Target Your Ad Placements with Extra Plugin

You decide that you are interested in particular topic. You decide that you want to write about it and make some decent coin while you’re at it. You launch a blog on this topic, throw up some AdSense blocks, and sit back as the money starts pouring in. And then you realize it’s not at all that easy.

Random ads on a random blog aren’t going to make you any money. Those ads need to be targeted, but what if your blog covers a few different niches, even if they are all within the same general topic area? To maximize your ad revenue, you might consider adding Extra Plugin to the fray. Let’s get down to the review and see what it can do.

What Is Extra Plugin?

I wish that the developer would have been a little more descriptive with the naming of this WordPress plugin, since that would probably help people better understand what it’s for and why they might want it. The website for Extra Plugin is equally generic with its generic theme.

Yes, it’s important to code a quality plugin that is actually useful and functional, but you probably want to customize the site a little if you want to promote the plugin. Just a custom header or logo would have gone a long way in branding, especially since Extra Plugin is the only product being promoted on the site.

In any case, Extra Plugin is a Google Adsense plugin for your WordPress blog that allows for placement targeting, as well as category targeting. What this means is that you can set up several Adsense blocks with different channels and content targeting, placing them throughout your WordPress blog.

Not Just for Google AdSense

While Extra Plugin is being described as a plugin to manage AdSense on your blog, it is not at all limited to that single advertising platform. You can just as easily use it for any number of other networks, as well as private advertising, affiliate banners, and whatever else you’d like to use.

It starts with defining some of your Ad Slots. You give them each a descriptive name, so you’ll remember what it is, and then you insert the ad code in the appropriate field. These ad slots can then be used to populate various areas on your site without you have to add the extra code in these different places.

This also means that if you want to update the same ad slot in the future, you can quickly and easily do so without having to manually re-code all the different sections on your site that use that ad code.

Ad Placement Settings

Going into the settings area for this plugin, accessible through the regular WordPress admin dashboard, you will find the ability to add up to three ad codes in each of the pre-defined sections on the site. This includes the front page, for example, letting you put an ad after a certain post number.

You can also set to place your ads on single pages, on post pages, and on post pages older than a set number of days. There is also the option to hide the ads when you are viewing your site logged in as the administrator.

Premium Version for Category Targeting

The free version can only get you so far and that’s why you might want to take a look at the premium version of Extra Plugin. They’re promising more features in the future, but the one big one right now is category targeting.

Here’s an example of that placement in my fighting games blog. I used a Dot Com Pho banner as the “ad” to test it out. In effect, I am able to use the plugin to display this ad only on posts within a pre-selected category. I can also define whether it is centered, pushed to the right or left, or so on.

You can see how this would be useful. Let’s say that you run a car blog. You can have one set of ads for your Ford category, another set of ads for your Toyota category, and yet another set for your Ferrari category. Each of these can have different Adsense targeting, different keywords, different channels, and different optimization.

The downside, even if you have the premium version, is that there is a credit line for Extra Plugin (complete with a dofollow link) attached to the ad. This really should be something that you can remove, particularly since you are paying for the premium version of the plugin.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are two versions of Extra Plugin. The free version, as you’d expect, is free. However, you’ll likely want the premium version, because the category targeting is where you will really find some value. The current fee for the API key for the premium version is $20 per year.


63 thoughts on “Target Your Ad Placements with Extra Plugin”

  1. $20 per year IS a premium. It doesn’t cut it for the small sites.

    1. Linetoweb says:

      Seems to be a good plugin


      1. yeah would love to have live example sorry if I missed it in this post.

        1. hi ZK, glad you liked it,

          Since i do not have a demo ready, so i quickly went over to my other blog and set up some ads from different advertisement networks on the same blog:

          [Social Media] category – ads by [Google Adsense]

          [Technology News] category – ads by [Chitika]

          [Blogging Tips] category – ads by [bidvertiser]

          [Technology Tips] category – ads by [adbrite]

          The same can be applied with adsense, one can have multiple adsense channels – targeting each category with a separate channel… thus making channels more niche, more targeted and allowing advertisers from adwords to select your targeted channel and display their high paying and related ads.

