Taking Off For The Microsoft Company Picnic

Sarah and I are getting a head start to the weekend by doing a road trip down to Seattle. We’ve been invited to the annual Microsoft company picnic at Mountain Meadows Farm.

This yearly shindig is held for all the employees and family members of the big software firm. Microsoft employs over 30,000 people in the Seattle area so you can imagine how big this picnic is. If you can’t, don’t worry, I’ll have pictures!

In addition to attending the picnic, we’ll be meeting up with friends in the Seattle area. Sarah lived in Seattle for nine years so she has a lot of friends there. We will be back home on Monday. This will be a good chance to break in the new TL. Since buying the car almost a month ago, I’ve barely driven it. The car is still on its first tank of gas.

While I’m at Microsoft, I think I’ll head down to the company store and pick up some copies of MS Vista Ultimate. It’s only $45 at the company store. I’m not allowed to resell it but there’s no rules on me giving it away. 😈

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  1. Have fun at the picnic. Was Sarah a Microsoft employee?
    Sounds like a fun time πŸ™‚

    One Man. One Year. $100,000 online. Almost enough to buy a retail copy of Vista.

    1. yeah, i was wondering as well, how come you’re invited?

      because you’re as evil as microsoft

      1. lionstarr says:

        Yeah, why are you invited?

        1. Because his name is now a brand by itself. He’s mentionned all over the Internet. He’s famous. He has accomplished the MOMENTUM thing. That’s why.
          I’m dreaming of that momentum too.
          If you want to see my daily progression:
          Greetings from France John.

      2. John Chow says:

        I was invited because I’m John Chow! 😈

        1. well, that’s a good enough answer for me πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

        2. maybe they want some free press, and they got it.

          evil…. 😈

  2. bob cobb says:

    Take some pics πŸ™‚

    1. look forward to the pictures

    2. Take some photos from the space needle.

    3. Mybloggo says:

      Ya…..Post it out here…..

  3. Mybloggo says:

    Have fun in the Seattle area.

    1. yeah, enjoy the food

  4. I was in Seattle a couple of years ago and have good memories of a dinner at the restaurant in the Edgewater hotel…great food and nice to be on the water front. Have fun.

    1. Here’s the web site for that restaurant. Let me know what you think if you make it.


      1. john would be interested

  5. Online Tips says:

    From one side of North America to the other. Good luck!

    1. it’s not far, is it?

      1. Seattle is about a 3 hour drive from Richmond. If John had a Veyron, it would be a little bit faster. πŸ™‚

  6. mikpuk says:

    Don’t run out of gas in those brutal border lineups!

    1. it’s a possibility

    2. I found that the fastest way to get through a border crossing is to pay for the commercial crossing. The last time I did that cost me $5 USD.

  7. Dev says:

    Have fun at the Picnic John! How are you connected to Microsoft? Have either you or Sarah worked there before?

    Redmond is a great place. The company store kicks ass!



    1. apparently neither. he was just invited because of his status in the blogging world

  8. 40hourstogo says:

    Or are you crashing the party? That would be pretty evil. πŸ‘Ώ

      1. lionstarr says:

        Yeah, but that doesn’t mean, that he couldn’t crash the party, does it?

        1. well, he could

          it’s john chow we’re talking about, nothing is impossible….nothing!

  9. Santosh P says:

    I shall keep a review ready for Vista… 😎

    Btw Who was in MS that you got an invite for the Picnic or you again showed something evil that they invited you??

    1. maybe they want john to join their advertising scheme

      1. Mybloggo says:

        Yup cuz ms just launch their advertising scheme

  10. simon says:

    “It’s only $45 at the company store. I’m not allowed to resell it but there’s no rules on me giving it away.”

    Hahaha :mrgreen: That’s right ❗ I’m waiting for the Vista contest 😳

    Enjoy your picnic.

    1. lionstarr says:

      Who wants Vista, if he can have Linux? Or even better MacOS X?

      1. You can also try ReactOS if you want a free Windows. I’m not sure how well it runs the typical apps though.

  11. I want to go! How cool! I want to meet my hero, Mr. Bill Gates. (well, almost my hero).

    1. i’d like to go too, not because of mr gates though. i just want to feel the atmsphere

    2. Mybloggo says:

      Too far for me…..I am in Malaysia πŸ™

  12. very nice … enjoy the trip … and I wanna know how the TL Ran!


