TechCrunch’s New Cash Cow

TechCrunch, a blog that profiles new Internet products and companies is about to add heavily to its bottom line. The blog, started by Michael Arrington on June 11, 2005, already banks over $120,000 per month from advertising sales. However, Arrington should be rolling to the tune of $2 million or more after September 18. How? TechCrunch2040.

The new TechCrunch40 conference, to be held in San Francisco on September 17 and 18 will feature 39 companies that are preparing to launch new products. They will show off their inventions in front of a full audience and panel of experts, and will compete for a $50,000 prize. Tickets to the sold out event cost $1,995 to $2,495 each.

Looking At The Numbers

According to Arrington’s September 12 blog post, 900 people are expected to attend the conference. That’s $1.8 million in ticket sales alone. TechCrunch40 is sponsored by some major heavyweights like Sequoia Capital, AOL and Sun Microsystems. I wonder how much they’re paying for sponsorship? Google, Yahoo and AOL will be unveiling new products at TechCrunch40. While the main 39 companies don’t have to pay to be part of the conference, you can bet Arrington is charging Google, Yahoo and AOL for the rights to do so. There might also be kickbacks from hotel reservations as well.

When all is said and done, it is possible that TechCrunch40 could make more for Arrington than what TechCrunch can make from a full year of advertising sales. Another major benefit to Arrington is TC40 will do a great job promoting TechCrunch and other TechCrunch properties.

My hat is off to Michael Arrington for leveraging the TechCrunch brand to this level. It is truly amazing how far one can take a blog.