Surprise: Affiliate Marketing Is Still a Money Maker

What thoughts do you have for affiliate marketers? when you hear someone talk about making money online as an affiliate, do you frown at it or chuckle on your inside? I know exactly why I’m asking such questions because not too long ago, one of my active readers sent me a question. He asked,

“Do you still make money at affiliate marketing?”

Trust me I was so surprised because one of my major means of generating income since 2011 online till date is through Affiliate Marketing.

Even before I discovered what wordpress is all about and how to use it to build an awesome website, I had been using blogger (blogspot) to create content pages and rank in Google first page for highly searched keywords.

A Powerful leverage

What is leverage?

According to the Encarta Dictionary, the word “leverage” simply means “the power to get things done.”Now from this simple definition, you can see that affiliate marketing is all about leveraging other people’s hard work and reaping the rewards.

Come to think of it, someone went the extra mile, researched and created a powerful product/service. All you’ve to do is promote the product and get a certain percentage of the profit. Isn’t it wonderful?

That’s why I always encourage beginners to internet business to start with affiliate marketing. They shouldn’t think of creating their own products as yet because the core knowledge needed to carry out a thorough research work is not there.

And to you the intermediate and seasoned blogger, affiliate marketing can be a source of income for you. Don’t ignore it totally.

You’re not selling

One deadly mistake I see a lot of bloggers and affiliate marketers make at all times is that they are trying to sell the product. But the fact is that you’re not the seller. That’s the job of the salespage and the product owner.

Your own is to pre-sell (warm up the prospect before sending him/her to the order page). You see, before you can buy a kindle book at Amazon, you’re giving the chance to “look inside the book.”

Amazon is and will continue to top the list of online shopping sites that understands human psychology, not just marketing.

An affiliate marketer is not a seller. He or she is primarily an information provider: An agent. A middleman between the sales page and the prospect. So you’ve got to understand your role (preselling) and stick to it.

Are you an affiliate already?

What sorts of affiliate marketer are you? Well it doesn’t really matter. It takes a simple step to increase your income today. What could that be?

Drive more “targeted” traffic to your offer and make sure you collect email leads first before redirecting prospects to the salespage.

When you use this strategy, even if the person (prospect) isn’t convinced to buy instantly, you can easily follow up via autoresponder email follow ups and promote the same or better products. Does it make sense?

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25 thoughts on “Surprise: Affiliate Marketing Is Still a Money Maker”

  1. Corneliu says:

    Gosh! So many beginers should read this over and over!…

    I’m a newbie too, but it wouldn’t cross my mind to give up crucial informations -such as prices for different licenses- in the first video I made.
    I’ve seen that happen.

    1. Daniel says:

      Eventually the ones who truly want to grasp the affiliate marketing concept will catch n. Get traffic, build lists of followers through email and promote stuff to them. Try to entertain people too. It goes a long way.

  2. Richard says:

    Yes. Absolutely, affilate marketing is definately a money maker. The photo of John Chow and Matt lloyd is a prime example. John selling Matt lloyds Mobe Licensing rights. Thats how he got $686,435 according to the cheque as above.

    Its amazing how John encourages readers to opt-in. Just click on the photo and automatically, he wants my email address. Excellent way to reel in the fish (prospects).

  3. Nayetta says:

    John, I trust your wisdom in this business. When reading your book The Ultimate Online Profit Model months ago, the part that stuck with me is the importance of capturing the leads information before shipping that name off to the affiliate owner. I am currently making changes to my website to include an affiliate link, and I am setting up a sort of “capture” page first.

  4. rakesh kumar says:

    No doubt affiliate marketing is a great source of income unless untill google caught you. Once it is able to detect, you are using affiliate products on your website, it start penalizing your site, thus you have very few traffic from the search engine,

    It is also learn that traffic coming through the search engine is more ready to purchase your products. This forced me to create my own money making products. Am i right ?

    1. Of course, Rakesh, nothing beats creating your own products!

      I have had success as an affiliate but I enjoy the bucks from my products better!


