Technorati Plays Favorites With The Top 100

For many bloggers, getting into the Technorati Top 100 is an ultimate achievement. To be listed on the same list that features the most popular blogs on the Internet is enough to make any webmaster feel proud.

Breaking into the Top 100 requires a blog to generate a lot of authority. This authority is measured by the number of blogs linking to your blog. Currently, you’ll need 3,421 blogs linking to your blog in order to crack the Top 100. However, even if you have that many blog backlinks, it’s not a guaranteed that Technorati will list you.

You Are Ranked 63 But We Are Not Putting You In The Top 100

techno-64.pngCase in point. My blog has a Technorati rank of 63 with an authority of 4,732. However, if you look at the Top 100 list, you’ll see that I am no where to be found. I can only conclude that Technorati plays favorites and hand selects the blogs to be included in the Top 100.

This is in contrast to the Most Favorited list. I am on that list at number 16. However, I am sure more people check the Top 100 than the Most Favorited list.

Not being listed in the “official” Top 100 doesn’t hurt me in anyway financially. A search of my blog on Technorati clearly shows me well inside the Top 100 and that is really all I care about since you need to be a Top 100 Technorati blog in order to get a five star Technorati rating for ReviewMe.

Speaking of ReviewMe, there script that detects Technorati rankings is messing up. I went to updated my ratings and when I pushed the button, it delivered back a Technorati rank of 133. That reduced my rating to four stars, which got me a little upset. I emailed ReviewMe and they said they’ll fix it.

58 thoughts on “Technorati Plays Favorites With The Top 100”

  1. ouchs says:

    You should be listed top 100!

    1. Bob says:

      Shouldn’t we all ?

      1. Marc says:

        At the end of the day, it’s their system and they can do with it what they please.

        1. Kevin says:

          that may be true marc but it isnt in technorati’s best interests to make a set of rules for a list and then break them. We all saw what happened when digg started removing links at their sponsors requests

          1. Marc says:

            But, Technorati has nowhere near the active community that Digg has. While Digg relies 100% on user participation, Technorati can actually survive with an inactive community. It’s highly doubtful that we’d see any revolt of any sort even if it were as bad as what Digg did.

            As for the rules, all these systems use their own discretion in implementing them.

          2. Kevin says:

            thats a fair point but i still think people would lose faith in their top lists if they modified them to suit their own needs :mrgreen:

          3. What criteria does Technorati use to pick their top 100 then?

          4. I don’t know if this is relevant:
            But Technorati says:

            “unique links in the last six months” for the top 100 blogs. It’s longer lasting…

            dunno. Wonder if John saw that.

          5. Ryan says:

            You have to assume that all websites control their content in order to deliver their desired message/product. Whether that affects their reputation depends on how often this occurs, and whether the users actually care.

        2. Internet Tv says:

          no one really cares except the people being cheated as well…

          1. Tino Buntic says:

            It’s true, Technorati can and should do whatever they want with their site.

            However, the boss, David Sifry, publicly states, “We don’t manually manipulate the top 100 link counts. Ever.” (See comment #22 Here:

            So maybe the top 100 just needs to be updated. You’ll probably show up then.

            If you’re blog doesn’t show up at the next update, ever in “we don’t manipulate the top 100 link counts. Ever” doesn’t mean “never ever;” It just means “sometimes.”

          2. ritchie says:

            I agree that Technorati can do with their system whatever they please; but if they don’t clearly state manual manipulations, nobody will trust the list any more.

          3. Jarle says:

            I know I don’t trust it.

  2. Torsten says:

    They rank John Chow dot Com as 63 and as well. And when you check the last two blogs listed in the TOP100, they are actually ranked ‘just’ 102 and 104.

    1. Jauhari says:

      I love you avatar.. πŸ˜‰

      1. ritchie says:

        which plugin is this? it displays mybloglog avs – but I couldn’t find this piece of software anywhere.

  3. JoshNash says:

    Nvm not listing in top 100.
    We enjoy reading your blog,
    and you have a nice number of income,that’s the point. πŸ˜‰

    1. Marc says:

      Probably because John’s gamed their system in the past. Most people don’t like it when you do that πŸ™‚

  4. McBilly says:

    Beh. As long as you’re giving the readers what they want, we wouldn’t care what Technorati’s rating says. Although it is clear as daylight that you should be in the Top 100. :mrgreen:

  5. Lance says:

    I can only dream on to be listed in
    top 100 πŸ˜₯

    1. Kumiko says:

      It’s not a dream. Just join every link train and “viralink” plan going around and you’ll get there in a couple of months. One link train I was on gave me over 700 backlinks. Technorati rankings are pretty much worthless these days and even PayPerPost has stopped basing their rankings on them.

  6. Ramkarthik says:

    You have your visitors even if you are not in top 100. But it is sad that your review me star got decreased by 1. There will be an Evil way to get to the top again. Mail Technorati also about this problem.

  7. It may not hurt you financially but I bet it hurts emotionally. :[

    1. ritchie says:

      In case of ReviewMe, it even does financially.

