Taking The Wife for a Sunday Drive

Ex Formula 1 driver Riccardo Patrese decided to takes his wife for a Sunday drive around the Jerez circuit in a Honda Civic Type-R. While a fairly fast car, the Civic Type-R is hardly what I would call super high performance. I wonder what her reaction would have been if Patrese took her for a ride in a ZR1?

I would love it if someone can translate what she was saying during the entire ride. The only part I could work out was, “Come on, you’re doing this on purpose! This isn’t built like a Formula One car! This isn’t funny! I have a baby girl at home waiting for her mother and father… Brake, dammit! Are you crazy? I told you I didn’t want to come out here!” The other part I was able to translate was “Mama Mai!” and “No!” “No!” “No!” “NO!!!”

21 thoughts on “Taking The Wife for a Sunday Drive”

    1. The guy looks like Joe Pedreira.

    2. Ryan McLean says:

      Hello bryn, how are you today?

  1. Haha thats so funny! Probably not what she was expecting when he said he was taking her on a casual sunday drive 😀

  2. Patrese is a wonderful driver, (I think this was the day before or after Honda let him test their current F1 car).

    His wife was hysterical! If you have the time, watch it while covering one side of the screen then the other,, Riccardo, calm and a huge smile hitting all the rumble strips at Jerez, the other side, his wife, going crazy. Awesome!!

    Just watch, you’ll be glad you did (you don’t need to know Spanish to know what she’s saying at all!)

  3. It looked like an episode of Candid Cameras – The Latin Edition.

  4. Andrei Buiu says:

    To bad they speak italian 😉

  5. Javi says:

    Hahahaha!!! Funny video!!
    I would like to help and try to translate it. I understand what they say but I’m sorry if I don’t write it in good english .
    Here it goes!!:

    [I start after Riccardo Speaks with the First guy]

    (wife) – You can’t go fast, do you see?
    (Riccardo) – Still another run.
    (wife) – You can’t go fast.

    [Spanish guy speaking english (at least trying 😉 ) ]
    [Riccardo starts driving again]

    (Wife) : – Yes, pour guy, thank goodness you can go Fast!
    – how is this circuit, have you already learnt it?

    [ I can’t hear Riccardo]

    (wife) – why is there the blue ramp overthere I’ve seen before?

    [I can’t hear Riccardo]

    (wife) – to get back to the road?
    – Then you see everyone that is passing by when you get out of boxes?
    – Aaaaaaaaaaah!!
    – No, come on!! Pour guy!! They told you can’t go Fast, you have to go slow.
    – There is people working here you can’t go crazy…
    – I have the Chicken and the stew!!! Hahaha… that goes out!!
    – Noo..!! You do it on porpose!! Don’t be a bad man!
    – Riccar..!!! My god!! Really!! No no no no no!!!
    – I’m not having fun, pleaseee.. It’s so nice to see you but… this car is not a F1 car it not ready the way a F1 is so near to the ground!!!
    – Oh my good!! Mamma mia!! Can you give just one run??
    – They told you to go Fast!.
    – Pleaseee!!! I have babys at home waiting for their mother and father…
    – no!! no!! Riccardo!! NOOOOO!!! Slow down!!
    – Are you crazy??!!! Look Look!!! Pleaseee!!
    – Riccardo, go slow!! You get into the White path!!!
    – Mamma miaaa!!! (My god!!)
    – Slow down!! NOOOOOOO!! Pleaseeee!!
    – Stooooooop!!! You are an assholeeee!!!
    – Va fan culo!! [I think everybody knows 😉 ]
    – I don’t come here with you anymore!!!!
    – I told you I didn’t want to come up here!!
    – Oooohhh, the stew!! My god….
    – Everytime I go with you in the car I almost vomit…

    [They start Laughing because they realise there is a camera recording]

    (wife): – hahahahahahahahhahaha..!!!
    (Riccardo) : – I want to watch it tonight!!
    (wife) : – hahahhhhahahahhahhahaahha… but you didn’t know there was a camera??!!!

    [I can’t hear him]
    [Start speaking english again]

    1. hillarious.
      thanks for translating 😀

  6. Ryan McLean says:

    Haha this is pretty hilarious. The shinanigans some people get up to is amazing

  7. LMFAO at mamma mia. I can’t stop laughing. Great video.

  8. Funny movie. Noticed you’ve been doing alot of videos lately. I like them so far. Especially the ones where you’re stealing things.

  9. Now that was a good video, however it did not really need translating. LOL

  10. Just because you may love your spouse does not mean that you should go with him/her to work. Funny. I thought the funniest part wasn’t her yelling, that is expected, but that he wasn’t saying anything at all …. like…”honey, it will be okay….i know what I’m doing.”

  11. rich says:

    Classic… I love how Riccardo is totally calm the whole time…

    1. Yeah, but he should be calm that car is like driving a moped compare to what he is used to.

  12. charles says:

    Mama Mia.. Why is she shouting so loud?

    1. Keral Patel says:

      Probably because she is scared? 🙂

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