Take Over the Playground with PPC Bully

Did you get bullied in school? Have you been a victim of e-thug aggression? Isn’t it about time that you fight back by making as much money online as you possibly can?

While you could be a Goody Two-Shoes and run your PPC campaign the traditional way, you may prefer to take a look at this review of PPC Bully instead. That’s because PPC Bully just may be able to give you a significant leg up on all the other kids in the PPC playground. Stop getting bullied. Start being the bully.

Do Your Keyword Research Without Trial and Error

Generally speaking, pay-per-click campaigns take a lot of trial and error. You set up your keywords and design your ads, trying to track those conversions and tweaking your campaign as necessary until you find just the right combination that works the best. With PPC Bully, you don’t need to do that, because you don’t need to invest in “testing” your ad campaigns.

Instead, this online tool allows you to uncover “winning combinations of keywords, ads, landing pages and even merchants, enabling you to create more profitable campaigns by knowing up front what works (and what doesn’t).” This is because you can insert your keywords and see exactly what your competition is already doing. Cash in on their “test” and emerge with the most lucrative combinations possible.

To better understand how PPC Bully works, check out the demo video on the main page. It walks you through the basic process.

Bully the Pay-Per-Click Playground

For more of a hands-on experience with PPC Bully, be sure to check out the free demo area. You won’t be able to follow your custom keywords or anything like that, but you are able to see what PPC Bully can do. It asks for a name and email to enter the demo area, but you can enter just about anything. It doesn’t verify either piece of information.

The main screen of the admin area allows you to see the various projects. The projects are named according to their niche (or whatever you want to call them) and this main projects page shows you the geo-targeted country, number of keywords being tracked, ratio of profitable ads, and so on. PPC Bully scans on a very regular basis, so the information is usually up to date.

Clicking on one of these projects, you are then taken to a page that lists all the keywords and keyword phrases being tracked. The second column (PI) stands for Profitability Indicator. This is calculated by this formula:

(Number of days seen x Percentage seen) / Number of days since last seen = PI

A profitable ad is one whose PI is at least 20, but you can adjust this threshold in the account settings. You can also see the ratio of profitable ads and the number of affiliate ads on this keyword page as well.

Sneak a Peek at Competitors’ Ads Too

Beyond being able to track the keywords, PPC Bully is also able to show you your competitors’ ads, landing pages, and even what merchants they are using (affiliate marketing).

It’s great to see the keywords associated with each ad creative, as well as the ad’s average position in search results. This gives you a glimpse into the kinds of ads that will work for your chosen target or niche. You can see both the displayed URL and the destination URL.

Pricing and VIP Invitation

So, how much does all of this cost? There are three pricing plans for PPC Bully.

The Silver membership provides you with 500 keywords and 25 Bully keywords (hourly scans) for $49/month. The $99/month Gold membership bumps that up to 2000 keywords and 100 Bully keywords, whereas the $199/month Platinum membership offers 5000 keywords and 250 Bully keywords.

PPC Bully may appear to be available by invitation only, but John Chow dot Com readers have been granted special access to this online tool. Simply enter the VIP Code VIPPASS to bypass the invitation process. This code also provides the user with a 20% discount.

Oh, and you may also notice that PPC-Bully.net looks like it’s using an iframe to display the “real” website (PPCBully.com). For this reason, I believe that the person who ordered this review is making use of the PPC Bully affiliate program. Just because you want to order a review on John Chow dot Com doesn’t mean that you need to order a review for your own product, you know.


35 thoughts on “Take Over the Playground with PPC Bully”

  1. Neeshes says:

    Is PPC Bully a hunchback? He’s overcome a lot. Good to see.

    1. now who is good ?
      PPC coach or PPC bully ??

      1. Roger Moore says:

        Both look like crap compared to shoemoney tools

    2. See, that’s why PPC Bully had to become a bully in the first place…people kept calling him hunchback.

      He once was kind and gentle, but now he’s pure EVIL!