  13. Gary Lee says:

    oohh . . Vista . . . such a great operating system . . wish i had something like it . . oh oh . . what is dis – I DO have something like this and it’s a lot better . . it’s called OSX!!!! if you’re such a rebel john . . make the switch and stop being such a 90%er !!!!! 😈

    1. OS X is great until you try installing PostScript drivers. We’ve had nothing but problems with this at work.

  14. Starboykb says:

    Woo HOoo…I want VISTA!!!! πŸ˜†

    1. get a new pc, and you’ll get a free copy of vista

      1. Are you talking about Dell? πŸ™„

  15. Jeff says:

    Wow only $45 that is insane, but MSDN price is better. πŸ™‚

    1. you can getting cheaper ones too

  16. chtanxw says:

    I expect to see good pictures of foods to come … πŸ˜† ❓

    1. i think john will take a lot of pictures of beautiful ms girls too

      1. Bloggeries says:

        I have a feeling he will as well 😎

      2. John Chow says:

        MS employs beautiful girls? This is a picnic, not a trade show. LOL

        1. There has to be a few out of the 30,000 employees who work there.

  17. Anthony C says:

    Sounds like alot of fun John! I can’t wait to see pics of what you’ll be “dining” on..

    1. It probably won’t be Alberta beef. I think Americans are still paranoid about mad cow beef from Canada. I don’t blame them though … not much is done here to test the animals.

  18. firefox says:

    πŸ˜› i’m waiting for your pictures and want to know the party contains over 3000 man.

  19. firefox says:

    vista so Expensive,firefox is free,i like it.

    1. i thought it’s cheap in china πŸ˜€

    2. Cheap or expensive … eventually you’ll have to buy it. MS will eventually make Vista a minimum requirement to run their applications.

  20. Debo Hobo says:

    Great have a fun weekend. I look forward to the contest for the MS Vista Ultimate. 😈

  21. Steven says:

    I wish I could go, Seattle isn’t too far away either -.-

  22. Hey, you can pick me up a copy of Vista while you are there. Oh wait, I don’t think any of my programs will run on it, oh well. Have fun!

  23. Jen says:


    That thing you did with the RSS feed is really annoying. I’m not reading a scraped feed, I’m using Google Reader. It seems silly you would want that on every post.

    1. It also serves as a copyright notice …

  24. cooliojones says:

    Have a great trip! And tell them to lower the price for MS Office!

    1. How about make Office and Windows open source? Better not … he might get kicked out of Washington State. πŸ™‚

  25. Sagar says:

    Nice invitation john…bill gates is not the richest man though Microsoft’s no way good now..Google’s rockin now πŸ˜€ anyway u enjoy buddy …have a nice trip with some good chill sex cos u must be tired of blogging πŸ™„

  26. Zac Johnson says:

    Microsoft is awesome. I would love to visit their company location some day. Google too!

  27. Jeff Kee says:

    Vista giveaways eh? That would be a cool contest, and relatively low-cost for you even at multiple prizes!

  28. InnvestMe says:

    good luck john! time to have a vacation…with your love ones πŸ˜‰

  29. Rick Sloboda says:

    Maybe you can get some juicy story leads at the event…

    1. Like the new version of Windows coming in a few years? I think they’ve named it 7 for now.

  30. Adrian says:

    John, when are you going to post the new Batch???? ❗ ❗ ❓ ❓ ❓

  31. Bloggeries says:

    Sounds like a good time, 30,000 people is well massive. I have an acquaintance who works there and he told me it’s a great time. Have a good time John!

  32. Say Hi to Bill for me.

  33. Dev says:

    Damn right it’s a great time! I wish they’d some of us folks from Canada over there. 😐

  34. Stas K. says:

    Ayy… Good luck!

    John, don’t waste your money for Vista, it suck 😐
    It has so many bugs…

    Better buy another software [from Microsoft] πŸ™‚


  35. Jason says:

    Wish I could go to events like that. Have fun.

    1. Adnan says:

      John said right, that he is invited in this picnic event because he is John Chow.

      Yes true.

      Because only John Chow was writting against Google on his posts.

      Jason, a video a day,lionstarr, Were you writting against Google on your blogs? If answer is NO, Why Microsoft would bother to invite you ? πŸ™‚

  36. James Wilcox says:

    I’m definitely going to enter that contest!

  37. I don’t know john I wonder this myself. I mean its a well known fact that some bloggers screen allot of their comments only allowing their ” Site Network ” or friends to comment , giving the illusion of a large following. Then when a stray website comes in and comments allot of blogers are afraid that allowing a link might bleed all their much needed PR. I guess this is when you stop becoming a blogger and more of a splog.

    Splogs are people that don’t link out to anyone and just comprise a bunch of links to their own private network of sites. Its a bad habbit to get into since if one website in these large chains of websites goes in rankings, they all tend to follow down the tube.

    Best way to protect yourself from this is by not becoming a part of that bad neighbourhood or linky farm.

    cheers, Nofollow is useless unless your wikipedia


  38. rahul says:

    see now Microsoft too need some traffic boost from evil Johnchow 😈 πŸ˜†

  39. Still thinking about that food..

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