Taking A Look At The Empower Network

I’ve been hearing a lot about Empower Network lately (some of their affiliates have advertised on the blog) and a lot of prominent bloggers and internet marketers have been joining up, so I decided to check it out. Here’s what I found.

What is Empower Network?

The Empower Network is a viral blogging platform that launched just over a year ago and has been growing exponentially month over month. You’ve more than likely seen an ad or heard someone mention it, but maybe didn’t know exactly what it was.

Each member of the network is provided with a hosted blog that is used to drive traffic and generate leads for both the network and whatever else you are promoting. The blog is hosted on their domain name, similar to other platforms like WordPress.com or Blogger.

Combined with your blog, you also receive access to high quality training on how to make money blogging and promoting the platform. The training is actually quite good with video, audio and PDF worksheets for almost every subject they get into. It’s clearly laid out and broken down into chunks so you can learn at your own pace. Beyond the viral blogging training they offer more advanced training for specific topics and methods to grow your business.

The Viral Blogging Platform

EmpowerNetwork.com is currently the 477th most trafficked site in the world according to Alexa’s Global Rank and #224 in the United States. There is a lot of traffic and authority attached at the EmpowerNetwork domain which is what makes the platform that much more powerful. This can give you an edge in the search results when competing for popular keywords.

Every blog includes a lead capture system setup for you automatically. Meaning that if someone finds your blog post and enters their information or clicks around on the EmpowerNetwork site, you are credited as the affiliate if they sign up.

Because you don’t control the domain name I would recommend using this in conjunction with having your own blog on your own domain. This would be a great way to build up traffic and links to yor other websites.

How will it make you money?

Now this is where it gets interesting. Empower Network has one of the most lucrative affiliate programs I’ve seen in awhile, and it’s no doubt a major factor in their explosive growth over the last year. While it looks like an MLM, the program a 2-tier affiliate program that offers 100% commissions on the $25/mo viral blogging platform.

The Empower Network charges a monthly fee, 100% of which travels up to the affiliate who referred you, and periodically to the affiliate above that in a typical 2-tier affiliate program structure. What this means is if you sign up and refer 1 person with 100% commission, your account is now free. As you add more and more people to your team, your income grows exponentially and you will keep bringing it in every single month.

Beyond the front-end monthly product, there are quite a few more opportunities and upsells within the network that allow you to earn even more from each referral.

Is it worth it?

What I like about Empower Network is that no matter what you do online, there is some way to take advantage of what the network offers to grow your business. You can utilize the tools available, focus on promoting the offer or do some combination of both.

For just a $25 investment combined with a 100% commission affiliate program, I believe it’s worth checking out. If you decide to join and can convince 1 other person to join, your account is now free.

Check Out Empower Network Here