T3Leads Adds PPC Platform to the Monetization Mix

When you are in the business of making money from your blog or website, you have to keep your options open and you have to be flexible when it comes to your monetization strategies. One network might be great for you one day, but you could just as easily find another ad network that is even more effective the next day. You certainly don’t want to leave any money on the table.

Consider a network like T3Leads, for example. Most people associate T3leads with affiliate marketing and it is absolutely true that CPA is a big part of their picture, but today’s review is about something different. You see, T3Leads recently launched a new program where you are able to place ads on your website or blog on a CPC basis. You can get paid on clicks, rather than working to send qualified leads.

A Re-Introduction to T3leads

Regular readers of John Chow dot Com probably recognize the T3Leads brand. I first reviewed them way back in 2008, following up with another review two years later. For both of those T3Leads was still a pay-per-lead network and that part of their business is still intact.

Now, T3Leads has added a new partner program to the network. They now have “a highly innovative platform to advertise on websites of new and existing affiliates on a pay-per-click basis.” This gives site owners the ability to monetize their web properties in another way, giving them a possible alternative to something like Google AdSense.

If you already have an account with T3Leads, then you don’t need to re-apply. You already have access to the PPC platform. You can find this under the “Channels” navigation tab in the affiliate dashboard. From there, you can click to create a new ad and start monetizing your site with CPC too.

The New Pay-Per-Click Platform

When you consider most of the text link and text banner type ads that you find with the majority of CPC/PPC ad networks, you may have options to change the colors or adjust the borders, but you can’t really change the ad copy; the actual words are those of the advertiser.

That’s not the case with the T3Leads PPC platform. Instead, you get to write the ad copy to suit your audience. As you can see in the screenshot above, you choose the advertiser from the pull-down list of pages, then you write the ad headline, the two lines of ad text, and even the anchor text URL. Depending on how evil you are, you can get pretty creative here.

As far as site monetization goes, that’s pretty flexible. The strange thing is that I can’t seem to find the options to change the colors or the size of the ad. Given that I can write the ad copy, you would think that more basic options like those would also be available.

Saving, Editing and Publishing Ads

After you’ve created the ad, you can save it to your account and refer back to it as necessary to adjust the ad copy or play around with the settings.

The ad code is displayed for you to embed on your website as you see fit. T3Leads is saying that the “highly competitive pricing [makes] this a more profitable system than Google AdSense.” Some people may disagree, but that is a very bold claim. It does help that you are working more directly with the advertisers, in a sense, so you should be earning more profits as a result. Since you’re writing the ad copy too, you have a huge opportunity to engage your readers and encourage more click-throughs.

Another Revenue Source

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. That’s true for a lot of things in life and it couldn’t be more appropriate for site monetization. While there are bigger payouts for CPA, having the right mix of CPC/PPC could be great for making some extra money too.

“This new feature of T3Leads’ partner program,” according to the official statement, “helps affiliates earn additional revenue from their already income producing websites with minimal effort on the part of webmasters.” Especially if you’ve been hit with the Google ban-hammer, the T3Leads PPC platform could be a good alternative to consider.