Sweeva Takes Web Browsing into the Social Sphere

Remember about ten years ago when those auto-surfing services and ad-based toolbars hit the scene? Some people made some decent money with those services, but they quickly fell out of favor. Well, it seems that a somewhat similar concept has resurfaced with a social media slant to it.

In today’s review, we take a look at Sweeva, a new site and service that refers to itself as “social browsing.” What exactly does this mean and can it be profitable to you as an Internet marketer? Perhaps.

Like an Automated StumbleUpon?

Many of you may already be familiar with StumbleUpon and how it can send you a random website with the click of a mouse. Checking out the “How It Works” page on Sweeva, the fundamental concept is similar but the execution is vastly different.

Instead of only going to a new site when you click the button, the entire Sweeva membership views the same site at the same time. A new site pops up about every 30 seconds and the community then has the opportunity to interact with it: comments, Facebook shares, ratings, and so on.

The kicker is that the sites being displayed to the Sweeva community are actually submitted by the Sweeva members themselves. In this way, you could justifiably use Sweeva to promote your book, your blog, or whatever other site you’d like.

A System of Bids and Credits

After you go through the process of signing up for a new account with Sweeva, you’ll be greeted with the main user dashboard.

From there, you can use the navigational links near the top to add your sites to the Sweeva directory and place bids to have these sites appear. You see, Sweeva works on a system of credits.

You get credits for viewing the sites on the autosurf utility and referring other users. Alternatively, you can buy additional credits. There are four packages, ranging from $7.97 (1,000 credits) to $47.97 (10,000 credits).

Bidding on Promotional Power

These credits are then spent in a bid-based system. You can add as many sites as you want to your directory, but each bid is only valid for one of those. Since some times of the day are more desirable than others, the bid system accommodates such differences.

As you can see here, you can select the day of the week, as well as the time of the day that you would like your submitted site to appear for other Sweeva members. For both day and time, you can make multiple selections if you like.

After that, you’ll need to choose the number of credits you’d like to use in your bid. As you can probably suspect, the highest bidders for each surfing hour get to have their sites shown. These sites are chosen between 20 minutes and one hour prior to being shown on the Sweeva autosurfing utility.

What About the Autosurfing Itself?

Naturally, the main part of Sweeva’s social browsing is the autosurfing portion of the site.

The “winning” sites are shown in the main part of the window, of course, with the sidebar providing a space for comments and conversation. The person who submitted the site, along with any ribbons he or she may have earned, is shown at the top of this sidebar.

Below that are three buttons: thumbs down, unsure, and thumbs up. You vote on the site and it can earn said ribbons and awards. You will not be taken to the next site until you vote, it seems. You’ll also notice some links along the bottom for tweeting, saving the site, and so forth.

Web Browsing and Marketing on Autopilot?

At this point, it’s hard to say whether or not Sweeva will be a success. Many people do enjoy the utility of something like StumbleUpon, but that still has much more of a social aspect to it, whereas Sweeva attracts more Internet marketers.

Many of the sites shown during my time spent on Sweeva were promotional in nature, trying to push affiliate deals and the like. This is understandable, but almost regrettable. In terms of functionality, though, Sweeva is reasonably user friendly and easy to understand.


31 thoughts on “Sweeva Takes Web Browsing into the Social Sphere”

  1. PPC Ian says:

    Seem like a really interesting concept from a marketers perspective. I may try it out to drive more traffic to my blog.

    1. I’d definitely agree Ian. PS – how is the blog commenting going? 🙂

      1. Harshad says:

        Seems like you missed it this time 😉

      2. PPC Ian says:

        It is going well! Testing some strategies for sure. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

        1. Jay says:

          I’ve never seen Kontera used in the comments section of someone’s blog before. Sneaky John. Love it!

  2. d3so says:

    Do the viewers get paid to view the sites?
    I don’t think 30 seconds is enough screen time 😛

    1. same here, 30 sec.. hmmm.. maybe make it 1 minute

  3. Tim Linden says:

    Thanks Michael! Great review, and I do agree we need to get more non promotional sites in there. We are working on getting some plugins and widgets for bloggers, and doing advertising campaigns to get video people in there too.

    1. Yes noticed your photo with the sweeva T shirt with the make money online book. Correct me if I am wrong.

      Your website is very simple and you should add more charm so that people can remember it.

      Best of luck.

      1. Agree ZK its just the subtle touches that can go a long ways.

      2. Tim’s blog is a little bit on the bland side. With all the decent content he has a nice fresh and modern theme will really make his offering much more attractive.

  4. AtaArticles says:

    Well, if it drives traffic to your site and helps in your marketing then go for it. But regarding the autosurf feature, need to be careful if you have adsense or other PPC ads on your site!

    1. Tim Linden says:

      Yea – should be noted it’s not auto surf, but still questionable whether Google will see it as such.

    2. Autosurf has never really worked, always just inflates page views, never any clicks though

  5. lets see how it goes but seems interesting.

  6. George185 says:

    This seems like it would be a good program to promote a promotional site for your ebook or program, but like AtaArticles said, I’m afraid Google might see it as a no-no.

    1. I totally agree, anything that you can just set and forget, nothing with adsense on it though.

  7. Interesting new idea and concept.

  8. Would love to give a try as we should encourage new things and new invention.

  9. What is the value of this kind of traffic, I mean, will anybody there actually buy something? Social traffic is not known for being “buying” traffic, SY

  10. Jan says:

    It sounds as an interesting concept.

  11. Looks like a solid new system, will def. have to check it out.

  12. SEO Results says:

    I love using SU, and therefore I can see value here, but it all is going to depend on the numbers they get on board at the end of the day. That will be the difference between success and failure. The product looks good and now the marketing needs to get cranked on hard and fast. Reviews such as these help a lot in this regard.

    1. May I ask how your bounce rate is when you get a lot of SU traffic? In my experience SU – driven visitors only stay for a few seconds on a site and don’t “buy” anything. I am using “buying” here in the widest possible sense, SY

      1. I totally agree. I often get the content on my personal blog Stumbled and it’s pretty bad. I don’t get much traffic and even so, bounce is almost 100% with virtually no new rss signups/subscribers.

      2. StumbleUpon traffic is generally a huge spike of traffic on the analytics, but the old quality over quantity saying really applies here. Not converting traffic, at all.

  13. I had to read this post 3 times, I found the concept pretty confusing at first, but I think I got it. After understanding this, the reason that I don’t plan on using it is because things like this inevitably become a haven for low-quality sites. Meaning that over time, visitors will view your site just so they can get theirs promoted. Over time, no one cares about anybody and there is little value left.

  14. Free Picks says:

    an other new concept?

    but why did they used hospital theme :-s

  15. I don’t think they’ll make it. It doesn’t really provide enough value to the advertiser or the user.

  16. Melvin says:

    Yes, Sweeva is an awesome site and that’s not the only one so far taking advantage of this concept. It seems a new one has come in town called SurfVo.com

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