Speaking with the Wealthy Wilma

John Chow and Wealthy Wilma

I’ll be speaking on a panel this Wednesday at the Elephant & Castle, 385 Burrard Street, in downtown Vancouver with Bernadette Giet of the Wealthy Wilma Book Club. The topic will be on internet marketing and connecting with clients online. If you have nothing to do on this Wednesday, I would love to meet you. Cost is free to attend. You can RSVP here. The fun starts at 6PM.

John Chow, the ‘make money online’ guy and Bernadette Giet of the Wealthy Wilma Book Club will be speaking at the Financial Services Marketing Meetup on December 9th.

John Chow has a long history of successful internet marketing at JohnChow.com. With over 50,000 followers on Twitter, John Chow ranks among Canada’s most influential tweeters and sponsored tweets are his newest way of making money online. His sponsored tweets were reported in the Vancouver Sun, then really got huge when they hit the New York Times last week. John will be joining us to discuss his thoughts on internet marketing and connecting with clients online.

Bernadette Giet founded the Wealthy Wilma Book Club to empower financial independence for women through a light-hearted and irreverent approach to investor education.

With over 400 Wealthy Wilmas in six countries, Bernadette is making the subject of finance more approachable for women. She made a big splash with her interview on BNN and in a profile about her club in the Vancouver Sun.

Each month, the Wilmas get together to discuss a new book, this month it’s Ask for It. You can follow Bernadette here on Twitter.

The Vancouver Financial Services Marketing Meetup Group

21 thoughts on “Speaking with the Wealthy Wilma”

  1. Thats cool!! Wish I could be there!!

  2. There are moments I really do wish, I would live on the other site of the pond! To everybody that does (and lives near) Don’t miss it, attendance is free 😉 SY

    1. Kevin Pasco says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  3. chester says:

    Cool, sounds like this is going to be a good event.

  4. S Ahsan says:

    You got so much to deal with! sounds good to me..

  5. Hey John,

    Do you guys have any plans of having panels like that in Toronto? It will be great if we can have you speaking here.

    Take care.

    1. John Chow says:

      I don’t have plans to visit Toronto this year. Maybe in 2010.

  6. Kalvster says:

    Free event, that’s nice.

  7. oes tsetnoc says:

    sound good to me..

  8. Great event John, wait for transcript 😉

  9. Glad to hear you are making moves John, good luck.

  10. I wish all the very best for your meeting with wealthy wilma. I may be free this Wednesday. I may attend it. Thank you.

  11. The Dot Com Mogul cum Guru. You’re becoming quite the celebrity John, and good for you. Everybody wants to know about online marketing these days, and I am sure you’re going to have a full house. Enjoy!

  12. Brian says:

    Thanks for your share… Much appreciated.

  13. fas says:

    Any updates we wiill get from this?

  14. Dean Saliiba says:

    I wish I could be there as well but I live in the UK. 🙁

  15. Some cool outreach you’re doing there. Over 400 Wilma’s…..quite popular!

  16. videostar says:

    I can’t go there but will be glad to see a video about the meeting.

  17. chester says:

    Elephant and Castle is a good pub. Hard to find parking though!

  18. wish i could have gone i bet it was some good times

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