The “Caring For Your Readers” Syndrome

I got to admit this. When I initially started my main blog, I said “I’ll be true to myself, I’m going to do this to make money, no questions asked!” And being true to my word, I remembered that the first thing I did after purchasing a premium theme was to line up banners related to the niche with my affiliate links. That was even before any single content was published.

Long story short, I hardly make any money. If I did, it was by sheer luck or maybe some random idiot buying through my affiliate link or whatsoever. But then since I have somehow a nice experience with internet marketing and blogging (I had a sports blog 3 years back), I just kept writing on the blog within that subject. Sometimes I write those sappy posts, sometimes I express my thoughts and sometimes I write posts that help people a bit.

I was always like “I don’t care, this is my blog anyway”. I mean I’ve always admired bloggers like Shoe and Chow for just literally writing anything and still be completely in front of so many readers. I thought there’s no harm in imitating that.

And then because of the nature of the make money online niche, the blog started growing well. I started getting 15 comments per post and the best thing (at least for me) was it started making good money through direct ad sales and affiliate marketing. I thought it was really the coolest thing ever.

In latter parts of last year, I started developing this disease. I noticed that the articles on my blog started to grow. The once 150-word posts became a 400-500 word ones and the funny thing was that as I was writing longer posts, I feel it’s more enjoyable than writing a short paragraph on random things.

By the time, I discovered the disease and I called it “Caring for readers” syndrome. I looked back and realized that I myself got started because of the help of other people. Because they shared to me those superb tips for free and more importantly because they ‘cared’ for me, for their readers.

That was like the turning point. Although before I also post good stuffs, the mentality behind that is more about ‘I want to brag’ more than I’d want to help. I remembered a post I wrote about how lucrative affiliate marketing is wherein all content of that posts are just pics of the check that I got from several companies.

It just all started getting down into the right mindset for me. The blog Viperchill came back to life and I basically observed it. It was one of the best blogs in this subject ever in the sense that if you’re a noob you can just go out there, read his stuffs, and not worry about information overload. Then I thought, I can do that. Instead of 7 articles in 7 days, why not write like 3 long posts so that readers would really benefit. They no longer need to get annoyed for reading half-baked stuffs. And that’s how I’m doing things now

It was quite a long journey for me before I discovered that ‘hey caring for my readers is fun’. Its not as hard as being a college professor, in fact it’s not hard at all. If you’re passionate on that subject of yours it is surprising how it really is easy.

Since then I got more involved in the local forums here in the country. Walking through people, helping them out with the basic stuffs. After all this is how I got started. My hand was held too! And in my blog, I started putting out the best content I ever could to my readers. It’s a win-win situation because they benefit a lot from the content and me getting fulfilled for helping them out.

I’m sure as you are reading this, you’re reflecting. Am I really helping my readers? Do I add value to the blogosphere? Do I really need to be helpful? These are all questions that aren’t easy to answer. Just at look at my case, I started realizing it after a year, after I was making all these good money almost without any effort at all in producing compelling content.

Blogging, helping people out and caring for them is really fun. It’s just a matter of realizing whether you’re really passionate into what you’re talking and if you really are, you’d be surprised that you are starting to develop that disease.

This article is written by Melvin Dichoso who blogs at MelvinBlog Dot Com. He is currently running a $2000 contest which is all about blog marketing. It’s a very easy contest so make sure to join now.

61 thoughts on “The “Caring For Your Readers” Syndrome”

  1. Kharim says:

    Great post. If you are a new blogger and you aim to make money then you will make little or no money and then you will come up with the conclusion that blogging is hard.

    You have to set goals and stick to them, this way you can better your blogging ability and then earn money later down the road.

    1. I would agree, but go a step forward. Not only set goals, but physically write them down as they become more attainable that way.

      1. PPC Ian says:

        Online College Courses,
        I must agree with you. Writing down goals with a pen and paper is extremely powerful. This tip is often recommended by top motivators such as Robert Kiyosaki.

        1. Ian…yes, most professional speakers would agree…

          BTW, this is still the same College To Careers…aka Nohel, just switched up my kw’s ;-P

          1. Salesfist says:

            sometimes change is good.

      2. Kharim says:

        That’s even better. Have a check list and as you complete your goals, you check them off on the list.

      3. Bidet says:

        Writing them down and being able to see them will help you stay focused and it will help you always remember your goals.

    2. You’re right Kharim. If you aim to make money, then you won’t make that much. We have to change our mindset and think of the customer’s perspective. Do you really want to buy to someone who’s very aggressive or to someone who’s very swift on his offers?

      I also agree to set attainable goals, that way we have some action plan to follow on a daily basis.

  2. Good guest post. You really do need to bring great value to your readers.

    I also agree that you need to have some “personality” in your writing like you mentioned above. The more people can relate to you, the more they’re going to love you.