  5. Suraj KC says:

    I wonder how you make so much money online, just by affiliate marketing. I’ve been following you since very long. Would you teach me too how to earn such money online?

  6. seormo says:

    I have you as my idol

  7. Hello Mike,

    You’re one hell lot of a smart blogger and I always get to learn a thing or two when I read your entries. When I first read (from your blog) that a blog wasn’t a business but a leverage to ‘a business’, that was the foggiest idea ever…today, its however very clear and I must acknowledge you for that bit of info.

    Today, I do agree too that affiliate marketing rocks…though I must confess that I make more money selling my own products and services.


  8. I. C. Daniel says:

    Indeed we’re not selling, we try to but as you said, is not our job, our job is to pre-sell.

  9. Michael and JC, spot on! Poverty conscious folks believe you can’t make money through certain channels. Prosperity conscious folks put that notion on its ear, and make money through many channels.

    Keep rocking it guys.


  10. Jon Rhodes says:

    I like to look at affiliate marketing as “recommending” products. If I read a book that I found useful, then I may as well share this with my readers. May will be grateful for being shown a useful resource. I of course use an Amazon link to earn commission – everybody’s happy!

  11. Ozgem Deniel says:

    Really, affiliate marketing Is a money maker.

  12. Affiliate marketing has become more difficult to make money on, but at the same time the quality of the products and all the companies that tried to lure the customers disappeared. So there’s money still if you work with a serious company.

  13. quang says:

    Affiliate makerting very interesting, and I will try.

  14. Andrew says:

    Great post John!!!

    Your blog has ben my inspiration to start workin as an affiliate marketer and im starting to get a good income with my blog, pre-selling (like you say) clickbank products.

    !Thanks again!

  15. faisal says:

    But how many are doing it?

  16. Makes a lot of sense John.

    I love reading your blog. 🙂

  17. Of course it is 🙂

    Especially if you are in an evergreen niche.

    Like diet, health, dating etc

  18. Richard says:

    Affiliate Marketing is still a money maker.
    1. Create a website to a particular niche i.e. Internet Marketing
    2. Create quality content
    3. Add your affiliate links to the quality content from Clickbank or other programs.
    4. Make sure you have a squeeze page to collect email addresses
    3. Promote the site via youtube videos, article marketing, etc etc etc

    Looks easy.

  19. Naidy Phoon says:

    Great post John!

    I started with affiliate marketing as a newbie and found that the skills acquired in affiliate marketing such as traffic generation, copywriting, etc.. were incredibly useful when I decided to create my own product!

    Sure, there’s much more competition now due to the low barrier to entry. But most people put up crap content online just to rank for a keyword, and end up not converting. If you can put up content better than crap, then you can definitely make money.

    Ultimately as entrepreneurs we must take all the facts into consideration and come to our own conclusion. My opinion is that affiliate marketing is an incredibly lucrative business model. You just have to make sure to be in evergreen niches (at least for your main stream of income) and you’ll be fine!

  20. Chetan Patel says:

    Thanks for sharing this amazing information with us. Actually I am also an Affiliate and currently work for an affiliate business which is really really good. It offers a simple program to earn lots of money online. Using this interesting business anyone can earn up to $710K in just 28 days without any product, website, selling or convincing.

  21. Enstine Muki says:

    That’s one of the best ways to make money online, that’s after selling your own stuff. I love the money that’s recurring with membership products 😉

  22. aceclue says:

    Affiliate marketing rocks. it is the easiest way to make money online. Get the marketing idea and strategies. You then apply the methods to your own product to earn 100% revenue.

    I agree when you mentioned the great mistake affiliate marketers make. They do the double work all halfway. Their single role is to serve as a lead generator who gears potential buyers to buying proposition and help them to make an informed buying decision.

  23. James says:

    Thanks John!

    You have given me good ideas to implement in my blog to make money online. Admittedly affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money. I will implement your advice.

    Great post!

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