StoreStacker Stacks Your Affiliate Store

While you could certainly attempt to do the affiliate marketing thing by relying on just a single affiliate program, that’s probably not the best course of action. You’ve heard me say it before and I’ll say it again: don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Why is it, then, that so many would-be affiliate marketers focus their energies solely on the affiliate programs offered by eBay and Amazon? There are more opportunities out there, but it can be so time-consuming to hunt out just the right products to fit your chosen niche.

Reportedly helping you to not only seek out these great products, but also to populate your affiliate website with relevant content and videos is a helpful program called StoreStacker. The idea is that it is completely integrated with eBay, Amazon, Clickbank, Overstock, eBay, and more, effectively making “affiliate marketing easier, faster, and infinitely more profitable.” Here is my review.

Setting an Affiliate Website on Auto-Pilot

Now, we all know that it is perfectly possible to create a website from scratch, targeting whatever niche that you’d like. That’s all well and good, but it can also be incredibly time-consuming. Those of you who have been doing the affiliate marketing thing for a little while may also be familiar with scripts and software that can pull product lists from a single source, like the eBay affiliate program. That’s how AuctionAds got its start. Even with this latter strategy, you can be quite limited.

The key difference with StoreStacker is that it draws products from several sources simultaneously. Furthermore, every link is automatically converted into a masked affiliate link with your account information. This ensures that every outbound link has the potential to make you money and, at the same time, your affiliate IDs remain anonymous.

As it stands, StoreStacker can work with eBay, Amazon, Clickbank, Overstock, Regnow, and HotelClub. That’s for pulling the products based on your chosen keywords or keyword phrases. You can literally create thousands of product pages in an instant. The other half of the equation comes from YouTube and RSS, allowing you to populate your affiliate site with relevant articles and YouTube videos as well. Regular updates will encourage Google to send its spider bots to your site more often. That’s a definite SEO plus.

If you’d like, StoreStacker can be used to build a new affiliate website from scratch. Alternatively, it can also be integrated into your blog or installed into a subdomain.

Video Killed the Radio Star?

To gain a better understanding of how StoreStacker works and exactly what it does, the developers have put together a short video explanation.

Note that after you have setup your StoreStacker-powered affiliate website, it can effectively run itself, automatically getting updated with new products, new articles (via RSS), and new videos from YouTube. John always said that passive income is the best kind of income. They say that with StoreStacker, you can set it and forget it. And yes, a single license can be used on as many websites as you’d like.

Control Panel and User Interface

The developers tried their best to make StoreStacker as intuitive as possible. That’s why when you enter the main administration area for a StoreStacker-powered website, you will be shown the basic navigation at the top and a site preview below.

The navigation at the top is meant to be followed from left to right, just like how you read. Follow those steps in the provided order to setup and edit your affiliate site as you see fit. The settings menu is equally intuitive with drop-down menus and simple fields to fill out. This is where you decide on the length of descriptions, which template to use, and number of products to show on each page.

Integration Will Cost You

At first glance, StoreStacker looked like it could be a pretty powerful tool for all the affiliate marketers out there, because they could literally set up hundreds or even thousands of niche affiliate stores selling all sorts of targeted products from a number of different affiliate programs. After taking a peek at the purchase page, however, I found that there was a bit of a catch.

You see, the core StoreStacker software can be had for $97, offering you an unlimited domain license. The catch is that this core software only includes integration with eBay, Amazon, and YouTube (they’ve got a typo on the buy page too). If you want integration with ClickBacnk, RSS, RegNow, Overstock, or HotelClub, the associated plugins come at an additional price of $25 each. It’s also unfortunate that the StoreStacker script will not work with GoDaddy or Yahoo! hosting. That’s something they’ll definitely need to overcome.

All this said, StoreStacker sounds like it could pay for itself if implemented correctly, because it stacks the odds in your favor. The user interface is straightforward and StoreStacker could save you tons of time by finding all the relevant products for you. The developers are also working on additional plug-ins for more integration, so be prepared to fork out an extra $25 when you need those too.


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  1. says:

    This looks like a great source to help your complete your site .

