Sources For $300 Per Month Full-Time Workers

My friend John Reese just posted an amazing video about outsourcing. The video is called Instant Leverage and it’s absolutely free to watch and filled with tons of outstanding information. If you’ve been try to make it on your own all this time, stop it because success is a team effort and no one can do it all by themselves. This is where outsourcing comes in.

Here’s some of what John shares in his free video:

  • Web sites you can use today to find people to hire for $300/month full-time.
  • The magical “not-an-iPad” device that turns ideas into auto-pilot cash flow.
  • A special task you can give anyone to find out if they’re a ‘good’ worker.
  • Why you should avoid outsourcing firms at all costs. (How John lost over $100,000.)
  • The inexpensive software John calls his “money-making delegation machine.”
  • And much, much more!

Instant Leverage

Watch Instant Leverage Now

33 thoughts on “Sources For $300 Per Month Full-Time Workers”

  1. Yes in Today’s internet world you wont be able to get success unless and until you know the art of outsourcing.

    I mean you can not code your website, you can not build links, you can maintain your web 2.0 profiles as well.

    So you should need someone where they can do your $10 task and you can concentrate on $100 task.

    1. d3so says:

      What if these $10 tasks add up and end up making no profit at all?

      1. Nigel Chua says:

        Well it’s all calculated risks so if you plan it well, plan with room for mistake because you’d not be right most of the time. You’d need some room to explore and try and see which works best for you 🙂

      2. Why would outsource in teh firt place if you aren’t making any money form your site? Outsourcing is for those whoa re already earnign some money form their site and is thinking of opening another site.

        1. You will outsource when the value of your time is more than the value which you paid for outsource.

  2. The video doesn’t work for me, it returns a “ is undefined. Please double check. ” error, SY

    1. d3so says:

      This is the correct link:


      1. Thanks, now I can watch it! SY

        1. d3so says:

          No problem 😉
          it looks like John or whoever fixed the link as well.

  3. d3so says:

    Nice vid! Very helpful in learning more about outsourcing.
    I’d love to make $300 online myself since I’m currently making pennies 😛

    1. You would make that money if youa re going to work for others. The video will not teach you about how to make that much in your own site.

      1. d3so says:

        I know. I was implying that I would probably rather do outsource work for $300 than have a day job lol.
        But since it’s full time, it doesn’t seem worth it 😛

    2. What can you do d3so? What are your specific areas of expertise that I could perhaps utilize if the opportunity to outsource avails itself?

      Do you do web development, web design, SEO?

  4. webprit says:

    Thanks, now I can watch it!

  5. SEO Results says:

    I feel that you tend to get what you pay for. $300 is dirt cheap, but I’ve seen it happen effectively with energetic youngsters, especially with performance or profitshare clauses in their contracts.

    1. fas says:

      Depends on what you are aiming for!

      1. SEO Results says:

        True, true. That dollar amount converts to about ZAR2200, which is close to minimum wage in South Africa. People can and do live of that over here, albeit not in luxury.

  6. Andrew says:

    It’s amazing to think that you can pay somebody just $300 per month to work for you full time. I personally think that this is a little low and would pay $350.

    I just need to create the mechanism for ensuring that they did the work.

  7. Hm, am I the only one that has a moral / ethical problem with employing somebody for less then $2/hour. Sounds like modern slave trade to me. And yes, I know that 300$ have a completely other buying value in other countries. But still, paying extremely low wages to somebody that does a good job just because they live in a “low cost” country seems simply not right to me. Perhaps I am too old-fashioned, SY

    1. Massy says:

      Go ahead and pay them $2000 a month then if it makes you feel better.

      Once you leave the bubble of the western/developed world, you get a sense of how much money it takes to live in developing countries. IOW, you can live comfortably in developing countries very, very cheaply.

      1. Yes, and we in the developed world are doing everything that it stays like this, correct? Another thought: Outsourcing in low cost countries destroys workplaces in our own ones and with more people unemployed, less people have the money to buy products. This whole thing is a Pandora like can of worms if you start to think about the implications…. SY

  8. Free Picks says:

    only 300 for fulltime work :-s

    1. It’s possible man. There are many people who ready for 300 for full time. Try on DP forums. 🙂


      1. Chris says:

        what does DP stand for?

        Also, what service do you use?


      2. Free Picks says:

        i know it is possible even i am making more than 300. i am just wanna say “only” 300 for fulltime. we can earn 300 per day throug DP and other forums :p

  9. Eunus Hosen says:

    $300/month for full time works? 🙂

  10. Awesome video! I has watched his “$2 per hour income formula” and that was really awesome. John’s is sharing some awesome information on outsourcing. Now i’m going to watch instant leverage and the big six.


  11. My best advice would be to hire a manager or a company to take care of the outsourcers. When you don’t, you find yourself explaining every little detail of the work they need to do for you. Plus you’ll lose time on outsourcers ‘disappearing’, language barriers and so forth.

    First get some experience thru an outsourcing company, then hire one manager and discuss a deal with the company to take over the outsourcers you’re happy with.

  12. jtGraphic says:

    Don’t forget crowd sourcing – or the value of hiring someone to manage your outsourcing.

  13. Anh2 says:

    I cant watch that video because of error : Database Connection Error! Please contact the Server Administrator! with the link :

    Have a nice day, John.

  14. The site seems pretty cool. I like that Reese baby lets you put in [email protected] and still listen to his videos.

  15. John Reese is every where.

    This is really interesting to see that whenever anyone launched new product whole blogsphere start talking about this.

  16. Murlu says:

    Outsourcing is really going to be a driving factor in a lot of websites and blogs starting this year.

    I think everyone is waking up to the idea that your blog is your business. Hiring people is a natural extension as your blog (business) grows.

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