Some Really Crazy Cars At South OC Cars And Coffee

This week’s South OC Cars and Coffee featured some really crazy cars, like a Red Riding Hood 911 and a wheelie prone Volkswagen microbus with an engine that took over the entire back end!

Cars and Coffee happens every Saturday from 9am to 11am at the San Clemente Outlets in South Orange County. Everyone, and the dog, is invited. Enjoy the video

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5 thoughts on “Some Really Crazy Cars At South OC Cars And Coffee”

  1. Some sweet looking rides John.


  2. Logopik says:

    Hi John yes, this are real expensive car. I wish i can get one more me 🙂

  3. Austin says:

    Hello John. I am curious to learn what happened to your cars that MOBE was paying for. Are you responsible for the payments or did you simply turn the cars in? Both the Tesla and Jag F-Type are hot rides.

  4. DNN says:

    Brand yourself with “Greatness.”

  5. DNN says:

    I have a vision of one day owning the “VW GTI W12.”

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