got around to it. If anyone is in the market for some 2003 RSX wheels/tire with less than 50KM on them, give me a shout.

Other mods followed; C-West body kit, lowering, AEM intake, custom painting of engine pieces and brake calipers, custom grill, JDM headlights with HID lighting, and a 1000 Watt custom installed (complete with TTZ logo etched on glass) Alpine sound system. All in all, I think the mods cost almost as much as the car.

As much fun as the RSX has been, I am going to get a new car next year. Hopefully, I will find a buyer who will recognize all the work I put into the RSX and take good care of it.

If I haven’t met Sarah, I would have gotten rid of the RSX a lot sooner and I’ll be driving a Z06 right now. Sarah has done a great job redirecting our money into buying more assets and fewer toys. This doesn’t mean I can’t spend $100,000 on a new car. I certainly can and she wouldn’t get mad at me for doing so. However, my financial planning background says $100,000 invested at 12% for 10 years equals $310,584.82, where as the $100,000 car is worth $10,000 in 10 years (if even that).

One of these days, I’m going to make a post about opportunity cost and the time value of money. Until then, enjoy the photos.







47 thoughts on “Some Pics Of My Ride”

  1. HMTKSteve says:

    Some cars are designed with after market modding in mind, this is one of them!

    I would rather have the speakers mounted against the rear seats than face up on the floor of the trunk! How do you use the trunk if the speakers are there?

  2. John Chow says:

    The speakers are protected by a metal grill, covered by cloth. The amps are protected by a thick piece of glass (see the pic below the first sounds system pic). I can put things in the truck without fear of damaging anything. The subs were set up to take advantage of the rear hatch. The hatch basically turns the the subs into a big horn. Doing it this way also maintains the stock look and takes up very little space.

  3. Alex Becker says:

    I had the same rims on a 01 Subaru Impreza 2.5rs. I hated how they looked. Nice warning sign you got there. Did it come stock? lol jk.

  4. John Chow says:

    Alex – It’s the little details, like a custom made warning sticker, that makes the car. 🙂

  5. vurdlak says:

    Nice car, but in my opinion it doesn’t stand out in a crowd, it’s too similar to 50% cars you see on the street, why not getting real car for much less:

    this is the one I would definitely prefer over little ones. looks like a tenk!

  6. Doug Karr says:

    Redirection of money. Isn’t that what a good marriage is all about?


  7. Michael Kwan says:

    Vurdlak, I much prefer John’s RSX over the 300, but that could be because I’m a proud Honda owner myself (2000 Integra GS, lightly modded). Tastefully done, John. It’s got just enough to differentiate it from stock, but without going over the top to become a total eyesore (and a beacon for “pull me over”).

  8. Michael Kwan says:

    Forgot to mention: Not a fan of the wheels, though. It seems like everyone I know had those Motegis at some point.

  9. Kenric says:

    Please don’t say that it has a 5″ exhaust and buzzes like a bee when you drive down the road!

  10. Thomas says:

    LOL awesome sticker 🙂

  11. John Chow says:

    Kenric – The exhaust is stock. 🙂 I rather listen to the sound system.

  12. Very nice John. Lots of well crafted details, which make for a nice all rounder.


  13. Andy says:

    Love the TTZ Logo – I couldnt agree with you more John – its the little things that count

  14. dacholo says:

    hmm, what about the exhaust pipe that you can fit a basketball into? 😉

    upgrade the engine so you can bring it to a drifting event!

  15. Carl says:

    You’re crazy if you think Sarah wouldn’t get mad if you spent $100K on a car 😉

    And she’d have every right to be!

  16. John Chow says:

    Well, maybe she’ll get a little mad. 🙂 She can’t have much to really complain about since she spent nearly $50,000 on her own car!

  17. Ed Lau says:


    I don’t understand the question.

  18. Sunny says:

    lolz..the tight fitting warning is awesome…

  19. Leftblank says:

    That is one hell of a hot car, very nice John, I wonder if you can order these stickers somewhere as well, I’d love to put one in my moms Fiat Panda 😉

  20. Gdog says:

    Very nice clean ride, John! I love Acuras…

  21. The logo and custom sticker are brilliant! Ever considered printing the logo where it’s more visible?

  22. John Chow says:

    My site URL is printed across the rear hatch.

  23. Andy says:

    Is that for style, or do you think you get any traffic from it

  24. feverinlove says:

    If you ask me, that intake is useless since it breathes in hot air directly from the engine. It should be placed either at the back of the fogs or the front grill.