          1. Thank you. Looking very good indeed!

          2. Thanks Uttoran for your reply but did not get the clear idea through your comment.

            Will you please elaborate more

        2. Erwin Miradi says:

          I think I’ve seen another plugin work just like this. The name is Quick Adsense plugin.

        3. I aggree with u dude

          1. panax says:

            o ses türkiye 😛 too.

      2. hi Linetoweb, glad you liked it,

      3. anaokulu says:

        difficult to understand exactly how, but there is always the benefit of a plug 🙂

      4. panax says:

        I also think that a nice add-on

      5. Do you think its worth getting the premium version on this plugin? Whats the difference? I haven’t tried either one yet.

      6. Hrg says:

        WordPress is so cool. I love that you can just get a plugin and solve a problem in a few clicks. I get a little overwhelmed with all the options and possibilities. That’s why i read John’s blog.I know he is credible.

    2. hi Pulkit Kaushik, thanks for your comment,

      I can understand your concerns, i will come up with a multi-site license soon which will help the small blog owners. However, even for the small blog owners, this is a long term investment as your adsense channel, which will be more targeted, will over time catch more high paying advertisers. Thus increasing your CPC and CTR and eventually profits.

    3. panax says:

      How many need to be hit ? at least ?

      1. hi panax,
        sorry, could not understand what you mean by that,
        can you please re-phrase that?

        1. panax says:

          i dont understand you :S

    4. Hi John ,

      I have to say, you got one with the most effective blogs I have viewed in a long while.

      What a impressive web blog that are interesting,

      I think you’ve produced some interesting points. I realized that theres so very much

      about this subject thats been uncovered and you did it so properly. One more points

      on your web blog.



    5. panax says:

      why doesn’t it cut

  2. Sounding really nice and can be boon for the adsense users.

    Is there any blog which is using it ?

    1. panax says:

      I’m using. I recommend

    2. hi ZK,
      Yes, there are a few people using it, but due to privacy reasons will not disclose their sites… most niche bloggers do not like their blogs and sites to be shared in public,

      though some people have promised a review of it, so you will be able to see it in action soon, in case you want to do a review yourself, and live test it on your own blog, just send me an email from the extraplugin contact page.

      1. Ehh, WHAT?
        Quote “most niche bloggers do not like their blogs and sites to be shared in public”. Isn’t that what all bloggers want, to get their blog noticed and visited by people?

        1. hi,
          If we discuss this further here, we will go off topic with this, so just a small message. I have been a niche blogger for many years, some of my blogs are on very low competitive niches which are very much in demand. (meaning – less competition and more traffic… ) The last thing i would want is more competition for the rankings.

          But as i said, feel free to contact me and will issue you an API for your own blog so that you can test drive it yourself.

  3. A precisely positioned ad is perfect. It’s like when you buy a car, fashion, Home Journal, and you know that all advertisers are in the niche. Nobody ad for example about catfood in a fashion magazine.

    1. Sharon says:

      A precisely placed article is also perfect. What is the use of an add without traffic?

    2. hi Property Marbella, thanks for your comments,

      Yeah, exactly my point. All Ads need to be targeted, one also need to capture the high paying advertisers on their niche adsense channels. Nobody needs Unrelated and low paying ads. Placement targeting is the only way foreword.

      1. panax says:

        high visitors first. After placement of adsense

  4. I decided to use the Free version of Extra Plugin for a test drive on of my new blog and if i found it is good then i’ll go for the premium version.

    Thank you John

    1. iskandarX says:

      Yeah, me too did test drive for a free version first.

