Tell Me Who Your Blogger Friends Are and I’ll Tell You Who You Are

Yes, the undying cliche – but let’s give this line a twist by incorporating it to our own field – blogging that is.

It just makes sense. That’s the first follow-up idea that crosses my mind upon putting the statement together. Bloggers in nature, tends to connect with a certain group (or get included in it) however informal or unestablished that certain group maybe. To name a few, blogging tips bloggers analyze each others resources, copywriters look out for each others content, make money online bloggers are on the healthy race to see who’ll have the highest paycheck within the end of the month. That’s just how things go by, a certain friendship mixed with a certain competition.

Look At The Bloggers Closest To You

For instance, having Seth Godin exchanging regular mails with you can already imply that you are something in this online world. Being friends too with a certain professional blogger can back-up the fact that you are among the best in your category, therefore you see each other eye-to-eye. The way I observe it, friendships in the blogosphere, aside from being helpful to promotions can also impose the idea that you run a successful blog, and thus, are successful yourself.

Same thing applies for other cases. Beginner bloggers for instance (aside from visiting the more pro blogs for advance techniques) gets to spend more time exchanging messages with their fellow newbies. In some way, this shows that bloggers on a certain level tends to cluster with each other. Perhaps a natural occurrence even in daily life.

Develop The Level of Friendship

In terms of being close with a certain number of bloggers, I do find it quite amazing that with just keeping a simple connection (subscribing to the blog, visiting every other day and leaving a valuable, honest comment or two), the level of friendship in time turns deeper, and thus, more valuable on both sides.

It doesn’t take much time either. Simple things done over a period of time adds up gradually. Within months or so, you may even find yourself quite comfortable and well-tuned to the person.

Growing Up Together and Developing the Experience

One doesn’t hold the answer to everything, obviously if I may add. Even if I share out my own experience in blogging, I still find other things more or equally valuable in other people’s blog (my friend’s blog especially). It somewhat adds up to the learning process. Establishing a connection and gaining from it through experience and sharing of ideas is a great way to improving, and it works wonderfully too!

The Oprah Winfrey Mantra To Success

Many of us are familiar with the inspiring success story of the world’s number one host, rich businesswoman, and among others, quite a more-than-generous philanthropists. What have marked me about Oprah’s success story is her powerful mantra that might have as well propelled her to where she is now, and here it goes.

“Surround yourself with people that will take you higher” -Oprah Winfrey.

That I believe, is more than enough to tell the whole lesson.

Liane is a young blogger, a blogging guru and a pro writer who shares her insights about blogging through her web hub, Better Blogging for Bloggers Dot Com. She just turned 17, but she’s still a young blogger anyway. 😉

43 thoughts on “Tell Me Who Your Blogger Friends Are and I’ll Tell You Who You Are”

  1. Interesting take on things. Having a friendship with someone successful doesn’t necessarily imply success for you.

    1. Cam Birch says:

      It doesn’t imply success but it certainly can create it. Success can work somewhat like a drug or a perfume, it wears off onto the people that you surround yourself with and you become better (or worse) because of it.

      As an FYI take a look at some of the huge successes in business and then look at their children (if they are old enough). Quite a number of these children are successful in their own rights (not a Paris Hilton success I mean real success). Maybe its just genetic but I believe that a goodly portion of there success is the years of indirect training they received from being around success.

      1. Ruben Ricart says:

        totally agree with you Cam! it’s crucial to be able to provide the same value as the “parents” or circle of friends have provided, without it, you’re kind of the third wheel in a rich crowd… the traffic, got the friends, but got not value….learn, learn, learn! thanks for sharing your POV.

    2. Rieke F. says:

      Having a friendship with a successful person – whatever successful will be – is very stimulating. So, let’s say the success of your friend means a well running business in a certain market you’re not involved with. Supposed you’re are an employee, may be also little satisfied with your job. Your friendship with a successful person can give you ideas how to get more satisfaction with your job. This way you gained personal success.
      Success has a lot of faces, meanings.

    3. But it does help a lot. Contacts is an essential thing in business.

    4. Robert says:

      Fake it until you make mentality. Nothing wrong with that.