  25. Andy says:

    But what would you have more fun with? A Z06 or an investment

  26. Dave says:

    The car looks very clean, but I don’t see the value of the car added in mods…unless you overpaid drastically for installation on some of that stuff….or got the car very cheap 🙂

    I’d go for the Viper coupe with 600hp. How much are they saying that the Supercharged Vette will be costing? If it’s close or over 100k, you could simply buy a C6 (even a used one)…which gets you closer to the $40k spot that you can write off. Then just drop $20k+ into performance mods which can all be written off. I guarantee you can be making over 650hp, you saved a ton of money, and had many more write-offs. Alternatively do the same thing to an older new body style Viper if you want to stay Viper. There are plenty Vipers out there making over 1,000 wheel hp. My buddy has a 2002 GTS making around 850whp (supercharged).

    If you have any Viper questions, let me know…I recently had two in my garage, back down to one, and maybe back to two very soon.

  27. Andy says:

    Where is that warning sign located?

  28. John Chow says:

    feverinlove – The intake is just for looks. It doens’t improve performance.

    Andy – The warning sign is on the passenger sunvisor.

    Dave – Most of the cost went into the sound system.

  29. Iconic Point says:

    Man John you really opened my eyes to finacial planning. Was planning on blowing my first 5 figure check on a SL500.
    Now I will go with a more reasonably priced car or more real estate.
    I am curious does your plates say “DotComMgl” I am sure you got conections that would let you get the L on the plate:)

  30. HMTKSteve says:

    Why spend all that money on a car in the first place?

  31. feverinlove says:

    well for me, cars make addiction. I own an Audi A3 Sportback, and I would love to have the new TT. Eventhough I will lose 5000euros the second I move the car out of dealership, I still want to have it. But the fact that I can turn that money into 6 digits makes me confused.

  32. Gdog says:

    I used to own an Acura 1.6EL and I also had the modifying bug. It’s hard to explain, but I compare it to eating Pringles…once you pop, you can’t stop. LOLz!

  33. Nomar says:

    Cool Car !! great ride.. I dont have a car yet lol, i travel by bus

  34. HMTKSteve says:

    Nomar –

    Until I was 21 (and stationed in Central California) I did not even have a driver’s license!

    I grew up in Boston and it was far easier (and cheaper) to take the train or bus. Because of that I never had much desire to own a car.

    When I was stationed in California (Fort Hunter Ligget) the main gate was about 10 miles from the barrakcs and after that it was about 30 miles to the nearest town! So… I didn’t have much choice but to buy a car.

    I ended up with a Geo Metro for two reasons:

    1) It was cheap
    2) It got about 50MPG

    I kept that car for 5 years up until I got married and my wife stated that it made our home look bad by having it in the driveway!

    I sold it and purchased an Integra. not the base car but the GS(something) with the hi-test only engine…

    Big mistake as gas prices suddenly went up and I had to buy the “good stuff”!!!

    Right now I drive a Subaru and it’s all good.

  35. Bill says:

    Nice car John!

  36. Michael Kwan says:

    HMTKSteve, you’re just not a “car guy”, so you wouldn’t understand the appeal of spending that kind of money on a car. The same can be said about people who enjoy spending money on fine dining (why not just make your own instant noodles? it’s cheaper and just as filling), jewelry (which serves no real practical purpose whatsoever), or expensive clothing. It’s a passion thing.

  37. Andy says:

    Exactly, you have got to spend somehwere – If you have passion and extra cash – work and spend on something you like

  38. Craig says:

    I wonder if the Honda dealership will pimp out my Element like that 🙂

    Def a nice ride JC

  39. adrian says:

    That car looks a lot more appealing than my Dodge Caravan. It looks like a blast to drive.

  40. Jane says:

    What made you decide on the RSX and not the TL?

  41. John Chow says:

    Jane – My wife has a TL.

  42. Jane says:

    haha…She has great taste 🙂

  43. Shawn Knight says:

    Love the etched glass, makes for a nice touch. Its a good thing I don’t drive because I’d be just like you, can’t leave stock the way it is. A friend of mine recently bought some go-fast parts for his car… I think I was more excited about seeing the results than him!

  44. Kalle says:

    Wow, that is an amazing car 😀

  45. Sean says:

    Nice! I love the Acura RSX, and your’s looks awesome. Great mods so far. A friend of mine’s dad bought one, I’ve ridden in it once and it was awesome. Comfortable and fast 😉

    Have fun!

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