Superman To Become A Super Blogger

If you’ve been keeping up with Superman in the comics, you’ll see Clark Kent (AKA Superman) quit his job at the Daily Planet newspaper in today’s issue. In an attempt to modernize their flagship character, DC Comics is bringing Superman into the 21st century by having Clark Kent say good-bye to the dying old world media, and hello to making money online by blogging!

Kent’s departure from the Daily Planet comes after editor-in-chief Perry White’s haranguing him about not getting more scoops about Superman, and the increasingly corporate atmosphere at the paper, which is now a part of multimedia corporation Galaxy Broadcasting.

Kent has been with the newspaper for approximately 70 years. Perhaps his decades-long inability to advance past the position of reporter contributed to his decision.

Whatever the reason for leaving, I like to welcome him to the blogging world. The best two pieces of advice I can give him is to always delivery value, and to start that email list from day one. Even Superman needs a list!

17 thoughts on “Superman To Become A Super Blogger”

  1. Wow, what a transformation for Superman. I wish him the very best as he starts his blog. This post reiterates the fact that blogging is the wave of tomorrow.

  2. Richard Ng says:

    Like your closure of “even superman need a list!” Hahaha… Very true!

    1. Priyank says:

      Yeah, you are right Richard,
      But I’m thinking what should be the name of his blog….?? any guesses.

      1. Richard Ng says:

        “Clark The Super”? Hahaha

  3. Wade says:

    70 years as a reporter! Wow! Superman sucks at his job if he hasn’t moved up by now. He should be running that place. Knowing this fact doesn’t make me worry that he will be a major competitor in blogging.

    Even Superman can’t muster traffic from nowhere. Although I agree that he should start his list right away. Maybe 70 years from now he’ll have some subscribers!

    1. Hi Wade,
      do you know that Super Man is pretty fast, he may end up creating 100 posts per day and I think that is a hell of a Competition! 😀 😛 😉

  4. Jason James says:

    Not having a list is like cryptonite.

  5. Ha ha ha ha!!!! Super Man is now blogging!
    I know he will surely do well cos he always does in the Movie.
    I think Google will have a Kryptonite Update soon! BTW, John, can i get the link to his blog? 😀 😉

  6. Nice….that’s really cool – I did not know.

  7. Sylvie says:

    I like this! I’m curious to see what he’ll blog about and what it’ll be called. So if he’s now going to be an entrepreneur he’ll have to figure out how to monetise his blog and everything, so we have Superman trying to rank his site in google? lol

  8. Prachi says:

    Really a great article me too really waiting for that blog, lovely post !

  9. faisal says:

    This had to happen, one day!

  10. Welcome Mr. superman to the world of blogging! I will surely be one of his avid visitor on his blog site. I’m looking forward for his posts.

  11. It’s cool news.. Superman comes into world of blogging. Great.

  12. Bruno Babic says:

    Funnily enough, Superman in the context of this inspiring post has actually reminded me of Rocky Balboa that, believe or not, I have dared to associate myself with in the first sentence of the first post of my personal blog.

    Having said that I believe that both Superman’s decision to leave his 70 year long tedious old world media career as well as Rocky Balboa’s determination, tenacity and “never-give-up” attitude can all serve us as a good example suggesting that it’s really never too late to stop doing what you don’t love and start a much better life or if you like, a life that you have always dreamed of.

    Now, what Superman, Rocky and I have in common are actually two things:

    1. Thinking BIG reinforced with never giving up following my greatest passions and dreams
    2. Strong determination to succeed in achieving my dreams or put simply, my strong determination to WIN no matter what…

    In a nutshell, here’s my story.

    After my extremely painful and shocking 7 year long struggle to achieve my ever desired millionaire playboy lifestyle based on earning multiple streams of cash from an automated online business, I have bravely decided to get up again from being down on my knees and NOW FINALLY win the game of making money online.

    I hope to receive any of your encouraging feedback as well as notes about your own Superman inspired story and your ever desired dreams that you wholeheartedly want to achieve by posting your comments on my personal blog.

    In advance thank you very much for all your support and encouragement.

    To your success of achieving all of your dreams!!

    Bruno Babic

  13. you are write Richard it a different news “super man become a blogger”

  14. Himanshu says:

    Amezing Nice job Richard it is your big thinking “Superman To Become A Super Blogger”

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