    1. I think with any project, the minute you see potential, growth, or that someone outhere really cares about what you have to say, you become more invested into your website and content.

      Good post.

  3. Hey Melvin,

    Great to see your post on!!

    Really an excellent article and which gives us food for thought.

    I find your story fascinating to read. You are right. Value is where it’s at. And you are right. Once you understand this, it’s actually pretty easy and fun!


    1. Hey Nabeel,

      It’s always nice to see you here. 🙂
      I agree with you about melvin’s post, it’s really the value where it’s at, and once you start enjoying bloggin, you wouldn’t mind writing a long post.



    2. Lakhyajyoti says:

      Really I learn lot from your article.Thanks for sharing.

  4. Melvin i have seen your blogging Journey, how you started it all and how you tuned it to the present level. Yes, The day when you start feeding what your readers actually need, the day when you start serving them the content and solution they are looking for; thats what make a blog stand out. All the best for your $2000 contest. I wish to be one of the sponsor, but missed it.

    1. $2K is something that gets some attention…not to mention backlinks…good marketing in action.

  5. I actually started the same thing after discovering ViperChill. Glen does a great job, and mimicking that has increase my subscriptions dramatically.

  6. d3so says:

    Nice success story! Thanks for sharing this will definitely help me become a better blogger.
    Your contest caught my eye, I’ll be checking it out 😉

    1. I just checked out the contest…it’s pretty interesting actually…he’s partnered with different companies to come up with some prizes equaling $2K. You blog your marketing secret and that gets you an entry…

      Very well done Marvin, as my current site is more geared to a college population, make money online would be a bit off topic 🙂

      Best of luck.

      1. d3so says:

        I checked it out as well. There’s a nice list of prizes I could definitely use.
        I’m going to enter even if I can only get one entry/post in.

        1. Best of luck…let us know how it goes…

          1. d3so says:

            I’m positive I’m going to win at least one thing.
            I hope it’s the theme wars blog theme, it’s been hard trying to find good themes.

          2. Melvin says:

            @online college career, comeon man, dont misspell my name.. 😉

            Anyways, good luck to all who’s joining my contest

          3. But I surprise to see that your blog is still having PR 0.

        2. Salesfist says:

          All it takes is one entry.

  7. Salesfist says:

    I have noticed that the more readers I get, the more inclined that I am to give them better content. This article pretty much sums it up in a nutshell.

  8. Great to hear you found the light, Melvin 😉 Yes, in the end it is all about building up a community around your blog. And community and caring are two very related subjects, SY

  9. Hi Melvin,

    Interesting post relating your story but also puzzling a bit. I mean why would you call caring for your readers a disease? I think you did care less initially but that is normal when something is new.

    I can’t imagine anyone writing on their blog who doesn’t care for their readers at all.

    Sure people will care to varying degrees but not caring at all would in my nind mean writing things that nobody would read.

    In that case there’d be no point in doing it.

    It’s good to read that you are doing great now.


    1. Vance, I think Melvin was trying to use irony as a method to make his point 😉 SY

      1. Melvin says:

        well yep, maybe a twist of an irony.. 😉 I’d call it a disease in the sense that once you get started doing and loving it, its gonna be hard to stop doing it.. At some point along the way there will be disadvantage for sure..

        1. Perhaps ‘addiction’ would be then a better word for it 😉 And no, I don’t think there will be any disadvantage in building up a decent relationship with your readers 😉 SY

  10. You State

    ‘hey caring for my readers is fun’

    A very true and inspiring thing actually in my opinion. I think many of us get caught up in making money (which heck, why wouldn’t you). But over time everything just falls in to place when you start caring more.

    1. I think everyone starts off trying to just “make money”. But I agree with you that over time you realize that you make more money by putting everyone else’s interests before yours.

      Don’t be afraid to talk about your best information.

      1. Bidet says:

        This is very true most people create blogs just to make money but as they get more mature in the blogging world they do it for the readers and the money comes from that.

  11. Nice post, Melvin. I felt exactly the same way as you – as soon as I started writing in-depth, high quality posts, I immediately began to feel like I was helping people. Sure enough, this is the “magic” recipe for blogging success. My traffic has never been higher, and the community being built right within the comments section of each blog post is fantastic.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Your blog is awesome! It’s great to hear that your traffic continues to surge!
      All the best,

  12. Thanks for the post. I went to your website and Viperchill and they seem to be interesting sites.

  13. I thought this was such a great blog. Not only because it applies to the blog itself, but because it’s a way of living. If we all cared about making money (which is important) and forgot the purpose of making money then we become robots.

    At times I have to remind myself, why am I blogging 3 or 4 times a week? And I will always come back to the same answer. Because I want to help people get into fantastic and loving relationships. And that has always made my life much easier when blogging.

