Text Link Ads For Blogger Blogs

Text Link Ads sends words that their ad network now works with Blogger. This is something a ton of Blogger users have been asking for. If you have a blog on Blogger and have always wanted to try Text Link Ads (aff), then now is your chance.

We are excited to announce that Text Link Ads publishing program now is compatible with Blogger! If you have not yet upgraded to the newest version of Blogger, you will need to do so in order to use our publishing program.

Text Link Ads has been really good for my blog. Right now, it’s the second biggest income maker after Google AdSense. The nice thing about it is the flat rate monthly pricing. There is no need to worry about number of clicks or impressions. Payment is fast too. Income earned this month will be paid at the start of next month.

If you’re an advertiser and want to buy a link on my blog, you can do so here. A text ad cost $200 a month, but that link will give you a $100 coupon.

24 thoughts on “Text Link Ads For Blogger Blogs”

  1. Nomar says:

    Hope I am able to to join TLA after the next google update !! would be sweet

  2. John do you mind me asking, are those 5 Featured Links all TLA links? I remember you mentioned that you’d put a couple there to seed it? Even if not, at $200 a pop that must be bringing in a fair sized hit anyway.


  3. HMTKSteve says:

    I tried to sign up for their service and they turned me down saying that I already sold text links!

  4. Leftblank says:

    StrangeProgress, I bet they are, notice the link ‘Get Featured here’ to text-link-ads under it 😉

    Text-link-ads looks pretty promising, but mainly for big(ger) sites though, to me it doesn’t really look like it’s easy money for small blogs or websites as advertisers will have to pick you out their selves.

  5. John Chow says:

    Matt – All five links are TLA. Hmm, there use to be six links. I guess one pulled out.

    Steve – If you don’t sell text links, then send them an email. Their auto system is not very good. The first time I applied, they told me I didn’t have enough traffic!

  6. Can you tell me the requirements to be able to sign up for text link ads?! I mean the traffic, size of blog, longevity of blog for a blogger blog?!

  7. Unlike you, I doubt that most blogs on blogger will benefit from TLA because

    – They do not enjoy the amount of traffic you receive daily and TLA base their fee on Alexa Ranking of a blog and most blogger blogs do not have a low alexa ranking .

    – Most of them are not high-profile bloggers and I doubt many advertisers will care to invest in blogs on blogger.

    – TLA works on the new version of blogger and not on the old version and most bloggers which have the potential of earning from TLA still use the old version of blogger.

  8. Gdog says:

    I signed up with TLA and emailed them a month ago about Blogger support. Today, I received an email from them stating that they now support blogs with Blogger–but only those running the newer version.

    Since my blog is running the old version (I’ve tried switching but it wouldn’t let me due to conflicts) I won’t be able to do the TLA on my site. Let’s see if I can play around with coding (I haven’t really tried yet).

  9. Gdog says:

    Well, turns out they were right about the new Blogger only. It involves adding an RSS feed to your code…does anyone know a way to get around this?

  10. Andy says:

    Thats great, will use on a few of my new Blogger blogs

  11. mr_ombak says:

    good opportunity but on making making monet with TLA but currenlt, we (south east asia region) have to wait for the undercable sea to get fix so that we can fully access the TLA’s site (for this time being, it so hard for the browser to open certain web -and TLA was one of them-). And at the same time, we also (blogger) have to pray for the internet line access to get back as normal.

  12. Any idea what the traffic requirement is for Text Link Ads?


  13. Alex Becker says:

    I want to do this. But they will probably turn me down.

  14. John Hood says:

    Despite the new Blogger account caveat, I’ve successfully added the RSS code to both of my old Blogger blogs via manual means! And received a confirmation mail stating that all is working correctly.

    1. Mad Dog says:

      Can you tell us how you did that? I added the RSS code and all it did was display it. I’m sure there’s an easy way to do it (adding HTML to my template is no problem). What code did you surround the RSS feed link with?


  15. Nick says:

    Doesn’t Text Link Ads work in the same way that Adsense does (just insert a little javascript)? Hardly seems necessary for an extra blogger module.

  16. John Chow says:

    Nick – No, TLA is not a javascript. It’s more of an XML feed. The links it creates are pure text links so advertisers get SEO as well as traffic benefits.

  17. I presume your TLA earnings are more steady than adsense, diversifying your income is the best strategy as you can always rely on other methods. Then again, it’s almost impossible to know what your TLA advertisers have in mind when they purchase a link, is there a minimum or maximum time period you can buy-in with?

  18. TECHFLOCK says:

    The only bad thing about TLA is that they want 50% of the money you make off your links. Blogger-s are gonna boost their advertising reach for sure!

  19. David Mackey says:

    Blogger finally seems to be catching up.

  20. Leftblank says:

    TECHFLOCK, that’s not too bad, I’ve seen ad companies that only pay out around 30% of the income (PayPerClick, PayPopUps), 50% is indeed still a lot, but it’s not the worst at all.

  21. Have any of you with lower traffic blogs have any luckw with text link ads?


  22. Pua says:

    great to hear the news about text ad links in blogspot blogs. just switched to new blogger and added the google ads through blogger option with page element. with hawaii as blog theme, the blog is doing great in search results and gets frequently indexed (would love to see a PR soon though!). i am still not satisfied with adsense running some public ads on my blog index. individual posts shows show content related ads. anybody an explanation for that? in addition, i would like to know like quite a number of bloggers what the deal is with running text ads on not so established (or matured) blogs like mine. aloha, pua

  23. Jane says:

    Not on Blogger currently. Might have to look into it since there is a good amount of popularity with text link ads.

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