Stephen Pierce, The World’s #1 Internet Wealth Advocate

Stephen Pierce

Stephen Pierce is an internet millionaire who runs an empire of online businesses and three different coaching clubs. He is known as one of the powerhouses of the internet and teaches others to replicate his success. However, Pierce didn’t start out successful. His story is one of hope and inspiration for millions of Internet marketers and bloggers.

Classic Rags To Riches Story

Growing up in the mean streets of DC, Pierce was kicked out of school at age 16. He did what most high school dropouts did: look for trouble. When there wasn’t any trouble to be found, he made trouble. After a couple of years on the streets, Pierce was caught in the middle of a gang street fight after a drug deal had gone bad. He was shot in the leg. He was whisked to the hospital but spent a long time laying on the gurney looking up at the harsh lights. He didn’t have insurance, didn’t have a support system and no one believed in him anymore. It was at this point that Pierce figured out he needed to stop blaming everyone else for his problems and start claiming the future he knew he deserved instead of just waiting for it to happen.

The doctors treated him but left the bullet in his leg. Pierce assumed this was because he didn’t have insurance, and they probably expected that he wouldn’t survive much longer anyway, but the bullet is there to this day and it remains a symbol of where he came from and reminds him to be grateful.

Pierce spent the next few years turning his life around and went bankrupted in the process. He started one business after another and they all failed. Even though he wasn’t hanging out in gangs or dealing in drugs anymore, his family disowned him. After filing for bankruptcy in the late 1990s Pierce literally became homeless. An acquaintance let him sleep in his office at night. Pierce borrowed a computer and an internet connection and started to learn about something called the Internet.

Pierce discovered he had a knack for picking stocks. After a year of giving his stock tips away for free on a forum, he started a membership site even though he didn’t know how to put together a website. He sent out an email to the 1,200 people on his email list and waited. After that first $350 order came in several minutes later, the momentum didn’t stop. Pierce made $500K that first year and now, ten years later, grosses $10 million per year selling products on several websites as well as a lucrative speaking career.

DTAlpha Talk Back with Stephen Pierce

DTAplha Talk Back is the blog where Stephen Pierce dishes out his wisdom and advice on life, success, personal development and making money online. Some of the quality posts you’ll find on DTAplpha find include:

Much of the content on DTAlpha are video posts where Pierce is talking back to his readers (hence the talk back name). You can spend hours on the blog and not even scratch the surface.

From a marketing standpoint, DTAlpha does a lot of things right. Pierce does a great job branding himself and he has a good lead capture system in place. DTAlpha is designed to promote Pierce and his work and it does a great job at it. However, the blog could use some help in the SEO department. For example, instead of using Google friendly URLs, DTAlpha still uses the default WordPress URL structure.

Pierce’s motto is “create value, to create wealth” and this maybe part of the reason for the lack of SEO work. DTAlpha definitely offers great value and in the end, that’s all that matters to the readers. you can learn a lot by copying what Pierce does.

Pierce is currently on a 2009 World Tour. He’ll be speaking all over the USA, Canada, UK, India, Dubai, Thailand, China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and South Africa. If he’s coming to your city, I highly recommend you go meet him. Here’s a clip from one of his presentation.

DTAlpha Talk Back with Stephen Pierce

35 thoughts on “Stephen Pierce, The World’s #1 Internet Wealth Advocate”

  1. Benjamin Cip says:

    I like these stories of people who succeed after hard time. In the case of Pierce, I’m really impressed about what he did!

    1. And then they love to share how far they have come up….you know these stories always inspire ( and sells too)

      1. Hahahahah! If you got a good story, it makes sense to get some mileage out of it! Now if only the whole world can start telling a great story, where everubody is healthy, happy & comfortably off, with no fear, hunger, pain or oppression….

  2. Matt says:

    Great story. These are always inspirational and motivating.

    With stocks, however, there is always a certain amount of luck involved. However, putting yourself in the position to where you can take advantage of that luck if it comes is hard in and of itself.

    See the “The Black Swan”.

