Step By Step Guide – How To Be a Six Figure Blogger

My friend Zac Johnson has just put the finishing touches on his new eBook, Six Figure Affiliate Blogging and you can get it right now for the amazing low price of ZERO. That’s right, Zac’s new 97 page eBook is totally and completely free! You can download it here.

In addition to revealing the secrets of how Zac makes over $100,000 a year from his blog, Six Figure Affiliate Blogging offers exclusive interviews with ten six figure bloggers. You’ll be able to get inside the minds of famous bloggers like Brian Clark, Gary Vanerchuk, Shoemoney, Tim Syke and more.

I was given an advanced copy of Six Figure Affiliate Blogging and the only thing I have to say is this is one eBook you absolutely must download. The information is awesome and the interviews with the other six figure bloggers really open my eyes to some of the things that are possible. Go download your copy now!

Six Figure Affiliate Blogging

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103 thoughts on “Step By Step Guide – How To Be a Six Figure Blogger”

  1. Thanks for the recommendation John..about to download it now.

    1. I like the 6 figure blogging interviews john ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. d3so says:

        Is it 6 figures monthly or annually?

        1. John Chow says:

          Does it really matter?

          1. d3so says:

            Yes, because 6 figures monthly beats your five, John ๐Ÿ˜‰

          2. John Chow says:

            Actually, no it doesn’t. There’s a reason why I stop updating my monthly income. Also, if you’re not making six figures, then it really doesn’t matter if it’s one month, one year or one day. If it’s more than what you’re making, then go learn.

          3. That is great advice – shouting the odds without the backup is never a wize move, in most social situations. “Haal uit en wys” is the operative term here, baby!

          4. d3so says:

            Well, it’s clear that someone who makes 6 figures per month is more knowledgeable & skillful than someone who makes 5, right? I don’t even know any 6 figure monthly bloggers.
            Regardless, I don’t make 5 or 6 but it helps to learn from both.

          5. John Chow says:

            Actually, no it’s not. Someone who’s making 6 figures per month just scaled it bigger than someone who’s making 5 figures. The technical stuffs are still the same.

          6. Coat Hanger says:

            I agree with John – it’s all about scaling.

            If a guy sells tacos out of a van and makes $1 per taco, he’s doing the same principles as the guy who makes $1 per taco but operating 500 vans – but the guy with 500 vans makes 500 times the money…

          7. d3so says:

            In response to the comment below,
            Yes, one possibility is that they couldve scaled their income with the same technique but it’s also possible they use various strategies/techniques.

          8. It’s all about what you want, IMO. Obviously, 6 figures/month is 12 times as much income as 6 figures/year. A pretty big deal.

            Yet, that’s not to say that the monthly guy is “better” than the yearly goal, it’s all about what you want and where your sights are set.

            For some people, $100,000/year is more than enough for others it’s not enough to fill their jet with fuel. Set your sights and focus on that!

          9. VeRonda says:

            You make a great overall point… well, actually two in one… (1) if you’re not making that much (which I’m not); (2) go learn. What I’m finding during my journey is that a great leader is one who know how to follow and who knows that there is still more to learn.

          10. SEO Results says:

            Learning is why we all are here, I feel. Not only do we get value from the blog posts, but also from the interaction with fellow people posting comments on the blog.

          11. brilliant response John.

  2. Dino Vedo says:

    ohh wow. so Zac Johnson finally got himself an ebook too? impressive

    1. It was kinda inevitable, wasn’t it? The much touted internet marketing recipe is for a free ebook to be given away in exchange for an email signup. Building the email list is key here to having an audience for future offers.

      1. Lol, and it seems that this still works! SY

        1. Here people are always ready to give away ….

          Remember how John and Jeremy build their followers list by organising a contest, following them and their sponsore and than retweet.

          This worked in multiply and big hit as well.

  3. Nigel Chua says:

    Thanks for the recommendation John, will download it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Lakhyajyoti says:

      I have already downloaded and read.Very nice book.

  4. Model Allure says:

    No doubt this is another great e-book from Six Figure Blogger and I’ll download it right away.
    But what I want to say to all of you, guys , where to get THE MOST EXITING book I’ve ever read: Top right side of John Chow site…. download his book FREE. Yes you are right John Chow e-book from the site you are NOW.
    I’ve got this book month ago and all, not actually all of techniques, but major ones applied on my brand new website .
    Result: after ONE week after launch, using his recommendations, my site is on the 1-st, – 2-nd position on GOOGLE! by most competitive keywords to search.
    John, thank you very much! You are the MAN!!
    Now I’m gonna download Zac’s e-book

    1. Melvin says:

      I can say you’re really happy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. Lakhyajyoti says:

      I’ll also apply some great tips in my new blog.Thanks for your great E-book.

