Tell a Friend About Your Blog with Social Twist

Those with sharp eyes may notice a new widget running at the bottom of each posts. The widget is designed to make word of mouth marketing work for you by allowing your readers to tell their friends about your blog.

Launched by Social Twist, the widget enables site visitors to share content with friends across IM, e-mail, social networks or blogs, without leaving your site. Give it a try and see how you like it.

The widget is completely free to install and use. You don’t need to sign up to Social Twist in order to use it. However, if you do create an account, the widget becomes customizable and offers usage stats as well. Installing the widget is extremely easy since Social Twist offers a WordPress plugin – just upload and activate. The video below explains the service more. I’ll give an update in a week with my usage stats.

45 thoughts on “Tell a Friend About Your Blog with Social Twist”

  1. daryllorette says:

    Nice little widget!

    1. LOL the video was pretty weird. Social twist certainly sound interesting… will be doing some testing on it before implementing on my main blogs 😉

    2. Mike Henry says:

      The best feature is that the menu pops up when you roll-over it. When considering widgets like these, its best to pick the ones that can reduce user responsibility the most. It needs to be easy to use and to the point.

    3. yeh, seems an interesting tool.
      thanks for sharing 😀

      1. Im adding this tonite -thanks for the info John!

    4. I agree with you , its great

  2. Sounds nice, although I never cared for those things before. I mean, my readers come by to read, get info, get entertained, whatever… and those things make them work which is a no-no.

    Love StumbleUpon though, and other services that make it easy to share, maybe this would be one of those.


    1. Kok Choon says:

      I did use it on my blog, I think it still take some time before people start using it to share some good stuff !

      1. Yes, I thought so…

        awareness is a problem here. too many of those widgets were released in the past and were not too successful. People would think that it one of those crappy old ones and ignore it.

        1. I agree. I think one of the major flaws of this application is not of the widget itself, but it is having your readers not set this aside as just another useless application on a blog.

  3. Mario says:

    I will check it out seems to be interesting.


  4. Is this any better than the “add this” (which interestingly enough is being used concurrently with their tool on socialtwist’s own blog)?

  5. SlamBlogger says:

    Hmm…might give this a try.

    FYI, popup window needs to be fixed. It’s hiding behind the video player.

    1. I think it’s more likely because of the player. I should be moved

  6. Worth for a try since it’s free,

  7. MsTrisBeats says:

    Small yet looks like it will be effective..thanks for keeping us up with the up

  8. |1f34|-|1r3 says:

    Hi there…I think you have a broken link here

    “Launched by Social Twist, the widget enables site visitors to share content with friends across IM, e-mail, social networks or blogs, without leaving your site. Give it a try and see how you like it.”

    I will try this plugin later..thanks for sharing !

  9. Thai Girl says:

    I’ve been using Share It. Similar. You can check it on my site!

    1. Rohit says:

      Tell A Friend is different from ShareThis and AddThis. It is not a widget to let your visitor put up a social bookmark. It is about Word of mouth marketing.

      It is different when you tell your friend that he may find something interesting. It is much more personal communication 🙂

    2. Looks great on your site

  10. At least they used eye-catching graphics in contrast to the boring “Share This” tool

  11. The widget looks cool. I’ll give it a try. By the way, your new blog theme is beautiful. Cheers.

  12. rowell says:

    A very nice, simple widget that doesn’t take up a whole lot of real estate on a blog. I think it will be one of the features on the top of the list to add to your blog since you’ll be able to track the usage by signing up.

  13. Torley says:

    I’m using right now — while Social Twist has a different emphasis, it doesn’t offer submission to Digg, Reddit, etc. so if you want to have easy access to those, you’ll need another service.

    I find too many social network icons get confusing and cluttered, so I like these share-it services because of how they collapse a lot of stuff under a single, clickable link you can choose from.

    But for comparison’s sake, would be interesting to see who uses John Chow’s Social Twist Facebook icon versus the one underneath that to the right of the comment counter.

  14. Just signed up really nice plugin easy to install aswell

  15. Very cool widget! I especially like the option to easily email the blog contents.

  16. I ll need to install it on my blog

  17. abaqus says:

    Hi John,

    Really cool widget. Thank for the tip.

    FYI : link to “social text” is broken

  18. Caleb says:

    This far better than the others…hey John,why don’t you use CommentLuv as well?

  19. Nice find, John. I like that the visitor doesn’t need to leave your site. Cool advantage.

  20. Already using Tell-a-Friend on and it works great.

  21. Keral Patel says:

    Nice widget 🙂 Surely worth a try. If there is some traffic on the blog then it is more beneficial as more people will have more friends 😉

  22. Neat, this is something that I should try out for my blog. Never heard of it before. And lif the visitor does not have to leave the site, then that makes it a very valuable tool too.

    Thanks for putting it up.

  23. BusinessX says:

    I have been wanting something like this, will give it a try.

  24. ArahMan7 says:

    Hola Mr. John Chow,

    I wish you would share your stat after using this widget. Does your stat change and so forth. I’m sure every one will start jumping on the bandwagon using this widget once you posted about the changes in your stat. Me included! 😉

    Hope this will give you another idea for your next new post. Just my 2 cent, Mr. Chow. Just my two cent.

    Greetings and lots of love from Malaysia.

  25. whateverebay says:

    Hi John, I truly appreciate all the you share. If I was a blog site, I would be drawn to that widget for submission. 🙂

  26. I hate all of these widgets they want you to install. But, I heard that these widgets can bring a big amount of traffic. So, why not give it a try?

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  27. Mike says:

    nice to know this widget, i’ll replace the widget like this on my blog…since i can see the stats.

  28. Will check on this one. No harm in trying new free stuff.

  29. Thanks for the post. This looks like a great viral marketing strategy.


  30. Will check on this one. I guess there is no harm in trying new free stuff.

  31. Dfunda says:

    that is very cool.bloggers will be happy to use that tool.i am looking for such type of tools from many days

  32. Ben Pei says:

    Cool little thing to have there..

  33. Li Weng says:

    This is actually pretty cool and it’s free! I know of similar services that would charge a price for this type of thing.

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