  3. Nathan says:

    such an inspirational man he is. this is really a nice post john. thanks! ^-^

  4. Seems like quite a genuine guy, though I never trust the dudes who’ve been features on news channels like that…

    1. LetUpdate says:

      Yah, I,my self, do not know anymore which story i must trust in news channels. 😀

  5. LetUpdate says:

    I really like this kind of story. It inspire me to do something better for my life and not always blame the other for my bad situation. Thanks for sharing.

  6. EarningStep says:

    i heard about stephen before and he is really a nice guy with tons of idea ….

  7. yamanote says:

    his web site has a page rank of zero. the site is listed in google so it has not been slapped.

    1. John Chow says:

      Again, more SEO problems. He set a 301 to point to but still has stuff on there in addition to the redirect.

      1. Make Money says:

        My developers did the same thing with a recent article site I was building… 8000 daily uniques to completely delisted from google in 2 days.

        4 months later, after submitting to google for re inclusion, still nothing.

        I recently read your post about getting this site re-included, & gotta wonder if there is anyway us regular people can get Matt Cuts to have a look at our sites.

        A good bottle of wine perhaps… any advice John?

  8. First time I have heard of Stephen but his story is inspiring.

    1. Benjamin Cip says:

      That’s the first time I heard about him too. I really liked his story as well.

  9. videostar says:

    Lack of motivation is a great problem,after having read such kind of stories everybody fells motivated.

  10. Dad Blog says:

    He does give a lot of good ideas and a lot of inspiration. The best part of the story is to stop blaming everyone else for your problems.

  11. Inspirational story , who didn’t lose hope even after the hardship in life.

  12. He has an excellent Alexa Rank <7000 but a PageRank of 0. John is right, this guy needs a lot of SEO help, seems at the moment his traffic comes mainly from, offline?, word of mouth. Quite a phenomena the whole thing, SY

    1. That is really exceptional that he can generate so much traffic from word of mouth. Imagine how much more powerful his site would be if he did have more SEO help! This is truly an example of writing for the readers. I’m going to have to find time to add this into my daily reading routine.


  13. The blog got a lot of pretty good contents. And Stephen is a great guy. But for a blog started in 2007, it really have such a low Google Page Rank. Wonder why…

    1. Teen money says:

      It is very simple. Pagerank is not given importance by him. We must understand the fact that google pagerank does not control the traffic from google. Nothing is more important than traffic and the blog with lot of unique content is ranked just above 50000 by Alexa and it is a good rank.

  14. History of life Stephen Pierce inspires, and shows that the chance for wealth and prosperity to have everyone, you only need to use it.

    1. Teen money says:

      You are absolutely right. His story inspires us. Stories like his will definitely help us in our journey

  15. Truly impressing and inspiring story

  16. David says:

    looks like the american dream is still alive. great!

  17. Ms. Freeman says:

    Interesting guy, cool from rag to riches story. It is good to see that this online ‘thing’ is acheivable.

  18. fas says:

    That is a really motivating story. Sometime luck plays a vital role.

  19. I dunno, kind of looks like a get rich quick thing

  20. PinoyBoy says:

    It’s a nice story of hope. Of turning things around. He is a good example to others who are in deep problems to keep on doing and hope for the best instead of giving up.

    I wonder if the bullet is really still inside him?

  21. Nick Aviles says:

    I wonder why the bullet wasn’t removed… But it is certainly a very impressive story.

    1. Make Money says:

      It’s often safer to leave them there, if they can cause no further damage.

  22. Teen money says:

    It really is a great story. It brought me to tears. Stephen Pierce seems to be a person of substance. We must learn a lot from people like him. He find time and effort to learn from his mistakes. He fashioned his life to help others and help himself. Great personality.

  23. That is quite unreal! Zero SEO and serious internet success. Imagine if he had known about SEO from the word go! Now I’d like to know if he is going to do something about his SEO efforts now that he has been alerted to his current shortcomings in that department.

  24. Blogging says:

    I volunteer to give him some SEO help / advice for free, just drop me a note in a comment on my blog, always happy to help a great blogging colleague! SY

  25. Money-Era says:

    What a fantastic rags to riches story! This is why I love North America so much! Would it be possible anywhere else?

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