  5. Black Hole says:

    Good stuff. Download using a black hole email address. A prelude to another coaching program. Best stuff is in the free ebook because the Jedi Master has taught it.

  6. Fusion Elite says:

    Thanks for the ebook! This will be useful.

  7. chexsystems says:

    Zac’s ebook usually worth to read through. Anyway, its for free , no regrets

    1. Lakhyajyoti says:

      It is totally free.I told my friends about this E-book.

      1. Just he need your email address. Many people give their secondary email address for this kind of signup.

  8. Hi, my dear, why do you always recommend other bloggers’s service or products?
    At what time , you can do it for me?!
    anyway, thanks for you put my avatar in Your “Friends of the Community”
    not forget to ask me a local help in shanghai china.

  9. Just downloaded the ebook.

  10. d3so says:

    I just finished reading your book tonight!
    I het this ebook would be a great supplement.
    Thanks for the recommendation.

  11. Lakhyajyoti says:

    Thanks for sharing john.I just downloaded the E-Book.

  12. Melvin says:

    hey john isnt it its the same name as the one david risley is promoting? what do you think?

  13. Hey John

    the link is showing a database error, it could be temporary but you may want to check it.

    1. Lakhyajyoti says:

      The link is working fine.

  14. Anh2 says:

    I got one, How about seven figure blogger ? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Reach at 6 figure than start thinking about 7.

      Go step by step.

  15. mra says:

    This also should be good one only if John is recommending it

  16. Thanks for the free stuff. I follow Zac and he puts out some good information from time to time.

  17. Howard says:

    Pretty funny since Zac is probably more like a 4 figure blogger. Everyone get on the “Make Money Online” bandwagon and start offering you own eBooks now!

  18. PakBlogger says:

    Downloaded and went through the Ebook on your recommendation john(via twitter). Most of the stuff shared is recycled content and loads of affiliate links in report (i don’t mind a few but they are too many). The only thing i like though are short interviews with some good bloggers.
    Brian Clark’s latest ebook is greatttt with loads of fresh and new content that you don’t find everywhere and does not even need email address to download the copy and did i say no affiliate links there.

  19. fas says:

    I smell a launch after this

    1. John Chow says:

      Nope. Zac has nothing to launch. This is just an eBook promotion.

  20. Nick says:

    Thanks for the recommendation John, I follow Zac and this ebook should provide valuable information.

  21. Adam Struve says:

    It was a good read, but like someone else pointed out, it really seemed like a lot of rehashed things you see in every other related ebook. Even if you know the stuff it can serve as a kick in the butt to get your to apply it.

  22. Coat Hanger says:

    I’m hesitant to download *another* ebook that’s probably no different than the 100,000,007 (like how I used the ‘7’ at the end???) ebooks on the market just like it.

    If I knew it was worthwhile, I’d give the guy my email address, but another list coming to me every day to BUY BUY BUY for no real value to me is kind of annoying.

    Anybody download this yet? Any good?

    1. John Chow says:

      You know, you can always unsub from the email list at any time afterward.

  23. Eric Burnett says:

    Great Ebook, I downloaded it and it has alot of nuggets in it..

    1. Lakhyajyoti says:

      Really one of the best books.Thanks for sharing.

  24. earrings says:

    I have downloaded it ,Thanks for your generous.

    1. Lakhyajyoti says:

      One of the best book ever I read.

  25. Lemeul Carr says:

    I love Zac’s content especially the interviews. I will download this now!

  26. ohcikgu says:

    i guess, i need to learn how i can become six figure blogger. right now only for figure blogger..

  27. I need to learn how i can become six figure blogger. right now I’m only a 4 figure blogger…

    Best regards.

    1. Lakhyajyoti says:

      Every one wants to make money online now a days.

  28. Free Picks says:

    I am going to download this ebook

  29. Thanks for the update, will surely check it out.

  30. Gree Home says:

    I believe most of the six figure bloggers are focusing on Make money online niche only :/

    I shall download this ebook though. Thanks alot ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. There is actually quite a few, I know steve pavlina makes close to $100k/month from his personal development blog. And guys like Gary Vaynerchuk (although more than a blogger) have used their blogs to extend their brand into 6 and 7 figure avenues.

  31. The link to the course does not work. Could you please update it?

  32. Anthony says:

    Thanks,John.very good guide,i am going to have a try!

  33. Just downloaded the ebook. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Lakhyajyoti says:

      I also downloaded.

  34. adam says:

    Thanks for giving away such valuable information, I have just set up my blog and sharing with people how I am planning to become a successful internet marketer myself. I am taking a step by step approach so people will be able to see how I make it and how they can do as well.