  14. Interesting evolution of thought Melvin. It is great your finally find the ‘enlightenment’ that the caring is which make you happy I totally agree about that.

  15. Yogesh says:

    You write a post titled, “caring for your reader” and go on to insult those “random idiot” who were naïve and unfortunate enough to come to your MFA blog and make you some money?

    Don’t know if John or his crew actually review guest blog posts before approving them, but this felt more like a sales pitch, rather than an actual blog post!

    1. LOL…i didn’t even catch that and I read most of the post…i guess I just chuckled…not sure if there is a tonf of editing since there are a number of grammatical errors as well…lol

  16. Lou says:

    Useful post. Readers are not fools. They know a genuine blog written by someone who feels a connection to his/her audience. While there’s a place for blogs and sites that play the numbers and write very generic info, in order to be a “blogger” with staying power and impact, you have to have a link with the readers.

    1. ffl license says:

      I agree! It develops into an emotional link after time. as you read new books by a favorite author, you read posts by a favorite blogger.

  17. That was a nice post Melvin. Good to see a Filipino guest blogging here at Keep it up dude.



    1. Melvin says:

      Thanks man. I guess you’re a Filipino dude as well?

  18. kumo says:

    Nice post. I totally agree with you. You can try write motivation post as that will indirectly affects you in the process of writing. By the way, as for the goals… It will be better to write it out in places that you can see it everyday. Places like on top of your table, edge of your monitor or set daily reminder on your h/p.

  19. Really good guest post. Its good if you care more about your reader base than making money. If you only care about the money, and the blog never gets off the ground, you’ve just wasted part of your life. It you care about the readers and the message you’re putting out there, then the success of your blog is unimportant. You’ve gotten something out of it no matter what.

    1. Melvin says:

      but then the obvious thing is that when you start really providing value, the money reward kinda just fell into place. I know it because thats exactly how it started happening for me with my specific blog. The nice thing is when you’re really enjoying its just very easy to do things that are seemingly hard for most people.

  20. Paolo Volpi says:

    This is good stuff. It reminds me how I managed to committ myself to my blog on a consistent basis.

  21. ffl license says:

    It’s the quality of your posts that keeps the readers coming back, and the more readers the more income, ad finitum!

    1. Lakhyajyoti says:

      100% agree with you.Killer content is always important.

  22. I’m thinking of doing something similar for my niche, except it will be a scholarship for school to be used for educational costs…instead of services by others…

  23. Hehe nice post Melvin! Viperchill is a pretty awesome blog huh? I read it as well. There’s some great tips there.

    Personally I think the only way to enjoy blogging is to really care about your blog and your blog readers. Making money should not be of primary importance.

    1. Melvin says:

      Yep yep. Glen has done an amazing job with it and basically I am trying to emulate a part of what he is doing, which is writing long, meaty articles..

  24. Melvin says:

    Hey John, thanks again for publishing my guest post article. Your readers are super interactive here that I *almost do not need to reply to comments because they do it already..

    To all Chow’s readers, feel free to hit me with a question or maybe through my blog’s contact page

  25. hey melvin,
    congratulation on what you have achieved.
    apparently, i had a similar agenda. during the start of setting up my own blog, i promised myself that i would write on valuable content that would benefit my readers.
    apparently i did, but it wasn’t good enough.
    not until did i read on a blog post by Derek about ” stop blogging about blogging anymore ”

    there is a phrase in which he wrote, ‘You can always learn from these current blogs about blog ging and stop pro duc ing the same sort of con tent. We have enough resources if we ever need help while being a blogger. ”

    of which it hit me. I am apparently just bloggin what others are blogging and that doesn’t make me or my blog anywhere special or enticing. Now instead of closing down my blog and try on working something else, i have decided to write contents about blogging and making money online today that are really comprehensive, really informational and strong in content. not just another “5 ways to get traffic* those sort. =)

    yes vipechill is indeed a very good blog. i have read up so much from Glen’s post and it has somehow motivated me to provide such value for my readers.

    great post melvin.
    keep up the good work, mate.

    1. Lakhyajyoti says:

      I have already read that post.Hope to see your blog with some unique content.

  26. Ary says:

    Hey Melvin
    I’m still a starter, I don’t know how much knowledge you can gather with a one week blog of mine, hopefully I’ll care for my reader while writing my blog and all that, but maybe I’m aware of it already.

  27. Lakhyajyoti says:

    Excellent article.Learn lot from your article.Surely I’ll apply these tips to my new blog.

  28. Baker says:

    Great message here. A lot of times the best posts are the ones that are aligned with our passion and come from the heart. Excellent content.

  29. “Who Cares Wins”

  30. Bidet says:

    This is a great post, I agree writing content for your readers will make your posts better and provide valuable info to your readers. Always have them in mind when you are writing.

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