Spied – 650HP Super Corvette!

Super hotshot spy photographer Chris Doane has taken the first spy photos of the rumored 2009 Super Corvette. The spy photos show what appears to a normal Corvette Z06, but upon closer inspection, you see a large bulge on the hood that is rumored to be concealing a supercharged 6.2-Liter V8 that puts out 650HP.

Initially codenamed Blue Devil (no official name yet), the new Corvette is based on the current Corvette Z06, but with even more carbon fiber body parts, to help bring curb weight down to 2,900 lbs. Doing the math, that gives this umber Vette a power to weight ratio that is better than a $1 million Ferrari Enzo.

In an interview with Digital Corvette, Mr. Doane had this to say about his encounter with the unnamed supercar.

These pics almost didn’t happen. I’d been seeing one or two regular C6 Vettes with MFT plates around lately, so when I saw a black one coming towards me on the other side of the highway, I didn’t think much of it. Then I saw the side vents in front of the rear tires and thought “oh just a Z06.” Then I saw the huge bulge in the hood and almost crashed my car. Well…not really but I was overcome with the sudden urge to jump the median.

After legally turning around, I started after the test car only to find out the obvious. This thing is fast. I’m not sure if/when the engineer driving the car realized I was following him, or if he was just enjoying all the power at his disposal (who could blame him), but it took 15-20 mins to get ahead of him and get into a position to photograph the car.

Now this may sound a little odd, but the thing I remember most when the car was passing my shooting position was a big sucking sound. As in, the motor’s supercharger sucking in huge amounts of air. The engineer did put the hammer down when he saw me, but I wouldn’t say he was at WOT. Needless to say the exhaust note is unholy.

You can expect to pay around $100,000 for this automotive missile when it goes on sale in 2008. That makes this car the cheapest 650HP production car in the world. Some dealers are already taking deposit so if you really want one, then you better put your money down now.

14 thoughts on “Spied – 650HP Super Corvette!”

  1. That is just so sick. Wish I had $100k just laying around… Id by me another one 🙂

  2. siong1987 says:

    Whoa… This is really a crazy car… But, I do prefer buying a more realistic car from LEXUS… Lol!

  3. Pres says:

    May the hump in the front be sweet. But that fast back look there is more weight. Why the glass? All I can say they have to hold that rear down some how. Lets just wait! Wonder what the real design will be like for racing! It is so hard to be humble when you own a stock 2002 electron blue Z06.

  4. derrich says:

    I just drooled all over my keyboard.

  5. Nomar says:

    oh my god, what a dream car !!

  6. you can definately tell it’s in prototype stage, that hood buldge is butt ugly! With the mustangs and such getting 500 horse motors these days, the corvette deserves a 650HP motor.

    What really exicites me though is the timing. If this is going to be a 2008 car with 650 supercharged horses under the hood, then that means it is more likely that chevy will build the rumored ZL1 Camaro with a 500 horse supercharged motor. The camaro SS will more than likely have a 400 to 450HP motor, so the ZL1 could easily have a 500-600 horse motor.

  7. Vasil Lalov says:


    There is nothing like a Dinan-tuned BMW:


    Thanks, but no thanks! I will stick to EURO! Best engineering ever.

  8. robluvs2xlr8 says:

    Absolutely sweet!

    I own an BMW M5, but lets put the bias aside. This is an awesome car, and would gladly get this over the competition.

    BTW, the dinan BMWs are overpriced POS’s.

  9. Chris says:

    Dinan BMW over a Vette? You can overpay for tuned Bimmer, and after my Vette smokes you, I’ll take your girl out for a nice dinner with the money I saved on my Vette.

  10. Andy says:

    Not a big Corvette fan but that car has got a nice body

  11. Bob says:

    Same ol’ story. The folks at Chevy and Ford like to bolt on superchargers to try and compete with the Viper.

    Put a supercharger on a Viper and you’re pushing 700-800 hp.

    Case closed.

  12. CC says:

    Well, the Viper is a V10, has an advantage in the first place. Let see Dodge come out with an V8 engine that puts out 505 HP?

  13. Tave says:

    well what a lovely looking car, I want one…but I do love the Dodge Ram too, I’d love to paint one of those in red black metal flake(house of colour) with a mix of realistic flames, and tribal 😉

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