  2. Jon says:

    This is interesting for those who are really into promoting their product using various affiliates but I find the price a little steep. Why not have something with just the absolute basics at half or a quarter the price? 50$ a month can be better spent elsewhere in my opinion.

    http://WoodMarvels.com – Create Unique Memories

    1. Abdul says:

      But you must not overlook the ease this product brings in affiliate marketing, test it for a month, if it’s worth it then carry on using it! In my opinion it is fully worth it!

      1. have you tried this? Although using it for a month my work, is there anything that keeps you from just using it a month? How do they keep people investing month after month. It seems that just get the 200.00 deal and then just keep the keywords. This way I could just pay the 200.00 every six months. Is this something that I missed in the review?

    2. NoName says:

      You can save 30% monthly if you register with your clickbank hop link… 8=))

  3. ahmike says:

    John, thanks, i was searching for something about this, my friend is banned from google ads due to 6000 clicks from PPC Bully

    1. I’d like to know more about that? If this program registers clicks and people get charged for PPC Buly clicking on ads, we have a problem here.

      1. NoName says:

        I’ve been using this program during the test phase and it’s a BOBM.
        The program DOES NOT register clicks on ads!
        As for the price you can register with your clickbank hop link and save 30% of your money each month… 8=))

    2. Wow. Can you elaborate on this?

  4. Josten says:

    how many ppc programs do we honestly need..sheesh seems as if a new one is created everday just about

  5. Piper says:

    Ugh. Sick of clicking through to JohnChow.com links and seeing yet another crappy review post for some instant wealth system. You’d think with so much income, Mr. Chow could afford to have a little integrity. This sounds like a waste of money.

    1. Brad says:

      “instant wealth system” – wtf? did you even read the review. it’s for PPC. all this program does is monitor keywords, if a keyword is kept longer then 1 month, then it usually means it would be profitiable.

    2. Someone clearly didn’t read the review. I love it when people comment on a post that they didn’t even read.

      1. What did he just say…i didn’t read it!

  6. How could this system possible know which ads are profitable? Half the time the advertisers don’t even know which ads are profitable. It’s just a wild guess, and for $50 or $200 a month I’d want more than a guess.

  7. Kok Choon says:

    Judge from the demo video, this tool is impressive!

    You can’t compete PPC without some very powerful and good spying tools, I wonder if Amit Mehta and Jeremy Palmer are using it??

  8. Abdul says:

    I feel ashamed when I read the first line, that’s because I was kind of a bully when I was in Primary school!

  9. mikerambling says:

    It looks good though the name is not, i cant see the word bully to be incorporate as in professional area

  10. Blantonious says:

    This looks like the exact thing I need. I hate spending so much time trying to research keywords only to find out they are not the terms I want.

  11. kay says:

    good article john.nice blog.

  12. Good review for a change, but I’m starting to get a review overload. Where’s the good content? Like food! 🙂

  13. VeRonda says:

    Seems like a very essential tool and a time saver, which we all need.

  14. domainpubber says:

    So how come JC never does these reviews himself? MK does a fine job but if we’re paying $500 for a John Chow review he ought to do it himself IMHO.

  15. make150aday says:

    John is busy having dinner at expensive sea food places… 🙂

  16. izzat says:

    i never master in ppc, dont know whyand this tools i dont think gonna help me,
    maybe i just asking people to click.. that old skool way to “bully the ppc”.
    another review post? you busy with it dont you? 🙂

  17. Looks good , will help me boost my PPC conversions

  18. stubsy says:

    Looks like a very handy tool, will give a go

  19. 🙂 Yeah I have been bullied in school and I have to say I would love this handy dandy tool. I think it would be best to learn how keywords work and exactly how Google Adwords tick. Once you examine and learn this, you may not need this tool. How is this tool different from Google Adwords tool; I’m not sure, but whatever will give you the most effectiveness is cool by me 🙂

  20. Keral Patel says:

    Have been super optimizing some of my landing pages. Lets hope I get some good results. Thanks for the resource I will check it also out.

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