  5. Its really an useful post for all adsense holders

    1. hi facebook clone, glad to know that you found it useful,

      Agreed that it is useful for adsense users, however, it is also good for other advertisement platforms too. Non-contextual and category targeted ads, like bidvertiser/adbrite can use the category targeting feature of the plugin for placing a separate ad code for a separate category thus making the ads more targeted.

    2. panax says:

      I agree with you..

  6. fas says:

    Reasonable cost but they could have done better branding.

  7. The dofollow link does not seems good, however price is very light most of bloggers can afford it.

    1. hi Madhav Tripathi,
      the dofollow link can be removed, the options is available in the plugin menu… it can be removed even in the free version…

      i have already sent an email to John yesterday about it, the option to remove the link is available in the – “about” page in the plugin menu.

  8. panax says:

    adsense in your site, you can apply.

  9. DIESEL says:

    Ad placement can make or break a blog.

    Great article! Well informed now!

  10. Goa Carnival says:

    Really amazing plugin, Now you can manage different ads as per your blog categories.

  11. Thanks for the advice, this is great!

  12. PPC Ian says:

    This seems extremely helpful, I will certainly check it out. As my blog grows, I’m having trouble managing all my ads. This could totally bring it all together.

  13. Excellent! I’ve been looking around for a plugin like that. Will definetly give it a try.

  14. WOOpress says:

    Nice article, even if I prefer to do it without plugins and using a solid ad serving technology like Google DFP Small Business! 😉

  15. Om Thoke says:

    Well i was wondering if that’s in compliance with Adsense TOS or not!!!

    1. it is absolutely ok with adsense Tos. Google Adsense has been talking about placement targeting for a long time. If you had been reading from the official Google Adsense blog (inside Adsense) you will find many articles explaining the importance for placement targeting.

  16. I’ve been looking for a plugin like this for a while now. I don’t think it should have any issues with adsense TOS.

  17. fazal mayar says:

    this looks like a great plugin, wondering if any blog uses this

    1. anaokulu says:

      understand what plug-in:)

  18. Justin says:

    Seems like a good plugin, gonna check it out! thnx

  19. Erwin Miradi says:

    Nice plugin. But is there really any problem in placing ads code?

    1. @Erwin Miradi, thanks for your comment,
      I have got this question quite a few times now, after this review some people emailed me and asked me about placement targeting… the short answer is that you can place ads just like that by using the free plugin and there is no problem with it.

      But placement targeting is much more than just making channels, it is about targeting the channels properly… displaying the right ads to the right categories… so if you want to do it perfectly and get targeted ads, extra plugin is the thing you need.

    2. Have you tried this plugin

  20. Good tips, great ways to make money other than just Adsense.

  21. sudha says:

    think I’ve seen another plugin work just like this. The name is Quick Adsense plugin.

  22. anaokulu says:

    If I join the women:)

  23. allan stuart says:

    thanks for the free version… i had use it on one of my niche site, and its work wonder 🙂

  24. This seems to be a good plug in. Thanks for the interesting post.

  25. kishore says:

    Some plugin developing people are inserting(replacing) their own adsense codes into our site completely or they run their ads for some specific period of time. So use any adsense plugins only if you trust the source.

  26. plugin always helps to reduce the work

  27. @kishore, thanks for your comments,
    Yes, i have heard about it too, all the more important to use a plugin that you can trust. One of those reasons why i requested this review here. I am here to build that trust on which you can count, i assure you that extra plugin does not take any share of your Adsense revenue. We are here to build a clean brand on which you can always trust.

    1. kishore says:

      Yes, trust is the most important thing in case of plugins. Promoting plugins or reviews of the plugins on trusted blogs like can make people trust the plugin easily.
      I always search and read reviews when ever I want o install a new plugin on my wp blog.

  28. I’m not that Big into Adsense, and I do see that this is a recurring topic on this site. And many of my blogger friends seem to be big on it. I guess I’m gonna venture into it a lot more in 2012.

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