    1. Pretty neat — I’ve always been a big of fan of website/commerce shopping cart integration.

      1. 100kjob says:

        Did I just hear someone bashing “GoDaddy”?

  2. Eric Tan says:

    Looks like an awesome tool for everyone to use… now I gotta figure out how I can apply it. Thanks for the neat info John.

  3. Great integration of all the sites

  4. mrkbsm says:

    That sounds like an interesting product. I have a few BANS sites going, but hadn’t looked at StoreStacker yet. Have any of you folks out there used both tools? It’d be nice to hear somewhat of a side-by-side comparison.

  5. Clog Money says:

    Looks good, however I’m going to stir up some controversy yet again by saying I think these products have already had there day. Google doesn’t like these sites and I can see them slowly dropping in the serps.

    1. Do you have any good examples of google not liking these products or why they wouldn’t?

    2. dave says:

      Good to see that atleast ClogMoney is pointing out what may be a downside, pity more people don’t do it, although I suppose you are being paid to post so at least you make the cash…
      As for anyone else looking at this product, you should realise while what they provide might be slightly better then your coding experience, they are taking a % of all your future sales for this knowledge. If you spent a small bit of time learning how to set-up these offers for yourself you would be a lot better off in the long run.

  6. looks good
    i will soon try it out
    Great review 🙂

  7. whateverebay says:

    This is a must research for me! Informative article. With the local business not doing well, and prices going higher due to other factors most will relay on saving money with merchants online. I have several online ecommerce and affiliate stores as well. Due to the variety we carry and offer through affiliate we have been able to maintain our gross sales. Nice job John….

  8. StoreStacker is pretty good software. I’ve set up a store and it’s lookin pretty good.

  9. I’ll certainly give this a second look but I agree with Clogmoney. These sites have been and gone. No doubt it’ll still make billions but I’m not a fan of these sites.

    Thanks for the review though John.

  10. I also agree with Clog Money & The Blog Academy. It looks fantastic – don’t get me wrong. The ability to use all of these sites together is genius. However, Google are really putting their foot down & the market is pretty much saturated at this point. You can still make money, but I don’t think new ones will be able to make a complete living off it. Most of the ones I’ve come across who are making a living have been around for years.

  11. Nice reviews. But given the fact that you are not using this product.. I doubt that I should be using it either.

    1. dave says:

      I agree, but John pushes a lot of products he doesn’t use himself on the base that people sign up under him or he has been paid $500 upfront to list a service like this, either way he never looses so makes the blog more popular.
      If 1 in 100 of his referrals to this program makes a profit, all is happy as it produces a genuine testimonial with a reference back to where the idea came from, pretty rare these days, but a lot of those that don’t make the profits expected will still try to push this nonsense back to their readers in order to recoup their original costs and maybe make a few bucks more.

  12. Looks like an interesting concept. Hopefully it is better than some of its competitors because they lack a lot of things that some of us want.

  13. Nice article. Too bad the product doesn’t integrate with key players such as Commission Junction and Linkshare.

  14. Josten says:

    looks like all they did was tweak amazon affliate widgets and what not and just put a price tag

  15. very neat. I will check this out.

  16. zolar says:

    Hm.. It is good for us to earn more money..
    I will sign up…

  17. VeRonda says:

    This is a great way of bringing everything together…

  18. I promote the S*** out of Store Stacker. It is a great solution for anyone that just wants to market and not blah blah blah so d**** much. Hey, its simple, it’s quick, and even though it doesn’t get you everything, it does a lot.

    How do I make five stars appear here: *****

  19. VeRonda above my comment is very cute! fyi…

  20. Cool thanks. You should also make a list of the best affiliate programs. I know many people would say that is impossible to do with all of the different markets out there, but most people are looking for affliate programs with high payouts and making sure they pay fast. Thanks!

  21. Danny says:

    Looks good but I have to agree with Robin on this one. My country do not have affiliate for eBay which is a bummer. Having to pay for for additional plugins to major key players is another bummer…

  22. Sounds like a good deal but is it really possible to sell stuff let alone make money with programs from E-bay and Amazon. If I want something from Amazon I just type in, not search other people’s websites.

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