Tell a Friend Usage Stats

It’s been a week since I installed the Tell a Friend widget from Social Twist so I figure it’s time to post some usage stats. The Tell a Friend widget is designed to make word of mouth marketing work for you by allowing your readers to tell their friends about your blog.

While it is possible to install the Tell a Friend widget without signing up for an account, I recommend you sign up because of all the extra services you get. One of those extra is usage stats which will tell you how many people actually use the widget to tell their friends about your blog. Here’s my stats after a week of having the widget on my blog.

Tell a Friend Stats

In a week, the widget has been used to tell 520 people about my blog. The number one method used to tell was instant messenger. While that looks great, a closer look shows that all this was done by only 8 users (thank you, whoever you are). Considering the number of unique readers this blog has, that’s a really adoption rate.

Since the widget is free and doesn’t take up much real estate, I’m going to leave it on the blog for now. Even though only 8 people used it in a week, those 8 people did tell 520 and that’s pretty good by any standard. If you’re running the Tell a Friend widget from Social Twist on your blog, I would love to know your results.

44 thoughts on “Tell a Friend Usage Stats”

  1. Alberto says:

    I may try this, although I don’t expect much will come from it. It’s much easier to get results when there are so many chances that a reader will actually use it when there’s a lot more readers.

    1. I’ve been using it on one of my other blogs as suggested by John, and I’ve noticed quite a spike in traffic because of it.

      1. I tried to use this on my new blog, but it was buggy and didnt work with the design. Adii said it was a problem with the tell a friend widget not the design, so i am not able to use it

        1. Vivek L says:

          Colin, if you could send an email to SocialTwist Support (mailto:[email protected]), they would help you to get it working.

        2. If it’s a problem with the widget, don’t you think everyone would have that problem? If you’re the only one, then chances are it’s probably the design.

      2. I also experienced the same thing, a slight spike in traffic. I hope it lasts.

      3. I’m using it on one of my blogs as well & I’ve noticed the same thing.

    2. the numbers are encouraging , I am going to try it for my blog

    3. Edgar says:

      With all your traffic , you only got that much.. I got 2K people e-mailing my stuff every day.

  2. andy says:

    Interesting stats! I may have to look into this widget to see if it would work for my blog.

    1. Sohail says:

      yeah thats true. It may work better for some people than others

  3. Matt says:

    You got me overall John, but I am close in uniques. In a little over a week the widget on my site has been used 6 times by 5 unique users…I’ve got a ways to go to get to your numbers I guess. My goal will be to pass you next week, with 9 uniques…that’s right, NINE!


  4. Trevor says:

    Nice stats. Keep us updated! Learning from what someone does is the only way I can know whether it’s a positive or negative.

  5. BusinessX says:

    I installed Tell A Friend because I have been needing this functionality in my web sites. Easy, free, and small makes this a simple must have for me.

    Perhaps as it is adopted more, more universal in web sites, the more it will be used by site visitors. That is to say we are still in early adopter phase with this.

  6. Anthony says:

    Looks awesome! Glad it’s working out for you.

  7. It looks like 1 person referred 496 people. Sounds like the deck was stacked?

  8. i have been looking into adding this to my site – thanks for showing us the reporting end of the tool… pretty cool

  9. proson says:

    Hi John, I am definitely trying using this TAF widget… this blogging thing is really viral!

  10. Interesting stats John, thank you for sharing… I think I might try it on my blog also.

  11. SEO UK says:

    Cool stats I ll take a look at this 🙂

  12. iskandarX says:

    Got to try this widget. Soon I will reply to this post after trying this widget.

  13. d3m0nb0y says:

    I am gonna take a look and try it out!

  14. Interesting stats John, thank you for sharing

  15. Rajays says:

    I tried to install this script a little while back but was unsuccessful. Going back to give it a try.

  16. Diana Rupert says:

    I’ll try to install it too. tnx for the info. tnx John

  17. oh, i like this plugin very much. and it was great getting to “test-drive” it on your blog before downloading it. thanks so much!

  18. MoneyBlog says:

    I am definitely trying using this widget ,thank you for sharing

  19. Ian Fernando says:

    tru tru – I just installed it as well about 4 days ago and will let you know my stats. I have the viral friend inviter, but I use that on my products – but this might be better since I do not have to rely on my server

  20. Hi John,
    Will check this out. Thanks for the post! You continue to inspire and amaze me- just telling my father over the weekend how I find myself clicking on your Tweets to check out your daily lunch fare, or the houses you were looking at… mundane ‘life’ stuff, but still enjoyable! Thanks John!

  21. John, I am dumb, can you please enlighten me.

    1) How can use the stats?

    2) How effective is it?


    1. Ops double post!

  22. John, I am dumb, can you please enlighten me.

    1) How can we use the stats?

    2) How effective is it?


  23. D3Marketers says:

    Another useful widget from the blogging mogul. I’ll try this for my blog.

    Keep on sharing!

  24. online money maker wanabe says:

    helllooo world…i know i might be in a wrong path to ask a silly question n tried many ways to get a help but still couldnt get 1. my 1 n only question for mr john, i am a newbie n dyin to have a blog luckily my husband agreed to pay for the hosting, i took your advice n got my favourite niche topic. BUT i seems dont know how to make my introduction post in my blog( dont know what to write for my very 1st post in my very 1st blog) 🙁 anyone please… me…

  25. that is awesome i a going to put it on my site .i did not think it will produce such great results unless i saw your blog 🙂

  26. John, will this application still let you see the statistics of you blog, even if you do not decide that you want to sign up for an account right now? I would really like to give this application a spin, but I do not want to make an account for it unless I can know that it will be beneficial to my blog. Thanks

  27. jesse grant says:

    I am using a similiar script from , only a couple people have used it and I use it myself time to time to broadcast stuff to people on social networks and my IM’s. they could be the future of bookmarking besides RSS

  28. will add this to my site as well, every little bit helps

  29. LayupDrill says:

    Just installed it and tested it out. I like it alot.

  30. Great stats, why dont I get such stats ? 😀

    I will install it

  31. I’ve been using the tell-a-friend widget for about a week now as well. I haven’t seen any outstanding results either.

    I’ll wait and see what happens after a month. If I don’t see anything great, I’ll probably lose it to slim down on available options for my readers. Don’t want to overwhelm them.

  32. I think the widget is great. It definitely beats old school Tell-A-Friend scripts.

  33. Bryan Hee says:

    Great widget for viral marketing. The effectiveness of the widget depend on whether you did provide “great” content to the visitors to tell to their friends about your website/blogs.

    To Your Success
    Bryan Hee

  34. Li Weng says:

    These are some cool stats, but don’t forget you have a highly popular blog.

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