  2. Mike Wayne says:

    I’d have to agree with Liane and John on this one. As weird as it may seem. I gotten more traffic (uniques and pageviews), twitter adds and Facebook friend requests since going to Affiliate Summit and posting pictures with Superstar Bloggers John Chow, ShoeMoney, Zac Johnson, Chris Brogan, Loren Feldman, Gary Vaynerchuk among others.

    I guess people figure if you are around “fame” then they want to be around you!

    1. Pheak Tol says:

      true words spoken

  3. Mr. Chow, would you say the definition of “friend” has changed significantly with the advent of the information age in general, blogging in particular?

    Maybe friendship in terms of psychology has become more stratified. You have your “alpha” friends whom you might see at lunch every day, who’d offer to watch your apartment while you’re on vacation, basically people whom you know and trust. Then you’ve got “beta” friends, who might be friends or colleagues whom you’ve known but may’ve drifted away over time and become long-distance pals. Finally “gamma” friends, a category in which bloggers might fit.

    I try to blog, and comment on the occasional blog that I stumble upon if it interests me, but it’s almost like a farmer’s market. Big-time bloggers display their wares (warez?), looking for pairs of eyes to take a glance, and maybe hang out long enough to get hooked on to some affiliates. Small-time bloggers like me might carry a backpack around with URL-emblazoned swag and try to leave some conspicuously, for what it’s worth.

    If you’re passionate about it, more power to you.

  4. John Chow dot Com is my only blogger friend. Pro-blogger and I do go for a drink now and then.

    1. John Chow says:

      Well, in that case, the next time we meet up, we’ll have to go for drinks.

      1. Let me know the next time you`re coming to Toronto. I `ll buy the drinks.

        1. Earningstep says:

          if johnchow wanna visit indonesia . i will take you tour on sumatra island , visit the famous Danau toba

          1. fas says:

            And if he comes to India I will take him on a elephant and camel to the taj mahal 🙂

  5. Earningstep says:

    i though we are friend john, i visit your blog more than three times a day to check your new post . LOL . hoping can make a good connection with other visitor too

    1. Well you visit John blogs everyday that is really good but how many time John visit your blog, I think that is also important to have equal relation.

  6. hospitalera says:

    On the same lines you could also say, that avoiding a certain type of bloggers helps a lot. No, I don’t mean newbie or unknown bloggers, I mean the ones that tell you consistently how difficult it is to be successful blogger and that you shouldn’t try at all to get in the A-list and that it is better to go and buy their little “get rich over night product” and stop working 😉 SY

  7. Cam Birch says:

    I have found that finding the people who you want to be connected to can be rather difficult. Most google searches end up finding really big names that don’t play back unless you are also big. I did find that the old CommentLuv item on was an excellent way to find smaller bloggers with a similar interest. Not only did it direct some good quality traffic to my site but more importantly it directed me to other quality bloggers.

    My days have a lot more spare time available since the CommentLuv disappeared, I’m not spending quite as much time combing the comments for interesting blogs. Maybe thats a good thing, but likely not.

    1. krissy knox says:

      Hi, Cam,

      I’m going to have to disagree with you. Saying those with “really big names don’t play back” unless you are also big,” is, well, an untrue and insensitive statement.

      I consider myself a newer blogger in a lot of ways. I don’t make much money from blogging yet. Still, many of the probloggers have befriended me, and help me daily. I merely had to ask. And I was often helped before even asking.

      That’s somewhat presumptuous of you to say the professional bloggers, the “really big names,” don’t “play back.” Have you ever actually asked a problogger for help, and was then denied? Could you please verify it with an example? If not, please don’t go about making such a statement!

      Perhaps I’m sounding like I’m taking it personally, and, well, maybe I am. You’re talking about my friends who have helped me a lot!

      Where did we meet one another? I certainly didn’t meet them by googling! I met them in different ways, often by reading their blog, and developing a relationship with them through comments. At times, if I did find them through one way or the other, I emailed them and introduced myself (I had nothing to lose! How do you know if they will “play” or not if you don’t take a chance and write them?)

      But the most frequent way I met fellow bloggers, was on Twitter. And many of them are professional bloggers.