  8. Kevin says:

    its a bit strange that they have chosen not to display your blog. Have you contacted them directly about this. Considering that every site is listed in order of authority they must have did this manually – they must hand pick them like you say. I dont see why they would do this though – theyre essentially saying they have any faith in their own linking system to list the best blogs

    1. Wallace says:

      the main reason i can figure out why JohnChow blog are banned by Technorati is the “Reputation”.
      sorry,John,we should not names you “Evil John” anymore πŸ˜‰

  9. Congrats on breaking the top 100. I finally broke 40K yesterday. Pretty nice for 7 weeks. I’m going to catch up to you anyday now!

    You should really be on Technorati to show you in the top 100 though. More traffic to your site I would think.

    1. Jauhari says:

      I still on 2k… I hope in 1k or less in July πŸ˜‰

  10. Wow that sucks, I’d be mad if I made it that far and they didn’t list me in the top 100. Eh well, I hope to make the top 100 one day πŸ˜›

  11. mohdismail says:

    maybe it’s time for you to e-mail Technorati.. he he

  12. Maybe you should stop worrying so much about things like that, and focus on the core elements of your blog… delivering quality posts to your readers. Don’t let the small things get to your head… write good content and everything else will come.

    1. Marc says:

      This is exactly the kind of content that we expect from John. He is delivering quality posts. Everything else has already come as well. In case you haven’t noticed, John’s pretty good at this whole blogging thing.

      1. shaun says:

        Exactly hes not worrying about anything John already said it doesn’t affect him financially or anything like that. John is just informing us readers of how technorati works and that their system is unfair.

    2. I consider this to be a quality post. It touches on an issue that can affect other bloggers and he’s writing about what it means for him.

      In addition, figuring out and being aware of why and how your site is or isn’t ranked somewhere is an integral part of the whole traffic game anyway. Sure, it may not hurt financially, but it doesn’t exactly help either. It’s the difference between losing sleep over it and figuring out how to get on the list, which would help financially.

  13. Wallace says:

    i haven’t hear about the hand made top list of Technorati,it is interesting.

  14. How weird that is, anyway you have a very good positioning on the SE’s.
    Good luck John!

    1. Internet Tv says:

      he does? last i checked he didnt even rank for make money online.

  15. Obviously, even without John in the Top 100, he’s still raking in a lot of revenue AND attracting/keeping readership. That 4-star thing is a bummer though; they should fix that right away.

  16. Weird?? my trackback did not pass even after 5 hours. They were only 4 comments at that time.

    Anyway, I had made a post about it with a screenshot(for once) of my site on Reviewme and the number of stars. I got 4 on Technorati and I’m near 20 000. What is the minimum to get 5 stars?

    1. John Chow says:

      You need to a Technorati top 100 blog in order to get five stars from ReviewMe.

      1. Ok, I taught it was their mistake even at 133.

        I got a rank of 12,160 and got 4 stars on ReviewME. πŸ˜€

        P.S. 20000 is my movie blog

  17. Rhea says:

    An interesting distinction that I was not aware of. Thanks for the top 100 analysis.

  18. Wahlau.NET says:

    authority: 4732

    wow that is so high…you are just good

  19. i thought top 100 is seleted according to how many favs you have…

    1. Favorites belong to a completely different list. I think John mentioned he’s #16 in the Most Favorited list.

  20. Casey says:

    That’s strange John. You deserve to be in that top 100!

  21. Exatly, I would expect John to be on that list. It definitely looks a little conspicuous that he isn’t.

  22. This just shows you how corrupt systems are. Just like the police.

    Sorry if you are a police officer in the States, but I had to say it. The other day I got pulled over for ‘speeding’ on a busy street in my area. He didn’t even have a radar gun out and pulled me over saying ‘I was passing everyone else around me’ when I was just passing the car on my left so I could get in the turn lane. It was a 45 zone, and he quoted me on the ticket saying I went 60. I would like to see the proof that I was going 60. Because I know I wasn’t

  23. You know I’m one of your bigger critics, but I’m not surprised about this given that you really push your users to link to the blog above all else. Other links in the Technorati 100 come naturally without any apparent incentives. I think Technorati is catching wind of what might be “deceptive practices” to alter the rankings.

    Truthfully, I can’t blame them. The eleventy billion “Make money online” and “evil contests” make me shudder. I think you’d build more link trust organically if you actually just focused on those how-to posts that make you truly unique.

  24. Don’t you wish you save the links to all psost you read sometime ? But anyway the point:

    Just yesterday I was commenting on one blog post (which I can’t find) where the guy discusses how technorati penalizes anyone who tries to “influence” ranking artificially. It strack a chord with me since I have just released a WordPress theme and in his article he goes into explaining that sponsored links in scripts and themes are also dangerous and can lead to penalty.

    Quite frankly I din;t find it to be true since has a clear rank 1 and it is mainly due to all the backlins from people using blog platfrom. But perhaps there is a merit behind his information?

  25. You better make them get things straight around there.

  26. John Cow says:

    Do you really mind?

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