Sponsor My Twitter Stream And Win $5,000

Will Pao over at Golden Twist has one whale of a contest happening. Will is giving away $5,000 to one person who buys a sponsored tweet from him.

My Twitter account, @WillPao, has over 15,000 followers, so I’ve decided to run a GIANT giveaway. If you sponsor my stream by buying a sponsored tweet, you could be randomly chosen to win $5,000 in cash!

Buying a tweet from Will cost a whopping $14. That works out to a cost per follower of only 0.28 cents. I’m sure with the right offer, you should be able to easily make the $14 back. And it might win you $5,000 as well. However, you are not required to buy a tweet in order to win the $5,000. You can also enter by sending in a postcard via snail mail. The full contest rules can be found here.

My one reservation about Will’s contest is the length – it started on March 31 and doesn’t end until August 31. That’s five full months. Then again, the Azoogle Playboy Mansion contest runs that long as well. My guess is the extended time period will allow Will enough time to make $5,000 or more from the sponsored tweets he’ll receive.

Golden Twist $5,000 Sponsored Tweet Contest

28 thoughts on “Sponsor My Twitter Stream And Win $5,000”

  1. One big Crazy Offer, i don’t know how much he will fetch in return , how much will be the net gain.

    1. Will Pao says:

      Shanker, It’s definitely a gamble. I may have a gambling problem… I’ll be sure to report how it turns out.

      Seriously, though, I probably do have a borderline gambling problem. I bet $2K on the Vikings, Saints playoff game, and I bet on the Vikings. I got extremely lucky and even though they lost, I beat the spread by half a point, so I won $2K. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as lucky during March Madness…

      Think about this gamble, Shanker. If you don’t buy a tweet (or send in a postcard), you won’t be eligible to win the $5k. Is that a gamble you’re willing to take? 🙂

  2. Fazreen says:

    Unfortunately it’s only opened for US residents

  3. Joshua says:

    Not bad, but way too long!

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking. i’m a little hesitant to do it based on that alone.

      1. Will Pao says:

        Well, don’t hesitate for too long because after 100 are sold, the price will increase to $25 a tweet. Having said that, I have to say that I was expecting the enthusiasm for this to be greater. I’ve only had one sale. So, if you order now, your odds of winning the $5K are extremely high.

        1. The prize is definitely worth it and I’ll probably end up doing it, but the wait time is a bit lengthy…I’ll be in touch.

        2. I just wrote a longer comment, but for some reason it didn’t post…

          in short, I’ll be in touch 🙂

        3. Alright, this is the 3rd time I’m posting a response and I hope it gets posted this time…so I’ll keep this short…

          In short, I’ll be contacting you shortly 🙂

          1. Will Pao says:

            Heh, you can use the contact form on GoldenTwist.net.

  4. I was thinking about buying sponsored tweets from people for awhile. This might be a starting point!

    1. Will Pao says:

      It should be your starting point. 🙂

  5. I wonder if he will get enough people, considering most people will only want so have their tweets sponsored for the right Twitter audience. Great experiment to keep an eye on.


  6. Buying sponsored tweets from relevant people to your site is definitely a great idea if the audience base is enough. Too bad not many edu sites offer sponsored tweets…guess I can be the first once I get my numbers up there…

  7. Thanks for letting me know

  8. d3so says:

    The title should be corrected to “Sponsor Will Pao’s twitter stream…”
    $14 sounds cheap, but I have no idea what to promote to his followers considering that I don’t know which demographic(s) his follower base consists of 😛

  9. Sounds like a spot of fun! Good luck to all because I will win! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  10. That’s not a half decent contest isn’t it? Did I read correctly about that it’s only open for US people?

    1. Will Pao says:

      This is standard for many of these types of contests. Opening it to everyone in every jurisdiction around the world creates complications. But you can still buy a tweet and reach 15K people.

  11. Will Pao says:

    Thanks for the solid review, John. The orders are starting to trickle in.

    I also want to repeat what I wrote in the Golden Twist post: after the first 100 are sold, the price will increase to $25 a tweet. So if you’re on the fence, why wait?

    Someone has to win the $5,000….will it be you?

  12. I wish that I could join but I am ina tight budget these days.

  13. by the title, I did think this was a post by John telling us about a new contest He was hosting…

  14. Cool twitter contest, I’m running one myself. Just retweet my twitter contest post, and get entered to win $500 dollars! its the featured post on my blog…. good luck

    contests are great for all!!!

  15. Just wanted to say thank you John for the great e-book on blogging you let me have for free. Its so nice to know that you can share how to start a blog. I will be visiting your site from now on to learn more. Thank you! Cindy Bretson

  16. Great idea for promoting a sponsored Tweets account. At $14 per tweet, It will take over 350 tweets to even recover his cost. That’s over 70 per month or about 2.5 offers per day.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts to slowly charge more per tweet as the contest drags on (provided his CPC merits the price increase).

    It’s also a great way to generate hype and get new followers.

  17. The competition for that 5k will be very hard, unfortunately i am not even close from winning it.

  18. jtGraphic says:

    That’s not a bad hustle at all. He’s also building awareness…

  19. To get into contest you have to buy contest ticket.

    Thats how all lottery business work.

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