      On Twitter we help one another and network. While what John Chow is saying is true to a degree, it is also largely untrue. I have found my friends on Twitter, all of them — the ones who are at the same level as me and monetize some, as well as those who who are complete newbies and make no money, and finally those who are large income pro bloggers — have all treated me with equal respect most of the time, and have all spent time with me.

      It has been all about helping one another. Sometimes me helping fellow tweeters, sometimes fellow tweeters helping me (even professional bloggers).

      Gosh, you would never expect who would be there to help you, Cam, if you joined Twitter today.

      But it shouldn’t be about who would help you, it should be about who YOU would help. In the midst of you doing all that good, you would also get back! It’s just karma!

      Now think about it, Cam, which newbie blogger do YOU want to help today?

      krissy knox 🙂
      follow me on twitter:

  8. Doug Dillard says:

    Great post! It is similar to the adage that you are probably earning the same amount of money of the average of your 5 closest friends. If you want to earn more money start hanging out with more successful friends.

    1. Erika Marie says:

      Apparently I’ve been doing it all wrong. All of my friends are broke!

    2. Funny you mention this. That is part of the reason I starting looking for new friends online this year. I took a look around and realized I needed some new successful friends to help get me to the where I wanted to go to.

  9. I have overlooked the concept of partnership when I was just starting out and paid for it in great delay of my success.
    Thanks John.


  10. Good connections indeed mean a lot for business

  11. Interesting article. I can’t believe that this is written by a 17 yrs. old girl.

  12. Dean Saliba says:

    I don’t swap emails with anyone who makes money form a blog. What does that say about me? 🙁

  13. Hello John this is really interesting Article! thank you! I’ll bookmarked your blog

  14. Well base line is build a group and grow with them so that in coming days you can enjoy a solid and grown bond.

    Or in other word you should go step by step.

  15. Wizno says:

    I like this, simply because the same thing applies in the real world. If you surround yourself with successful people, people will generally believe you to have some success of your own. In addition to that, the people that are already successful are a great motivational tool for those that are starting up (like myself). Thanks for all the insight John!

  16. Liane is really a good writter ^_^ Read the interview with her at Cho Toan dot Com:
    Interview With Liane

  17. Erika Marie says:

    John, will you be my friend? 😉

  18. Ruben Ricart says:

    This is a great article! I love the quote you added at the end, because it’s so true.

    End of the day, what’s important is the relationships you build…but I feel that developing a friendship is not enough….it’s important to learn, and provide equal value to the prospective audience because at the end they may assume you’re successful but retention will probably be a problem depending on the quality of what is written in that particular blog…

    Thanks for the inspiring and positive message you helped to spread today…

  19. Mr. Mask says:

    Friendship huh?

    I didn’t interesting…

    If you want making bond with other people online, just be careful…

    I have heard someone getting cheat with his Blogger JV partner…

  20. My friends are bloggers in my niche. I visit their sites on a daily basis, and hopefully they do the same.

  21. Tuesday Hall says:

    I think you have to also have some connection with others outside of your ‘clique’ to have a complete learning experience. Sharing ideas with others who can learn from you while learning from mentors keeps the idea mill running. I bet even Seth Godin needed some help in the beginning 🙂

  22. IF John Visit Pakistan , i will surely meet and buy a Drink related to our culture for sure 🙂

    Waiting for John’s Reply

  23. Sergey Rusak says:

    I like Oprah Winfrey quote but I prefer Jack Welch quote: “You want to get people who are better and smarter than you.”

  24. If your friend is successful, take his example……….! 🙂

  25. Friendship with a successive person is worth a lot. He can guide you in your business or job. you can share new ideas with him and after discuss, you can conclude, if your idea worth something or not.

  26. BillyWarhol says:

    my FacePOOP brother Mark Zuckerberg!! Kidding…… ;))

    I wanna Sue Facebook’s Kangaroo Court – do you know a Razor Sharp Lawyer to Cut them down to size John??

    yeah I’m in it for the $$$ + yeah I’ll Buy the Round o Dwinkie Poo Poos fer U + Daryl!! ;PPP

  27. Asif says:

    It is the Heat Effect. You Mix the Cold Water with the Hot Water.
    One Gains Temperature And Ones Looses Temp.

  28. Munawar AM says:

    I just wan to say I am nothing without friendship at blogsphere

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