  35. netblogger says:

    … Low price of ZERO … i have fownloaded it , and thanks for sharing john ..

    1. Lakhyajyoti says:

      ZERO priced E-book,a great E-book.I like it most.

  36. Mike Saf says:

    This is a really nice ad for the ebook. Where do you find such designers?

  37. mizhealth says:

    thanks for sharing this ebook…i will admire it

  38. Eymard says:

    thanks for the share master. i have been reading so many e books and blogs on how to make money online. 3 figure income a month will do to me.

  39. Thanks for this post. I’m planning to set-up my own blog to generate additional income stream for me. This is the right timing that I found this page and i downloaded the report and I really enjoyed the interviews as I definitely learned and will learn more a lot in the future. Will check this blog out regularly.

    Thank and keep on coming up great posts.

    Gary David

  40. sophie says:

    thanks man,your ebook really helpfull for newbie like me..

  41. DC Figures says:

    Thanks for sharing, John. Gonna have to check this one out!

  42. 6 figure blogger sounds good, the book and the idea. Will check it out.

  43. adam says:

    Looking forward to read it now thanks, I have just started my blog this month so looking forward to learning more internet marketing can be tough to get a start there is a lot of hype around

  44. 6 figure blogger would be the dream of a lifetime, def. going to read more and try to make it become a reality.

  45. Making money from blogging can be lucrative if you work at it and stick to it. You can’t post one day and forget about it for a week. It takes dedication.

  46. Very nice interview with zac johnson, i am a reader of both of you ,its nice to see two of you on the same platform

  47. I read both of your blogs, I’m a big fan. Plus I’m an ebook junkie, thanks for the info. Love it.

    1. yeah i love the info he give. thnks john

  48. Mr. Veskov says:

    Hello Mr. Chow, I wanted to ask you, what do you think of this website:
    As your are one of the biggest self-employed online moneymakers, it would be interesting to see your opinion about this new way for advertisement.

    1. John Chow says:

      I think it sucks.

  49. Mr. Veskov says:

    I was expecting a more descriptive opinion, but this works too. Thanks.

  50. I hope to start making a fantastic living online and get out of the rat race as soon as possible.
    Thanks for the informative ebook!

  51. steve says:

    John, ๆ‚จๆ˜ฏๆˆ‘็š„ๅถๅƒ! ๆˆ‘้œ€่ฆๅ‘ๆ‚จๅคšๅคšๅญฆไน ! ๅฐฝ็ฎก่ฟ™ๆ˜ฏๆœ‰ๅ…ณ Zac Johnson ็š„ๆถˆๆฏ.

  52. I will get that now, I’m really interest with the Blog thing. I think it’s one of the most easy way to join peoples and interact!

  53. Timely post with good information – and a great download, too!

  54. Thanks John for sharing. Seeing the name of Brian Clark et al as contributors, I think I would also like to download it.


  55. Hi, john chow:

    ShoeMoney said, you earn money because
    you are always amazingly transparent about exactly what techniques you uses and exactly what you do to make money.

    I dont really understand why you can earn money. either I dont know if you earn money or not

  56. CredFollow says:

    Hi John,
    Thanks for the free ebook.
    Infact, be ready to ‘wire’ a piece of those Apple iPads to Cameroon in Africa because I’m going to be one of the winners. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  57. i-TONG says:

    Hey thanks for the FREE e-book.. Hope it could make me that 6 figure income as well.

  58. Thanks, this is very motivating. I wish you would post some of the tools you are using for list building for example.

  59. john – of, course, zac’s book rocks… am still going through it. but what i thought your other readers would like to know is that when zac says “any questions – just shoot me an email.” I did , and he replied, personally, within a day.

  60. John i really appreciate your recommendation thanks very much

  61. Michigan SEO says:

    I have to be honest. I’ve never heard of you before. I saw your video on MurrayNewsland’s blog and you peaked my curiosity.

    I signed up for your ebook and look forward to reading it.


  62. John have you ever thought about doing an ebook on scams? There seems to be a lot of junk out there and beginners might enjoy that.

  63. hey John, I just want to say that your site and the info you have given me have vastly imporved my “hobbie” of making extra money online. This article is just another great and knowledgable post with quality info.

  64. John
    Your book has made the job of setting up my new blog so much easier and I am now going to see what gems I can find in Zac’s book. Thank you both…….

  65. webhosting says:

    Thanks for the recommendation,really thanks

  66. Loved this book, have recommended it to a few people as i have learnt so much from it. Its almost as good as your site and your products John ….!

  67. Ary says:

    Can’t say more than thank you! I just downloaded and it seems really interesting, so thanks for sharing,

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